Do I Need To Keep Bluetooth Always On For Apple Watch?

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Do I Need To Keep Bluetooth Always On For Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is among the many smartwatches on the market, featuring a wide variety of functions for health and fitness tracking, notifications, music playback, and more. The use of Bluetooth will (sometimes) cause some confusion. We will explore this topic in more detail in this article, to know if we need to keep Bluetooth always on for apple watch.

What is Bluetooth and what does it have to do with the Apple Watch?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that permits devices to communicate with each other. It is used in many different kinds of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and the Apple Watch. Bluetooth is what allows you to use the Apple Watch to connect your Apple Watch with other Apple products. Without Apple Watch, you would not be able to make use of many of its innovative features.

Different ways your Apple Watch can connect to your iPhone depend on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connection (for cellular models).

The process requires you to be within Bluetooth range of your iPhone, so it’s recommended that you keep Bluetooth always on for apple watch to connect. As long as you have an LTE-compatible Apple Watch, you can use it without your iPhone around either way. Starting via Bluetooth depends on the way you use the Apple Watch and which features are important to you.

Your Apple Watch may automatically switch between various connection types depending on where you need better connectivity. However, Bluetooth is useful for rapid exchanges as your Apple Watch is in close proximity to your iPhone.

An Apple Watch Bluetooth connection serves as a link between your watch and your iPhone because it is required for many useful features as follows:

  • Viewing and replying messages
  • Making use of Siri on apple watch
  • Transferring data from your watch to compatible apps on your iPhone.
  • Using your Apple Watch to control different settings from your phone.

Must Bluetooth be on for Apple Watch to function?

It is important to remember that even if you are not using any of the features that require Bluetooth, it is still recommended that you keep it on. This is because your phone and Apple Watch exchange various background communications even when they are connected.

As Bluetooth is the most efficient connection available, if you turn it off, your Apple Watch will attempt to connect to your Apple phone without interruption, via Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi and cellular.

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Does Bluetooth turn off when Apple Watch is off?

No, Bluetooth does not stop working when your Apple Watch is turned off. It’s on and active when you put your Apple Watch on. If you want Bluetooth to completely disable, you need to manually turn it off, because it is always on by default.

How to Enable Bluetooth, on the Apple Watch

In other to turn Bluetooth on in apple watch take the following simple procedures below:

  • Go to settings on your Apple watch
  • Click on Bluetooth
  • Click on the switch next to Bluetooth
  • If you didn’t turn it of initially, the it should be on always by default

How to turn Bluetooth off on the Apple Watch

If you also turn your Bluetooth off kindly follow the process below

  • Go to the settings app
  • Click on Bluetooth
  • Toggle it off

As soon as Bluetooth is turned off, your Apple Watch will no longer be able to use your iPhone. This will make it so that you cannot take full advantage of functionality that requires Bluetooth connectivity.

Will Apple Watch work without a Bluetooth connection to iPhone?

Yes, Apple Watch can be used with an iPhone even without Bluetooth being established. Of course, it can be operated with or without Bluetooth. However, there are several features that require a Bluetooth connection in order to operate.

Apple Watch won’t connect to a nearby iPhone via Bluetooth if you do not have a Bluetooth connection established.

Many Apple Watch functions don’t require a Bluetooth connection, apple watch functions that don’t need Bluetooth connection are as follow:

  • Stopwatch
  • Music playback
  • Making payments with apple pay
  • Making phone calls
  • Sending text messages
  • Checking weather
  • Tracking Fitness

Not all of the features associated with a Bluetooth connection are listed, but they are a few of the most common ones. Several features of the Apple Watch, such as its fitness and health features, need it to be connected to a Bluetooth device for them to function.

What are some benefits of keeping Bluetooth turned on on the Apple Watch?

Keeping Bluetooth turned on for your Apple Watch has several benefits, below are few of them:

  • It will enable you track your fitness accurately
  • It enables you to stay connected with your iPhone in other to receive notifications.
  • If your Apple watch develops an issue that requires a reset to fix, it must be connected and paired to Bluetooth to fix it
  • Even if you’re not actively using any of the features requiring Bluetooth, it’s a good idea to keep it turned on to ensure background data exchange between your Apple Watch and your iPhone.
  • The Apple Watch app on your iPhone can sync with your Apple Watch via a Bluetooth connection.
  • It enables you to adjust some settings of your Apple Watch from your iPhone.
  • It enables you to pair your Apple Watch with other Bluetooth devices that are not iPhone, iPad.

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While it’s fine that you don’t necessarily have to keep your Bluetooth turned on for your Apple Watch continually, it is wise to do so. This article highlights the benefits of keeping your Bluetooth on.

If you turn off any of these Bluetooth-enabled features, make sure that the feature remains active to avoid false data transfers between your devices.


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