Can Samsung galaxy buds connect to multiple devices?

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Can Samsung galaxy buds connect to multiple devices?

Let’s consider a situation When listening to a podcast on your iPhone, iPad or tablet with your Samsung galaxy buds and your phones rings somewhere very close either your bedroom or kitchen. You will be forced to leave whatever you’re doing and go get your phone to enable you answer the call, or reply a text.

While answering or returning the call you now get a pop-up sound notification reminding you of another important schedule on your computer. You now end the call to rush and make a reschedule. By the time you finally meet up with those schedules you’ll then notice that you’re about 30 min late. Most of us must have witnessed this.

Have you ever thought about if there was a way you could listen to music is across all of your devices easily? This would mean having a limitless listening experience across multiple devices using your galaxy buds.

The article allows you to consider the question “Can Samsung galaxy buds connect to multiple devices?” We’re happy to provide you with more information.

Can galaxy buds connect to multiple devices?

Yes, you can connect your galaxy earbuds to multiple devices. But it doesn’t allow multi-point connectivity. This means that Your buds’ audio cannot be linked simultaneously to more than one device. It will be paired as a paired device, but will be linked to only one device at a time.

Why you should connect Samsung galaxy buds to multiple devices

The main advantage of being able to connect your galaxy buds to multiple devices is that, once you’re able to, you have more versatility in choosing how you listen to music. For instance, if you want to take a break from working on your computer, you can simply switch over to listening to music on your phone. This means you can listen to various audio content via the same headphones, while also being able to multitask.

Another advantage of connecting your galaxy earbuds to multiple devices is convenience. Just picture having to walk across the room to change devices using a wired earpiece.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to multiple devices

You can connect galaxy earbuds to multiple smart devices using the Samsung Galaxy Wearables app. The app comes by default on Samsung tablets and phones.

The app may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store if you are using a device other than a Samsung device. With the Galaxy Wearable application, you can connect your earbuds to your phone and manage your audio content directly from your phone screen.

  • Put your galaxy earbuds in pairing mode by placing it on the charging case for about 5sec
  • Open the wearable app and click on connect
  • They’ll be a pop-up list then you select your bud type
  • Follow the on-screen prompt to connect
  • Use the same procedure if you’re using another device

The buds will connect to the previous device it was connected to every time you open the charger case. The supported device list for your buds depends on the galaxy wearable app. If your device is unsupported, you’ll need to connect to your audio devices manually instead. This method requires you to use greater manual effort, but it is simpler to set up. Follow the procedures below to connect manually.

  • Put your galaxy earbuds in pairing mode by placing it on the charging case for about 5sec
  • If the same device has been paired with the earbuds previously, you’ll have to put them in pairing mode again. To do this insert the earbuds in your ear press the sensor for about 10 to 20 sec
  • You’ll know if it has entered pairing mode immediately you hear a sound
  • Go to your device settings and click on Bluetooth
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is on, then select your earbuds from the available devices
  • Go to the other device and repeat the same procedure
  • Your galaxy bud will be listed as one or both of your device’s Bluetooth devices in the available and paired section of the menu.

What are some of the limitations of connecting Samsung Galaxy Buds to multiple devices?

One of the main limitations of connecting your galaxy buds to multiple devices is that you can only connect to one device at a time. This means that if you are listening to the audio on one device, you will not hear audio from another device.

Another limitation of connecting your Galaxy buds to different devices is that it affects the battery lifetime of the Galaxy buds when you connect to multiple devices. When you are connected to different devices, the battery lifetime of the buds will be cut short.

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Switch Galaxy Buds connection between different devices

Your galaxy buds can work with only one device at a time; however, you can switch them between devices quickly. After pairing your devices, you won’t need to manually disconnect and reconnect, the buds will automatically reconnect as soon as you choose to open charging case to make use of them.

All you have to do is choose galaxy buds or the name of your buds from the list of available or paired devices in the Bluetooth menu of the device you want to listen to, using the galaxy earbuds. The following are ways to select various devices using galaxy earbuds on other devices:

Switch galaxy buds’ connection to your Phone

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Click your galaxy buds from the list of available or paired devices.

Switch galaxy buds’ connection to your iPad or Tablet

  • On your iPad/Tablet go to settings.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Click on your galaxy buds from the list of available and paired devices.

Switch galaxy buds’ connection to your computer (Windows 10)

  • Click on the windows icon.
  • Search and click on settings.
  • From the left-hand side of the screen select on devices and click on Bluetooth & other devices 
  • Beside Add Bluetooth or other devices, tap on the + button
  • There will be a pop up, select Bluetooth
  • choose your galaxy buds from the list and follow the onscreen pop up

Switch galaxy buds’ connection to your galaxy watch

  • On your galaxy watch go to Settings.
  • Go to connections and click on Bluetooth.
  • From the list of available and paired devices, Select your galaxy buds

How do I know if my Samsung Galaxy Buds are connected to multiple devices?

Your galaxy buds will both be listed in the Connected section of the Galaxy Wearable app if you are connected. Likewise, they will appear in the Available and the Paired sections of the Bluetooth menu of your other devices.

Troubleshooting tips when connecting devices to Galaxy buds

There are several reasons why your device might not work with one of your galaxy buds. The troubleshooting steps mentioned below may help you get your device working with your galaxy buds:

  • The Bluetooth range of the galaxy buds is about 10 meters. To prevent connectivity issues, do not extend the range of the devices connecting to the galaxy buds beyond 10 meters.
  • Devices used at industrial and medical facilities interact with frequencies in the same band as Bluetooth. To mitigate interference issues, avoid using your galaxy buds around these devices.
  • Your galaxy buds shouldn’t take more than a minute to pair with this case, after which it will enter a dormant state. Merely open and close the case to initiate the process once more.
  • Any Bluetooth device that has not passed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) test may not be compatible with your galaxy buds. Do not attempt to link them up.

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Samsung galaxy buds enable you to seamlessly switch your listening experience from one device to another without having to go through any complicated setups. However, you can only listen to one device at a time. You can now quickly connect the Galaxy Buds to different devices to facilitate uninterrupted audio streaming as you switch from one gadget to another.

There are additional troubleshooting tips on our official web page that you can follow if you’re having difficulties connecting your galaxy buds to a particular device.


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