Does iOS 16 show battery percentage?

How to turn on your battery percentage on iPhone

Battery icon on the iPhone gives an important approximate of the remaining battery level. — Subsequently it was very easy. we can see our iPhone battery percentage by default or see our battery percentage by just a little toggle in the iPhone Settings app and it would turn on the percentage indicator at the top-right corner of the screen. Things are a little bit different now on the iPhone X iPhone Xr iPhone 11 iPhone 11pro iPhone 11promax and iPhone 12pro iPhone 12pro iPhone 12pro max. (more…)

How To Change iPhone Default Notification Sound For System App On Your iPhone

Changing iPhone default notification sound is pretty easy. Leaving notification sounds on the default option can make someone to be confused

Have you ever been in a public place like the market or grocery store? and heard the distinctive sound of an iPhone ringtone, dipped your hands inside your pocket or your bag to get your phone and you noticed that it wasn’t your phone that was ringing.