Full Page Screenshot On iPhone Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

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Full Page Screenshot On iPhone Not Working? Here's How To Fix It

Everyone knows about taking regular screenshots on iPhone, but a full page screenshot is even better. I can’t think of a better place where this feature can be handier than on a web search engine.

Full screenshots of an entire blog article like this one you’re reading, from top to bottom can be taken on your iPhone and you decide what next to do with it whenever. You can choose to save for a later reading offline, or share as PDF to anyone on social media. I think it’s pretty much a great add-on on iPhone.

However, lots of iPhone users started to complain recently that full page screenshot does not work anymore and they have done practically nothing on their iPhone that could have caused the malfunction.

If you’re affected too, I feel your pain and i have taken time to write about why this is happening and possible solutions.

Why Can’t I Screenshot A Full Page?

There are a couple reasons why you can’t make a full page screenshot on your iPhone, some of them you’ve actually been ignorant of. But don’t worry, you’ll know better after reading this. Below are some reasons I have outlined;

1. Which IOS App Are You Trying To Screenshot A Full Page From?

Making a full page screenshot on iPhone only works on a search engine and no other except the Safari browser. Trying to take a full page screenshot will not work even on a chrome browser and most definitely any other app you have on your iPhone. If you desire to take a full page screenshot then you may consider making the Safari browser your default browser.


2. Where Are You Opening Safari Browser From?

If you’re using IOS versions 14, 15 and above then you may not be able to make a successful full page screenshot if you’re opening the safari browser from a folder. This is a software malfunction and I hope still that Apple will put an end to it in newer IOS versions.

To take a full page screenshot on Safari, you need to move the app out of a folder if that’s where it currently is and then continue with the screenshot process. This is the only way it can work for now, except the software bug is fixed in the future.

If you find removing the Safari browser from a folder to your home screen inconvenient and making your iPhone unorganized, then consider opening it from the app library. The problem is largely where you’re opening the browser from and not so much of where it is located.

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3. Outdated IOS Version

If you’re using an IOS version that does not support a full page screenshot, then I’m sorry it won’t work for your iPhone. Full page screenshot is only supported by IOS 13 and above. Anything lower than that first will have to be upgraded before being able to make a full page screenshot.

How Do I Enable Full Screen Screenshot On iPhone?

Enabling a full screenshot on iPhone is not difficult at all. It’s only a continuation of the normal screenshot taking procedure on iPhone and a little extra added to the step. But enable full page screenshot, first things have to be done first. You have to make sure your iPhone is currently running on an IOS version that supports full page screenshot. Only IOS 13 and higher supports this. To check what version you’re on do the following;

  • Open iPhone setting
  • Click on general
  • Click on about

1. Upgrade IOS Version

If you have IOS 13 and above, you can proceed with the steps below to take a full page screenshot, otherwise upgrade your IOS version by doing this;

  • Head onto settings
  • Click on general
  • Select and click software update
  • It’ll scan for available updates
  • Click download. It’ll install afterwards

2. Take A Full Page Screenshot

To proceed with taking a full page screenshot, follow the following steps;

  • Open Safari and open the web page you want
  • First, take a screenshot as you’ll normally do
  • Do this by pressing and holding down the power and up volume button at the same time
  • At the bottom left side of the screen tap on image preview
  • The screenshot you have taken will open in the image editor
  • Take on full page on top of the page
  • Make any edits you want crop, etc. Then press done.
  • The full page screenshot will save now as a PDF file.


Do All App On iPhone Support Full Page Screenshot?

No. There’s no other app on iPhone that will let you make a full page screenshot on apart from the Safari browser.

Do All iPhone Do A Full Page Screenshot?

A full page screenshot will work on any iPhone type, be it iPhone 6, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or any other iPhone type you may possess. So it’s clear that all iPhone forms can support a full page screenshot. What the problem actually is, is the IOS version.

IOS versions lower than IOS 13 cannot and do not support a full page screenshot. You need to upgrade your iPhone device to a higher IOS to start taking full page screenshots on Safari.

Thanks to Apple that has made it possible for iPhone users to upgrade to even the latest IOS version regardless of the device type. Even the least of iPhone device can make use and benefit from the recent IOS upgrade as made available by apple.

Many other phone companies are not able to do this, forcing users to buy a new phone to enjoy upgrades in the operating system.

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Final Words

The full page screen shot would have been a lot cooler if it was available on other iPhone apps and not only on Safari. Maybe this is a way to make iPhone users to consider sticking to Safari as their default browser. Just thinking out loud. I hope Apple makes this feature available to other apps in the future.


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