A Better Way To Use macOS keyboard shortcuts without Apps

Considering other apple product or rather their operating systems like the iPhone, iPad,and even Apple Watch. Taking a screenshot on these devices is pretty easy. As easy as pressing two buttons simultaneously and boom you’ve already taken a screenshot that will be saved in your phone directly to your photo app. It’s a totally different story when it comes to Mac…

The Mac OS comes with built-in tools that are used for taking screenshots and also screen recording. For screenshots, you can choose to capture your entire screen, part of the screen, or a window you desire to select. Unlike other apple, device screenshots are saved on the desktop other than the photo app. And you can also copy it to your clipboard in case if you would want to paste and send it as a message or in the document. In this article, I’ll be teaching you guys the easiest way to use macOS keyboard shortcuts without apps.

2 Best Way To Use MacOS Keyboard Without Apps

There’s are lot’s of way but most of them are exhausting and difficult. I’ll be discussing the easiest ways

The easiest way to describe how to discover macOS screenshots tool. Is with a keyboard shortcut that is as follows.

1. Shift + Command + 5

This initiates a floating toolbar that will pop up the options for screenshots and screen recordings. You can also choose to customize things like where you want your screenshots to be saved, toggle a time, and lots more

This feature is useful because is a better way to use a macOS keyboard shortcut without the app. Because there’s no default native way of taking instant screenshots and screen recording.

2. Option + Shift + Command + 3 and Option + Shift + Command + 4

These are the default shortcuts. the keyboard shortcuts for copying a screenshot to your clipboard. Using the option key is the main difference of the keyboard shortcut for saving a file. Most times is very difficult trying to memorize and remember the keyboard shortcut that uses most or all of my fingers.

But there’s also a way we can customize keyboard shortcuts on every Mac before we could use it.

The arrangement order in the window above is weird, there’s a way I could go around it and make it easier for me to remember them. I can say that 1 and 2 are files and then 3 and 4 are clipboard screenshots. A trick I can use in remembering files 1 and 2 is that those ones are closest to the edge, Definitely, a thumb drive for files will then connect.

I hope this article will be helpful to you as well the way it was to me.


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