Does the iPhone 5s have FaceTime?

Does iPhone 5s have FaaceTime


With how backward the iPhone 5s is in the list of Apple’s iPhone models, it’s very easy to assume that it will not include the FaceTime feature. The Apple FaceTime feature is for most people the preferred way to connect over a Video or audio call. 

Especially for the fact that it offers good quality calls whether video or audio using a cheap internet connection, it seems everyone is migrating to using more FaceTime. Unlike calls established on voice plans which are quite expensive. In this article, you’ll find out if FaceTime is available on iPhone 5s.


Can iPhone 5s Do FaceTime?

Yes is the simple response you need. The FaceTime feature has been around for as long as I would not care to remember, it has only added more features with new releases in the IOS version. If the iPhone 4s could boast of having FaceTime incorporated, then why wouldn’t its successor incorporate the same?

FaceTime on iPhone 5s will behave just the way it would in the latest iPhone 13 series, given you have followed up with releases in IOS updates. 

To start a FaceTime video or audio call on an iPhone 5s, follow the below steps;

  • First ensure you’re connected to a working WIFI or turn on cellular data.
  • Open the Home screen and tap on Facetime
  • Tap on the plus icon at the top right side of the screen to add a participant to your FaceTime
  • Enter the name, phone number, or email address of the person you wish to FaceTime with. The name or names of the individuals can immediately pop up as suggestions even before you have finished typing in their contact details.
  • Tap on the name
  • Select from the buttons below your choice of call – Video or audio
  • Your contact will be notified with a ringtone and can choose to either decline or accept the call.
  • If your contact picks, you’ll be able to see them on an enlarged video, while your video will be displayed as a thumbnail just at the corner of the screen.
  • To end the call, tap on the red end call button to exit from FaceTime. 

You can also begin a FaceTime call from the contact app. It can be quicker most times to initiate a FaceTime call this way than with the way earlier explained. Here’s how to go through the contact app.

  • Open the Contact app on your iPhone 5s
  • Find and tap on the contact
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the FaceTime button.
  • Choose Video or Audio by tapping on their respective buttons.

However, bear in mind that for your FaceTime video or call to reach the person at the other end, they will need to also have an active data plan or connected to WIFI, otherwise, they won’t receive the call but will be notified that a FaceTime call was missed when they were away.

Does iPhone 5s have FaaceTime

What Version Of iPhone Has FaceTime?

From iPhone 4s up until the latest iPhone 13 pro max can have FaceTime enabled. For all of these devices, FaceTime is enabled for them from the factory, this means the FaceTime cannot be either removed or uninstalled from the iPhone. 

However, the current release of IOS 15 is changing who can use FaceTime. In simpler words, FaceTime can now be used by non-Apple users but not as an app as available on iPhone but the web. Not only can non-Apple users be able to join a Facetime call, but they’re also able to initiate a FaceTime video or voice call from their Android devices and non-Apple PCs.


How Do I Activate FaceTime On My iPhone 5s?

FaceTime includes one of those features on the iPhone that usually will not require your permission to be activated. FaceTime has activated automatically on your iPhone 5s as soon as you install your SIM card, you can also choose to set your FaceTime with your email address. 

If for unknown reasons you find that FaceTime is not activated on your iPhone 5s on default, here’s what to do to activate it.

  • Open the settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on FaceTime
  • Toggle on the button next to FaceTime. And your FaceTime will be activated.

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Why is FaceTime Not Working On My iPhone 5s?

A couple of reasons could be responsible for iPhone 5s FaceTime not working. I’ve outlined below these reasons as well as possible fixes that will enable you to use FaceTime again.

1. Poor Internet

FaceTime depends on no other thing but an internet connection. Voice and Video are transmitted between the participants over the internet, hence having a good connection is very crucial.

If you’re on WIFI, you can inspect your router to make sure everything is working well from its end. Turn it off and on again to troubleshoot it or call the manufacturer if the issue persists. Another fix is to reset your iPhone 5s network settings.

Does iPhone 5s have FaceTime

2. Cellular Data Is Disabled 

FaceTime prefers a WIFI connection as it’s faster and would be more reliable than cellular. However, if you’re using cellular data for FaceTime, then you’d have to first permit FaceTime to use your cellular plan. Here’s here to permit FaceTime to use cellular data on iPhone 5s;

  • Open the settings app
  • Tap on Mobile data
  • Find FaceTime from the list and turn to toggle it on


3. Outdated iOS

With new IOS updates, FaceTime is always updated. So you have to keep up with current IOS versions if you want to continue using FaceTime without issues. Most importantly, if you’re trying to connect with an Android user on FaceTime, then you must make sure you’ve upgraded to IOS version 15 or later. To update your iPhone 5s, follow the below guide;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Software Update
  • Any available update for your device will be displayed, tap on it to download and install it.


4. Restricted Regions

Some regions of the world cannot use FaceTime. Hence, iPhone 5s phones bought or used in those areas may not have FaceTime enabled. Such regions include; Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Dubai. However after the launch of IOS 11.3 and IOS 12.4, users in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan respectively can now use FaceTime but not users in the Arab Emirates.

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Did you also know that FaceTime can now allow up to 32 persons to connect over a call on IOS 15? I bet you don’t want to miss out on so much Apple has in store on FaceTime. Periodic troubles with FaceTime can arise, but now you know just what to do, follow the steps and guide above to get started with FaceTime again.

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