How Do I Fix Mic Not Working On iPhone 13

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A microphone issue on your iPhone 13 can be very frustrating. Apart from the fact that you’re stuck in trying to find a possible fix. You won’t also be able to do some essentials like a voice call, facetime, or even instruct Siri on what to do for you. Not until you come up with a fix.

If this is your situation, I understand your plight and have written you a straight-to-the-point solution that you need to start using your iPhone microphone again.


Why Is My iPhone 13 Mic Not Working

First off, why could this be happening? Because it’s strange how the microphone that’s hardly ever seen and protected gets to stop working. Well, several things especially minor, can result in your iPhone 13 microphone not working. I’ve stated below the most obvious reasons;

1. A Headphone Accessory Is In Use

A headphone connected to your iPhone 13 will make its microphone null. Most headphone accessories have a built-in microphone that is immediately switched to when connected to your iPhone.

Whether it’s a headphone that’s connected to your iPhone 13 lightning port or one that’s connected over Bluetooth, it really doesn’t matter as both will result in your mic not working.

How Do I Fix Mic Not Working On iPhone 13

2. Grime Trapped In Microphone Grills

With the way the iPhone 13 microphone outlets are located, it becomes very easy for them to trap in dust and grime particles that can block them. All three microphones on your iPhone 13 can over time become stuffed with foreign materials that don’t permit the receiver to pick up sound waves as you speak. This one is very common.


3. Obstructive Casing

When once your iPhone 13 casing comes between the microphone grills and your voice, then it’s likely your microphone won’t function. A lot of people in a bid to adorn their iPhone 13 go to get bulky casings that tamper with their microphone functionality.

Bulky casings may protect your iPhone better but they may not be so good for your microphones. You may consider removing it completely or change to a perfect fit casing once you verify the problem by trying to make a recording using the voice memo app.

How Do I Fix Mic Not Working On iPhone 13

4. IOS Bug

Frequent bugs associated with outdated IOS versions can be the culprit whyfor  your iPhone 13 microphone is not working. It is true that the Microphone on your iPhone is Microphone on your iPhone is indeed a hardware component, however, it still responds to the dictations of the iPhone software.

Once the script facilitating the use of your microphone for making inputs to your device gets bugged, it’s not negotiable that your microphone will be affected, to the extent of stopping to work completely.


5. Worn microphone

Yes, it’s possible for your microphone to also get broken. Although the iPhone 13 has a strong and firm build, it is no superman. Especially when it’s subjected to all manner of accidental falls and mechanical injuries. This is why you will need to handle your iPhone 13 with more care. Quality protective cases can help too.


How To Fix iPhone 13 Microphone

Now to the actual trouble shooting. More than half of the solutions in this article can be carried out from the comfort of your home. Bear in mind that you may at some point need to involve an expert.

The below include how you can fix your iPhone 13 microphone;

1. Disconnect Bluetooth Accessory

If you have a Bluetooth accessory that is always in use, then it may be that it’s connected automatically without your consent. You’ll need to disconnect it because it shifts microphone functionality to itself. Here’s how to disconnect a Bluetooth accessory;

  • From your home screen open the control center by swiping from the top of the screen downwards
  • Look for the Bluetooth icon. If it’s on, its color is orange
  • Tap on it to switch off Bluetooth
  • After five seconds, verify if the microphones are working again either by making a video or recording audio using the video and voice memo apps respectively.


2. Clean Out Microphones

Unlike older iPhone models, the iPhone 13 has a total of three microphones and all three will require cleaning differently.

For the front and rear microphones, clean them out this way;

  • Use a brush to remove trapped dust particles. An unused toothbrush will do the job just fine as it has small-sized bristles that can enter the microphone area.
  • You can as well use a microfiber cloth to wipe off loose dirt from the surface of the microphone.

For the primary or as its generally called the bottom microphone;

  • Make use of compressed air. Works best for the removal of dust and small particles especially from the microphone region.
  • Verify if the issue is fixed by making a voice memo recording or capturing a video and speaking into it.


3. Restart iPhone

This works best for getting rid of malfunctions that may have tampered with the microphone. To restart your iPhone 13, do the following;

  • Long press on the side or power button
  • The power slider will appear on the screen
  • Drag the button to power off. Allow the device screen to go completely black.
  • Turn it on again by long-pressing the power button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Verify if this solves the issue by again testing out the microphones as before.

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4. IOS Update

Every hardware component on your iPhone 13 prefers an upgraded IOS, including the microphones. To quickly update your to the next available update, do the following;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on general
  • Select software update
  • It’ll scan for available updates
  • Tap on download and install afterward
  • Verify if the issue is solved by again testing out the microphones as before.


5. Get A Repair

If you’ve tried all the recommended fixes above and nothing seems to work, then I’m afraid that your microphone may be broken. My recommended hardware fix for iPhone is the Apple repair center. You can before time book a repair and a day will be assigned to you for your repair as that place is usually a beehive of activities. I assure you you don’t want to go there without an appointment.

And if you still have an active warranty, your iPhone 13 will only cost $0 to be fixed.


How Can I Test My iPhone Microphone?

iPhone 13 comes with a pair plus an extra microphone. That’s a total of three. You can find one at the top of the phone, it looks somewhat long and rectangular, and another at the back of your iPhone 13 looking like a small pinpoint hole.

You must understand that they all serve different functions and therefore must be tested out differently.

1. To Test The Front Microphone;

  • Open the video app
  • Using the front camera, make a video of yourself speaking out audibly
  • Save the video and play it back
  • If you can hear the audio sound and clear, then all’s good, otherwise use the fix above to resolve the issue.



2. To Test The Back Microphone;

  • Open the video app
  • Using the rear camera, make a video of anything while speaking audibly.
  • Save the video and play it back
  • If you can hear the audio sound and clear, then all’s good, otherwise use the fix above to resolve the issue.


3. To Test The Bottom Microphone;

  • Open the voice memo app
  • Made a recording of about 30 seconds and speak audibly
  • Save the recording and play it
  • If you can hear the audio sound and clear, then all’s good, otherwise you need to get a fix.
  • Or, wake Siri. Make sure you have a good internet connection
  • Command Siri to tell you what time it is
  • If Siri doesn’t respond, then you need to get a fix.


How Do I Turn On My Microphone On My iPhone 13?

The microphone may be turned off for an app or two on your iPhone. Turning on your microphone will mean removing the restriction on the apps to permit them to use your microphone. To do this, follow the below guide;

  1. Open iPhone settings
  2. Tap on privacy
  3. Find and tap on the microphone
  4. Find the app which you want to turn on microphones  for
  5. Toggle the microphone button next to it to turn it on

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Except in the case that your microphone is broken and its fix will need to be handled by an expert, you now can see that it is possible to fix the software-related software-related issues affecting your microphone all by yourself. Just make sure to follow the above guide before rushing off to the repair center.


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