How do I reset the fitness app on my iPhone?

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How do I reset the fitness app on my iPhone?

A day wouldn’t be complete without having your Apple fitness watch measure out how you’re performing fitness wise and of course your paired iPhone correlating those data and serving them to you in the most simplistic manner. Since the introduction of the Apple fitness watch, not many people would want to take another stride without the smart watch tracking and adding that to their daily activity.

But, the watch does not always serve accurate results, sometimes the reading  are so inflated that you know you could never have met such fitness goals and other times depressed, hence you’ll need to reset it.


How To Reset Fitness App On iPhone

The Apple smart fitness watch works hand in hand with your iPhone. In fact, some details of the watch cannot be manipulated except through the iPhone that it has been paired with. Resetting the fitness data through the iPhone fitness app include one of those functions.

What ever be the reason for which you want to reset your fitness app, It’s possible to do that in only a few clicks.

It’s also worthy to note that resetting your fitness app will not clear your previous history or tracking of the previous weeks or months. They’re still pretty much accessible even after a reset.

To rest your fitness app on iPhone, here’s what to do;

  • On your home screen, tap to open the Apple watch app
  • Just at the bottom left of the app, tap the Watch icon to open the Watch tap
  • Open privacy
  • Tap on Reset fitness calibration Data
  • A prompt will pop up for you to confirm your decision, confirm and your fitness app will be reset.

How do I reset the fitness app on my iPhone? How do I reset the fitness app on my iPhone? How do I reset the fitness app on my iPhone?

Why Should I Reset The Fitness App On My iPhone

When you reset your fitness app, what you actually reset would include all of the data as tracked and recorded by the former smart watch calibration. Your smart watch performs way more sensitive functions other than just keep the time. Some of its other functions include;

  • Tracking your heart rate
  • Tracking your calorie usage each day
  • Tracking your stride, pace and distance covered every time you’re on the go.
  • As well as tracking your overall fitness level.


There are a couple of reasons why you may want to reset your fitness app, some of them may include;


1. Inaccurate Tracking By Your Smart Watch

Your smart watch though sensitive can still record the wrong data. The most probable cause of this is a wrong calibration or when you let the smart watch do the calibration itself, which will most definitely miss out on some important metrics that would have aided for more accurate tracking. It could also be because the watch was worn too tightly or loosely.







2. Over Depressed Performance

If you  can detect a lie when you see one, you may sometimes find that your overall weekly or monthly fitness goals where far from being achieved when you take a look at the overview on your paired iPhone. The implication of this would be that the watch had not included the values of some parameters that it checked throughout the week or month as the case may be. This is enough reason you may want to reset your fitness app.


3. Inflated Fitness Goals

You may not have known, but your smart watch can be tricked to counting some in-activities as actual activities. This can bump up your activities considerably and at the same falsely. And if you proceed with this kind of inflated tracking, it will only be misleading as they don’t represent your through activities and abilities.

How do I reset the fitness app on my iPhone?

3. A Fresh Start

You may decide as pat of a new month resolution to get serious with keeping fit, working out more and burning more calories. The smart Apple watch is just the companion you need to keep those in check. A fresh start will not be complete except your fitness app is reset to provide a clean slate to begin again with.

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What Happens If I Reset Fitness Calibration Data?

To understand what happens when your fitness calibration data is reset, I’ll first be apt to know what the fitness calibration data is. In the most simplistic manner, this is the ability that tags the Apple watch as smart, making it unique and a perfect device to track your fitness everyday and even on the go.

Without first setting your calibration data, the smart watch doesn’t have enough information like your pace, stride and how much distance that you’re able to walk or run per minute. Without these, you lave the smart watch only guessing what these values may be using its accelerometer which may be wrong.

One of two things that happens when you reset your calibration data is;

3. Activities will refresh

Although with a calibration data reset, no previous data is lost and still as such can be viewed as at when required. However, a new activity is created based off your new calibration data and starts to record afresh. You can find activities such as how long you stand, distance walked, calories spent and exercise minutes by;

  • Opening the fitness app
  • Open summary
  • Tap on trends
  • Here you’ll find your new activity performance, days you performed over average as well as days you under performed.


The second thing that happens is;

4. A New Calibration Data Will Be Required.

Your smart watch can assume a new calibration data for you, this however is not the best as they’re usually wrong. For accurate tracking by the accelerometer you need to manually set up the calibration data. Apple has set up a simple guide to help do this accurately.

Here’s how to set up a new calibration data;

  • First make sure that location services, motion calibration and distance are all enabled in settings
  • Put on your smart watch, not too tight and not too loose.
  • Apples choice site for calibration includes a flat outdoor area with good GPS reception with clear skies
  • Open the work out app on the smart watch and start by either selecting outdoor walk or outdoor run as a goal choice
  • Apple requires you to run or walk for no more than 20 minutes at a pace you’d normally walk or run
  • If you have different run or walk speeds, also calibrate each for same 20 minutes.

This way, your smart watch calculates important averages and the information will be used as you continue with daily activities to track your performance.

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Resetting your fitness app is not a difficultly task at all, as you have seen it takes only a few clicks. However to get the most out of your Apple smart watch, ensure you take the right procedure to calibrate it after performing a reset to help the device track your activities accurately.


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