Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12?

Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12?

How to check wifi data usage on iPhone 12? This question has been asked by many iPhone users. If you’re worried and if you want to make sure you’re not going over your monthly wifi data usage limit. In this article I’ll show you how you can check the amount of active data that your wifi connection have used up.

Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12?

Yes, you can check or track your iPhone WIFI data usage.

when you go into settings after turning on your Wi-Fi you’ll be connected to a particular Wi-Fi network after it has connected successfully you will not see how much data you are using through that Wi-Fi, but in the case of mobile data if you go to mobile data section under that you can see the amount of your cellular data consumption

But unfortunately, you cannot check wifi data usage directly from the iPhone’s settings. The phones setting doesn’t come with a build-in feature that enables you to track WIFI data usage on iPhone 12.

How To Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone

The fact that iPhone don’t have a default feature that enables check Wi-Fi data usage doesn’t mean you can’t check it. Luckily for iPhone users, they are some third-party apps that we can install and setup to enable us see relevant information about wifi data usage.

We can download this apps from the Appstore. The apps create a vpn profile to enable get readings of your wifi data usage.

You can check your iPhone wifi data usage with the apps I’ll be listing below:

1. CPU-z System Monitor

This app can be downloaded directly from apple Appstore. It is very trusted because it is in Appstore so you don’t have to be scared of viruses or malwares. It also has a good rating of 5 star and the version update was done recently.

How to check iPhone 12 wifi data usage with CPU-z System Monitor

  • Search and download CPU-z System Monitor Appstore
  • Lunch The app
  • Scroll down click on network. You will see your iPhone wifi usage at Wifi Information

Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12? Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12? Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12?

2. Data Manager-Track Usage

This app is more effective compared to the app that was mentioned earlier. This app not only help you track wifi data usage, but also track mobile that usage. It can also download it in the Appstore and it is compatible with both iPad and iPhones.

This App gives you wifi data usage of individual apps, so that you will be able to know the apps consuming too much data. It is absolutely free on the apple Appstore.

How to check iPhone 12 wifi data usage with Data Manager-Track Usage

  • Download CPU-z System Monitor Appstore
  • Lunch The app
  • On the top right corner click on wifi
    That’s it your wifi data usage will be displayed to you.

Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12? Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12? Can I Check WIFI Data Usage On iPhone 12?

How To Improve Wifi Data Usage on iPhone?

Now that you’ve learnt how to check and manage your iPhone wifi data usage, you must adapt and know the techniques I’ll be mentioning below to improve your wifi data usage performance.

1. Always Refresh Your Wifi Network Settings

Always remember to refresh and update your iPhone network settings. This is one remedy of fixing slow wifi connection.

You can refresh it with the following steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Click On wifi
  • On The connected wifi tap on the (i) icon beside the network
  • Click on forget
  • Then restart your phone and reconnect to the wifi

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2. Update The iOS

It is recommended that you always keep your iPhone operating system up to date. The device new update always has improved features, function and also clears your device from bugs thereby enhancing wifi speed and performance.

Follow The Steps Below To Update Your iPhone:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on general
  • If Your device is up to date, you won’t see options to update. But if it’s not up to date you’ll see update option show up with a red circle.

3. Be Always Close To Your Router Or The Device You’re Connected To

Make sure you stay in the same area your wifi network is situated, so that youll be able to get a good network coverage. You should not be 150 Ft. apart from your router or network coverage

Staying away from your router will definitely impact your network connection Negatively

Video Guide

How to Track WiFi usage on iPhone 📲


It is Very Essential to monitor and track wifi data limit so that we will be very sure not to exceed our data limits and also know when an app is using too much data. This Why its important to know “How to Check Data Usage on iPhone 12”

It is not encouraging that there’s no direct feature that enable iPhone users to check their wifi data usage. But with this guide all iphone users can now worry no more because this article will teach them how to track it at their own convenient.

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