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Despite being a good fan of Instagram, not everybody knows how to add multiple videos on your Instagram story with your Apple product, be it iPhone, iPad, or even your apple laptop. 

As for pictures, we all know we can add pictures and even add a single video but the multiple videos on one Instagram story is a feature that was introduced to help you post more than one of your favorite videos at the same time. 

In this article, we would be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to add multiple videos to one Instagram video apple. 


How to Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story iPhone


Below is the simple way to add multiple videos to one Instagram video. 

  • Open your Instagram 
  • Click on the plus icon
  • Click on the image icon 
  • Tap multiple icons 
  • Select the videos 
  • Tap next
  • Edit the colour of your video if you wish to 
  • Click on Next 
  • Click on Your story to share the video
  • Video added successfully. 

The traditional method of posting pictures and videos that we all know is to post on Instagram stories through a camera roll. 

Well, if you follow the steps we have provided above, then you can successfully post your videos in peace, not just one but multiple videos. 

Before posting on your story, ensure you have edited your picture and it’s on full HD because Instagram will reduce it for you. 


How to Add Multiple Videos on Instagram Story with Music 


Videos are more fun to watch when there is sound playing, it will make some person engage in that story especially if the video is creative. 

Instagram provided a feature that allows you to add a song to your video or picture and we are sure not everybody knows how to do it. 

Some people also wonder, if they successfully add multiple videos on Instagram, will the song reflect on all of them? 

Well, read this post till the end and that simple question will be answered.

Follow the steps we have provided for you here to add a song to your Instagram videos

  • Open your Instagram app 
  • Swipe left and be taken to different options like Record video or Select already recorded video
  • Go ahead and select the already recorded video 
  • The first thing you need to do is to mute each story, so the original sound won’t be heard 
  • Select the sound button which is at the top left corner of the app 
  • Make sure you mute all the videos you want to post on your story 
  • Now it’s time to add some music to your video 
  • At the top of the story space, you will see some options. 
  • Click on the Square Face
  • Search for the music
  • You will see a sticker for music, click on it 
  • Select the song of your choice 
  • You can pick a song either by searching for a particular song you want or scroll and picking any song you want.
  • After selecting the song, click Done. 
  • Repeat this same process for all the videos With the same song. 
  • You can choose how you want the song to show, either it shows the song and lyrics or it shows just the song in a rectangular size
  • Instagram also allows you to choose where the song should start. 
  • Click on the AI button to edit where the song should start from 
  • Click Done at the top right corner 
  • Still repeat it in all the videos, so you can start the song from the place you stopped in the last video.
  • To  do this  Go to the first video 
  • Click on the lyrics to know the last few words before the video finishes, so you can continue from there.
  • Do this in all, to make the song flow in order
  • If you can decide to remove the lyrics in the video or leave it like that, it’s up to you. 
  • To remove the lyrics, click on the sticker 
  • Select video symbol 
  • Repeat each story
  • Click here to position the music sticker 
  • Pinch to make it as small as possible 
  • When done, click on Next 
  • Click Done 
  • Click on Your Story 
  • You have successfully synced your music to video. 


Can You Post Multiple Videos on One Instagram Story iPhone 


Instagram allows you to post multiple videos and pictures on your Instagram story. 

This feature was introduced to allow you to post independent pictures or videos if you wish not to post them on your feed. 

All you need to do is, click on the plus icon from your profile, click on the gallery by the down left corner, click on multiple and select any photo or video you wish to post and post. It is that simple and you don’t have to start doing it from the post.

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Why Can’t I Add Multiple Videos To One Instagram iPhone

There is only one reason why you won’t be able to post multiple videos on one Instagram story using your apple product. 

The single reason is that you’re using the outdated version of Instagram. 

Simply go to your apple store to update your Instagram app and all features will be available for your use. 


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in the world today, having the profiles of literally all the celebrities in the world today and keeping up with their daily activities. 

Building a fan base on Instagram can also be hard but this can be done by posting interesting content, especially your Instagram story because anybody can get across it and like it and also follow you. 

Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to post on their Instagram story aside from the fact that Instagram gave a button where you can click to post your feed on your story.

Even some persons that know how to independently post on a story can’t place their hands on how to post multiple videos on one Instagram story.

If you read this article till the end, then you should be happy because you will no longer be a novice on this topic.


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