Does iPhone Have Built-In FM Radio?

Does iPhone Have Built-In FM Radio?

What happened to FM radio? We do not just seem to have them again, except in cars or a rusty one probably abandoned in the garage or basement. Whether it’s a fact you’re willing to accept or not, radio-enabled devices and services may soon have no place on earth. And how about the iPhone produced by the tech-giant Apple, do they have FM radio built-in?

That’s the information up for grab in this article, continue reading to find out if your iPhone has FM radio receiving capabilities.

Does iPhone Have Built-In FM Radio?

I do not wish to be particularly blunt about this, but NO, your iPhone does not have a built-in FM radio. It may come as a disappointment to realize this given how pricey acquiring an iPhone is compared to other cheaper phones that still have FM radio capabilities. 

Just before newer iPhones surfaced, especially from the release of the iPhone 7 and above, older iPhone models from iPhone 6s did actually have an FM tuner installed inside of the circuit. The question the entire world has continued to ask is why have Apple remained adamant in activating them.

Eventually Apple spoke out, claiming that the need for FM radio was already met in the iPhone by the introduction of Apple music which also included Beat 1, allowing their users to stream not only music but also radio stations. For many Apple’s statement in defense of themselves was complete blabbing as they feel Apple is only trying to promote subscriptions to their services and have users continue to spend on data usage.

In fact the FCC at some point a few years ago had gone ahead to advise that Apple should activate FM radio on their devices as it helps save lives owing to the unceasing adverse weather conditions breaking out in the US. The FCC chairman Ajit Pai claimed that adverse weather conditions constitute one of the biggest enemies of wireless internet connection and since radio signals are much firmer, they could help save the day when people tune in.

Apple has turned deaf ears to that, one clear way to know this is how they completely stopped adding the radio chip to newer iPhone circuitry. Maybe you should just get your mind off having FM radio built in on the iPhone.

How To Listen To Radio On iPhone Without Internet

Unfortunately, all radio streaming services on iPhone come at the expense of two things;

  • A subscription to Apple Music or other third party Radio applications. There are still some free apps available, but get ready to hear commercials more than the actual news you intend.
  • Connection to data. Could be Wi-Fi or cellular.

It’s been that way for a long time without hope of tuning into a radio channel without the internet, not until Blackloud emerged with their groundbreaking product – Soundot AF1 earphone.

Blackloud is a sound company mostly, bringing the top of well coordinated sound systems to you through earphones, earbuds, headset as well as other accessories. The Soundot AF1 earphone has FM receivers built in, enabling it to receive FM signals from radio stations and to stream programs and events.

The best part about the earphones is that they do not need internet connection to function. You just plug and play. They really do work well and have an accompanying app you can install from the app store to switch channels and adjust sound with.

Here’s how to use the Soundot AF1 earphone;

  • Purchase the earphone. It’s available on popular online stores.
  • Download the app freely available on the app store. Type in Blackloud into the search box in the app store
  • With the app downloaded and installed, plug in your Soundot AF1 earphone via the lightning port and tap on the channel switcher to tune to a different station.
  • You can as well make the sound more costume by adjusting the EQ.

The only problem that is not really a problem is the price of the earphone, It costs $50.85. 50 bucks is quite expensive but given the value you get from it, you may not consider it that very expensive. Also, you can’t compare it to streaming Apple Music radio stations on subscription and data usage. I’ve made the calculation, you’re going to save so much in the long run by using internet free Soundot AF1 earphones.

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Can I Listen To FM Radio On My iPhone Without The Internet?

No, not on the iPhone. It’s much cause of wonder how the iPhone isn’t bothered by how other phone manufacturers, at least a majority of them and even big competitors have working radio chips installed. 

While several organizations have urged Apple to add a radio capability to their iPhone as it’ll be useful especially in times of severe weather conditions that may not permit wireless internet connection, Apple has remained stiff necked about the suggestion and in all fairness cannot be held sued for their decision.

However, to use radio services on your iPhone without an internet connection, you need to purchase the Soundot AF1 earphone. The earphone has tiny radio chips installed and must have the Blackloud app downloaded to work. That’s the only option close to listening to FM radio on iPhone without internet.


Regrettably, the iPhone may never have inbuilt FM radio capabilities again, in my opinion. iPhone 7 and later do not have any radio chips installed in their circuitry and I strongly doubt this choice of design will change in the future. I also fear other phone manufacturers will move radio services to subscription based. In all, internet-free FM radio is slowly bidding us farewell.

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