How Do I Protect My Eyes From My MacBook?

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How Do I Protect My Eyes From My MacBook?


A certain organization has recommended that to protect your eye from your computer, you’d need to follow the 20-20-20 rule. You’re probably wondering what that is. The 20-20-20 rule dictates that you always should every 20 minutes of screen time look away to an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Well, I don’t believe that solves anything. Although this may sound opinionated, but its true.

The time you spend in front of your Macbook no doubt isn’t all that healthy for your eye, especially if you have to sit down long hours in front of the screen. This is an issue of concern as you would still want your eye functioning in the future. This is why I have prepared you how to protect your eyes from your Macbook as a guide.


How to protect your eye from your Macbook

Your Macbook isn’t the culprit, but of course you can’t separate your Macbook from the blue light it produces. But blue is just a color, and why’s it after my eyes? You ask. If ever you’ve noticed recurrent headaches, eye socket pain, dry eyes, blurry vision and if you’ve ever struggled to get your self to sleep, chances are that blue light is already taking its toll on you.

Just a little bit of body science to understand what I’m talking about. The blue light is one of the colors of the spectrum, the shortest in wavelength and the most energetic. It’s responsible for the beautiful blue sky as well as tells you to wake up because it’s day.

However when you maintain long screen time hours, apart from the fact that it hurts the sensitive photo receptors in your eye responsible mostly for the headache and dry eyes, the also reduce the production of a hormone Melatonin.

This hormone basically is responsible for making you fall asleep at night, but with increased blue light exposure, your eye becomes confused and can’t tell the difference between day and night. Hence you struggle to fall asleep.

This and many other reasons include why you should care for your eye more. Below I’ve listed ways you can get started with in protecting your eye from your Macbook.


1. Make The Night Shift Mode Your Friend

Some time in the past, Apple didn’t incorporate this with older models of Macbook and users had to rely on third party software to filter off blue light. But now, right from your Macbook preference settings you can turn it on to help save your eye. The Night shift mode is great in that it cuts down on the blue light coming off you Mac while tuning the the residual light to their warm sides. This is easier on your eye.

Here’s how to turn switch to the night shift mode;

  • Ensure you’re running MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 or later.
  • On the top left corner of your screen you’ll find the Apple icon, click on it.
  • Click on screen preferences
  • Click on display
  • Toggle the Night shift option to on
  • Click in the box next to ‘turn on until tomorrow or better still, make a costume schedule.
  • You can as well schedule Night shift to automatically turn on when it’s sunset and turn off at sunrise. Your location will be used to automate this, so make sure location is enabled on your Mac.


2. Use A UV Blocking Lens

Using an anti-blue light glass is a great way to protect your eye from your Macbook. Although a lot of them available these days can make you loose the beautiful coloration experience coming off your Mac screen as you’re only able to see red light. That’s not goal. The goal is to filter out blue light whilst still being able to interact with only negligible difference with the visual effect of your screen.

This is why you have to spend some time in researching UV blocking glasses from commendable manufacturers and invest some good money in buying the one that’s just right for you. Apart from that, if you like the nerdy feeling, here’s your chance.

How Do I Protect My Eyes From My MacBook?

3. Arms Length Away

If you’re already in the habit of leaning to forward to your Mac screen then you’d need to unlearn it. Leaning too close to the screen makes the impact of the blue light on your eye greater and that will imply a greater eye strain which eventually can result in terrible eye diseases like the cataract.

The recommended minimum distance from your eye to your Macbook screen is an arm length. It’s high time you started being conscious of that and actually begin practicing it for a healthy eye.


4. Hey, Take A Break

I don’t know how else to say this buddy, but you need to take a break. Take a break from every screen time activity when you have the chance too. A great time to do this would be your off or leave days if your work involves staying in front of the computer or if you’re a student you may need to work it into your time table to allow your eye catch its breathe.

Well, it won’t just happen, you need to be deliberate and consciously work towards caring more for your eye.


What Is Blue Light Filter On Macbook and Macbook Pro

Think of it like an actual filter but for the light of the spectrum. It allows every other light to pass through and get to the eye but no the blue light. The blue light is full of energy that is way too much for your eye photo receptors to handle when they’re constantly exposed to it.

Your Macbook and Macbook pro has this feature added to it by Apple as they understand that more and more people are shifting towards working in front of a screen and your eye needs to be safe.

The blue light filter doesn’t just remove the blue light, also you’re able to tilt your screen to produce the warmer lights of the spectrum that is much easier on your eye on your Macbook and Macbook Pro.


Do Macbook Have Eye Protection

Originally before the Macbook became a thing, their was no eye protection whatsoever available. However, Apple did see the need and have incorporated the feature into newer MacOS.

If you’re not already using eye protection called Night shift mode on Macbook, you need to upgrade to MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 or later.

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Is MacBook Night Mode Good For Eyes?

A lot of people have their opinion about this. But here’s what you need to know. The night mode cuts down on blue light and may not particularly remove all the blue light there is. This does not mean the night mode isn’t effective enough., in fact it has shown to remove more than 90 percent of blue light.

Here’s what my recommendation is, while using the Macbook night mode, ensure you also put on a protective UV blocking glass, take some screen time break and most importantly support your eye with well curated supplements for the eye. You may need to visit a doctor.


Does MacBook Pro Have A Protective Screen?

Macbook pro have protective screen available on sale all over the internet, but it may  not be the best of choices to make.

The Macbook pro has quite a sleek design, in fact as stated by Apple, the clearance between your Macbook pro screen and the keyboard is so little that adding a protective screen can mount an adverse pressure on the screen and may crack it.


Even more, for most people, the essence of using a protective screen is to protect their screen from mechanical damage as well as filter blue light and that problem already have been solved by the night shift mode and with a little bit of carefulness will keep your Macbook pro screen safe.

For me, that makes Macbook pro screen unnecessary.

Can You Turn Off Blue Light On Mac?

Yes. Although it’s not particular turned off, it’s only filtered away allowing only less harmful colors of the spectrum to pass through. This has been done by third party software in the past but now the Macbook has its own native blue light filter called the Night shift mode.

How To Enable And  Disable Blue Light Filter On Macbook and Macbook Pro

The Macbook blue light filter is alwayas on, on a default sometimes it can be harsh. mostly at night or when ever theres low-light setting.

There’s are options you can use to off it or better still you can also create an automated schedule night shifty to turn on and off by itself.

How To Turn Off Blue Light On Macbook

  • Go to the top left corner on your screen
  • Click on system Preferences

How Do I Protect My Eyes From My MacBook?

  • Click “Displays”

How Do I Protect My Eyes From My MacBook?

  • Go to the night shift section

How Do I Protect My Eyes From My MacBook?

  • Check the “Turn On Till Tomorrow Box” or  you can set a schedule by clicking on the schedule box

How Do I Protect My Eyes From My MacBook?

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How to Enable Blue Light Filter or Night Shift on Your Macbook

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You’ve seen how blue light is the culprit and how you eye is relying on you to help save it. It may not be possible to spend a long time off the screen due to how our world is changing, but it’s possible to follow the guide given in this article for a good eye health. Take steps towards implementing them to your everyday life style and you eye will hank you.


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