Can I Disable Proximity Sensor On iPhone 12?

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iPhone users have long been familiar with the “sleep/wake” when their device is placed in the ear after dialing a phone number. It allows iPhone users to put their devices to sleep or wake during phone calls, respectively. However, many iPhone users may not be aware that their phone also has an inbuilt proximity sensor that prevents them from interacting with their screen while on calls.

The sensor automatically shuts off the screen when it detects the presence of an opaque substance in front of the phone’s screen.

But can I disable the proximity sensor on iPhone 12? Read on to find out.

Can I Disable The Proximity Sensor on iPhone 12?

No, you cannot disable the proximity sensor of the iPhone entirely. Because it is in-built by the factory. Just like the face Id the proximity sensor functions automatically. The only the you can do is to ensure your iPhones sensor is working perfectly.

Where is the proximity sensor located on iPhone 12?

The proximity sensor on your iPhone 12 is locate at the top of the screen very close to the top speaker. Is usually seen as a small dot closer to the speaker (left). The image below will help you identify and locate iPhone 12 proximity sensor

Can I Disable Proximity Sensor On iPhone 12?

How to disable the proximity sensor on my iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, this particular sensor is that it cannot be disabled, reset, or altered in any way. Also, you should note that forcefully disabling the proximity sensor means totally damaging or altering the iPhone functionality.

Upgrading your iPhone won’t solve this problem too because all iPhone up to the 13 Pro Max has the proximity sensor. But if your sensor proximity develops you should try fixing it rather than disabling it. I’ll be showing you guys how to fix proximity sensors on iPhone 12

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How To Fix Proximity Sensor On iPhone 12?

1. Clean Your iPhone

When last did you clean your iPhone? Dirt may be interfering or blocking your iPhone’s proximity sensor. You have to look properly and make sure dirt’s are not stocked on the region of the proximity sensor. The iPhone proximity sensor wont function properly if dirt is blocking it off.

Clean the region properly with a dust free cloth.


2. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your device always fix troubleshooting problems in various devices and iPhones are not excluded. When you restart your device, it quickly returns its functionality. If a change in mode occurs, the proximity sensor will also return to normal operation after restart.

To restart your iPhone 12

Press and hold the power button together with the volume down for few sec

Slide to the right side of the screen to power off

Wait for few min then you turn it on again.

3. Replace Cracked Screen

The damaged screen exposes feature such as the proximity sensor to debris and dirt. The sensitive parts will become even more fragile and more likely to break.

If your iPhone’s crack comes up close to the proximity sensor and on the top portion of the display, you will probably have problems with the proximity sensor.

You have to visit a professional service repair shop and have them change replace your damaged screen to enjoy the full functionality of your iPhone.

How do I reset the proximity sensor on my iPhone?

iPhones encompass high-quality functionalities like proximity sensors. Consequently, your device runs efficiently, and, in the event, there are malfunctions, they are uncommon or rare. Despite certain components not operating perfectly, you will continue to be in situations where you may encounter disappointment. One such situation may be proximity sensors.

The device is inbuilt and detects objects that are close to the top screen region. The consequences of a faulty proximity sensor are playing music un intentionally, ending calls. This are just the few of many effects.

Proximity sensors do not come with a mechanism for turning them off, resetting them, or adjusting them until conditions return to normal.

If you choose not to fix the problem, it is not very pleasant, so you must address it. The only possible solution is to fix the problems by following the steps below.

  • Restart Your iPhone
  • Replace Damaged Screen
  • Clean Your iPhone

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Proximity Sensor Not Working On iproximity sensorPhone

If you don’t know Proximity Sensor Not Working On IPhone, this video is for you.


Your iPhone’s sensor cannot be disabled, turned off, or adjusted. If the sensor detects any objects near your screen, it may become extremely sensitive. Then you will most likely go through periods of sound interference, your microphone may hang up, or your call might end up being disconnected.

You don’t have to put up with a proximity sensor hitch. I’ve come close to seven possible workarounds to help you resolve the error. In most cases, returning your Apple device to its Apple store or cleaning your device is sufficient to deal with the issue.



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