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One thing that really intrigued me about the iPhone 15 Pro was Apple showing off its gaming capabilities. They said the A7 Pro chip could play AAA games I played on consoles  PlayStation 5. Games like  Resident Evil 4 remake, Resident Evil Village, Death Stranding, and even the new Assassin’s Creed game are all coming to the iPhone 15 Pro. 

Once I heard this, I was skeptical. Can the iPhone 15 Pro be the best iPhone for gaming? 

I’ve lived through a few of Apple’s efforts to get into the gaming space. No, I’m not talking about mobile games like Candy Crush, but gamers would want to play actual games. Up until this point, all of those efforts have pretty much-been failures. 

So that really made me want to check on the current state of iPhone gaming to see how much the iPhone 15 Pro changes that, and I walked away pleasantly surprised and, knock on wood, hopeful for the future of iPhone gaming.

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Why the iPhone 15 Pro is the Best iPhone for Gaming

Several features in the new iPhone 15 Pro make it the best iPhone for Gaming. These are:

Different Games in the App Store

With just the iPhone itself, you have a lot of different games in the App Store, and some are geared toward casual gamers. But I’m more interested in games you’d usually find on a gaming PC or console. 

There is a huge library of these games on the iPhone 15 Pro. One of the more popular free-to-play games that run pretty well on the iPhone, and a really good example of an iPhone port, is Genshin Impact. 

Third-Party Control Support

For a game you’re meant to play for hours, the touchscreen controls are often too imprecise and not ergonomic enough for long gaming sessions, and I still just cannot get used to them. I need precision.

Recently, Apple has done a lot by natively allowing you to support third-party controllers like a PS5 controller. Also, it allows your iPhone to Bluetooth pair to that controller for a better gaming experience. It works well on the iPhone. 

But one thing I was curious to see, now that the iPhone 15 Pro has a USB-C port, is can I plug in the controller to the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Pro and forgo the pairing if I wanted to. And yeah, it works like a charm. You could plug the controller into your iPhone, and you no longer have to pair it.

But there’s an obvious problem with both gaming setups, whether you’re pairing the controller or connecting it physically. And that is, despite having a comfortable control input, playing games like this is still pretty awkward, especially if you don’t have a stand for your iPhone. This is why there are a few third-party controller accessories that can transform the iPhone gaming experience from passable to delightful lle.

The most fun I had with any game on the iPhone 15 Pro Max was Call of Duty Mobile. I’ve played most of the Call of Duty games up until recently because, honestly, it just felt like the same game over and over, and admittedly, I got bored. So, I took a pretty big break from Call of Duty.

But coming onto Call of Duty Mobile on the iPhone felt very familiar, and I picked it up fairly quickly. The experience impressed me a lot. The game looked good running on the iPhone, and it did feel like I was playing the classic Call of Duty games I used to spend hours and days on when I was younger. The presence of third-party control support makes it the best iPhone for gaming.

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Connect Easily to an External USB-C Monitor

 The iPhone 15 Pro does have a USB-C port, right? That USB-C port should be able to connect pretty quickly to an external USB-C monitor. Or hook it up to any TV with a USB-C to HDMI converter. 

When you plug it in, your iPhone instantly connects to the display. It also charges your iPhone simultaneously and outputs audio directly to the Studio Display speakers. 

This meant you got your dock experience on the iPhone 15 Pro. You could kick back in your chair and pair the PlayStation 5 Bluetooth controller.

 Yeah, I had a home gaming console setup through this single USB-C cable connection, and I loved it.

This intrigued me further. What if I connected my controller through the USB-C port on my Studio Display while my iPhone was plugged in? Would the iPhone recognize it as a controller like a USB-C hub? And yeah, it did. 

But there was this weird thing where it kept picking up the speaker output as the controller. In terms of the controller working, it did, which is excellent for how well the first USB-C iPhone plays with everything. 

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Stable Frame Rate and No Overheating 

With any of the games I tested, the iPhone 15 Pro wasn’t overheating, and the frame rate was stable in any of the methods. The only downside to putting it on an external monitor was the lower resolution that Cod Mobile and many of the mobile games I was running on my iPhone ran at. I believe these were running at around 720p.

To see them on the big screen, it would be nice to have a 1080p resolution at least. The idea of having Call of Duty with me in my pocket and then being able to play this game anytime and anywhere with my phone for a quick round and then get even more extended gaming sessions by being able to plug this into an external monitor at home and get a near-console-level experience was compelling. I was feeling the vision for Apple’s gaming experience here.

Get your iPhone 15 Pro

After trying out this iPhone gaming lifestyle, I am convinced that the iPhone 15 Pro is the best iPhone for Gaming. I want this. But it will take a lot of work on Apple’s end to make this a reality because they need to work with game developers to help bring their games over to Apple’s platforms. 

That,   frankly, will require a lot of time and effort on Apple’s end and a lot of money. It will take years and years of work, and it won’t be an overnight switch just because the iPhone 15 Pro got a GPU boost. I believe Apple is capable of this, and with a few game studio purchases, they could be one of the most prominent names in gaming. Bu


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