How Do I Stop My Two iPhones From Syncing

How do I stop my two iPhones from syncing

There’s really no gain in having two iPhone devices with one content shared by both phones. That defeats the purpose of having a dual device. Having two iPhones synced together, in reality, should be dubbed cloning, as every content in one can be exactly found unaltered in the other iPhone. For instance, with both of your devices synced, iMessage texts, contacts, and even app contents will be the same for both devices. 

This can be frustrating. In this article, you’ll find just how to stop two iPhones from syncing making your phones independent of themselves.

How To Stop Your Two iPhones From Syncing

In stopping the iPhone from syncing, you need to understand that both devices are being served data from one account and the connection needs to be severed for both phones to stop syncing. There are a couple of ways available to achieve this as has been outlined below;

1. Remove Device From Shared Apple ID

Unlinking one of the synced devices, preferably the secondary iPhone from sharing the same Apple ID with your primary device will stop them from syncing and sharing the same content. 

The Apple ID is the account you use to access all of Apple services . Think of it like a vault containing as much details about you as available to Apple. Little wonder why just logging in your Apple ID to a new iPhone will immediately make your new device carry all contents like the old.

If you have both of your phones using one Apple ID, then you’ll keep facing the trouble that results from both of them syncing. Although it does make sense to use one ID for everything, that won’t help in a situation like this, hence you may need to use a different Apple ID for both devices. 

To remove one of the iPhone from the shared Apple ID, follow the below guide;

  • Open the Settings app on your primary iPhone. By primary, I mean the one you want to continue using the Apple ID on.
  • Tap on Apple/iCloud
  • Scroll down to find the bottom and find the secondary iPhone using the same Apple ID
  • Tap on it to bring you to a ‘Device Info’ window
  • Here, tap on the ‘Remove from Account’ button towards the bottom
  • You may be prompted to enter your passcode for security reasons. Do so and confirm to the prompt that you want to remove the device by taping on ‘Remove’.

How Do I Stop My Two iPhones From Syncing

With the secondary device removed, you should now go ahead to reset it, turn it on again and choose to set it up from the scratch when asked to, where you can create a new Apple ID. Why can’t I now use the iPhone without an ID? You ask. 

That’s because you’ll lose many of iPhones capabilities if you use it without an Apple ID. For instance, iCloud cannot be activated if there’s no Apple ID signed in. Completely avoid the option to restore it from the last backup, except that’s what you want.


2. Unsync Device Through iTunes

You can also stop both of your devices from syncing with each other on Finder or iTunes using your Mac or windows computer respectively. This too can be a quick method to do this. Follow the below guide below to unlink both of your devices using iTunes;

  • Open the iTunes app on your Mac or windows device
  • Sign in using your Apple ID credentials
  • Open the menu and click on account
  • Click on View my Account
  • Open Manage Devices to see a list of all devices connected to the Apple ID
  • Find the iPhone that needs to be removed, tap on Remove located to the right of the device to remove and unsync the device. 

How Do I Stop My Two iPhones From Syncing

Again, remember to remove your secondary device to allow the primary iPhone continue making use of the Apple ID while you create a new Apple ID for the secondary.

3. Unsync device through iCloud

You can also restrict both iPhones from sharing information from iCloud. For most people, iCloud holds more details than the actual phone storage and it’s not hard to discover why – all of  your files are safe and are accessible from anywhere. 

To unsync both devices using iCloud, make sure first to turn off the secondary device and then follow the below guide;

  • On your computer open the iCloud website –
  • Login with your Apple ID credentials
  • Open Menu and click on Find iPhone
  • Click on All Devices
  • Select from the list the iPhone you want to unlink. In this case, your secondary iPhone.
  • You may be asked to re enter your Apple ID password. Do so and confirm the action to pop up.
  • Wait only a few minutes and the iPhone will be stopped from syncing with iCloud.

How Do I Stop My Two iPhones From Syncing

Why Are My Two iPhones Synced Together?

You’re experiencing sync between both of your iPhones because they are sharing the same Apple ID. Apple ID houses every of your details and when logged into another device will replicate every information on the other iPhone. This is not negotiable, except you remove the Apple ID account from one of the iPhone, erase it and choose to not use an Apple ID.

But rather than not use an Apple ID on your secondary iPhone, what you can do is to set it up using a new Apple ID and still enjoy sharing subscriptions on Apple music, iTunes and App store on both devices without using the same Apple ID. All it takes is to enable family sharing and invite the other Apple ID account to join.

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How Do I Stop Apple Devices Syncing With Each Other?

Syncing is done across your Apple ID and iCloud account. Apps usually will usually have their content stored on iCloud and shared across on all devices using the Apple ID. If your devices share the same Apple ID, here’s what to do to avoid syncing with each other;

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap on your profile at the top
  • Tap on iCloud
  • You’ll find a list of apps uploaded to iCloud.
  • Select the apps that you do not wish to be synced across your device and toggle it off.

How do I unlink my two iPhones

Unlinking your two iPhones can be very important, especially when you do not want them syncing the same data across themselves. The best way to do this would be to ensure both of your devices are using different Apple IDs. But first, you’ll have to restrict one of the iPhones from using your primary Apple ID. You can simply do this from your profile settings, on iCloud and also via iTunes.

Afterwards, erase all content on the second device, create and login a new Apple ID and you’re all good. Note that unlinking the second iPhone from your primary Apple ID won’t erase the content you have on your primary iPhone.

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A lot of users having two iPhones have had the issue of data syncing between their both devices. They’re not particularly at fault, as they just want to maintain the same Apple ID. However, that’s not how Apple works as the devices will share every data. If you too are facing the same trouble, use the guide above to stop your two iPhones from syncing.

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