How Much Does Apple Charge to Unlock a Disabled iPhone?

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Getting a new iPhone can be really exciting and sometimes, we always tend to mess it up by forgetting our passwords out of excitement. You might also have an old iPhone that you can’t seem to remember your old password anymore.

It doesn’t matter the reason why you forgot your password, the thing is that you can’t access your iPhone anymore because you had put in the wrong passwords over and over. This causes your iPhone to become disabled. Too many attempts at trying to guess the correct password and now you’re stuck with a disabled iPhone.


Can Apple Help Me Unlock My Disabled iPhone?

If you had put in the wrong passwords a few times in an attempt to try and unlock your phone, this would lead to your iPhone being disabled. If this is the problem you are facing and you’re wondering if apple can unlock your iPhone the answer goes both ways.

You can unlock your disabled iPhone but only after you erase all data on your iPhone. If you think it is possible to unlock your disabled iPhone without erasing your data, then you’re wrong.

When your iPhone is disabled you will not be able to unlock your iPhone anymore. There’s no way you can reset your password. The only solution is to erase all data from your iPhone and start over from the beginning. If you hadn’t backed up your data to iCloud, it means that you will lose all of your data. This is the best apple can do for you.

Apple will have to set your iPhone to go through recovery mode where they will erase all data on your iPhone and try to download any one you had previously backed up to iCloud. One thing to note is that it will be really necessary for you to provide proof that you are the real owner of the disabled iPhone.

You need to provide something tangible like your receipt. If the phone was handed down to you, then you will need to provide proof (it may be in form of a written approval) from the previous owner of the iPhone.

Without proper proof that you are the real owner of the disabled iPhone. It may not actually be possible for apple to unlock your phone for you. They have strong rules against providing services to devices that do not have proof of ownership. This is to avoid dealing with stolen phones.


How Much Does Apple Charge To Unlock A Disabled Phone?

The fees you will have to pay to unlock your disabled phone varies. Sometimes, it is for free and other times you might need to pay up to $100 dollars before you can successfully unlock your disabled phone.

The average fee that you will need to pay to unlock your iPhone ranges from $30 to around $35 dollars. One thing to note is that the fees greatly depends on the cause of the disability of your iPhone.

What Happens if I Don’t Have My Receipt to Unlock My Disabled iPhone at Apple?

Like we already mentioned, apple have strict rules on the proof of ownership of a device before they can think of working on your iPhone. If you have lost your receipt or any other form of ownership to the disabled iPhone, apple will not be able to unlock your iPhone for you.

As of now, apple does not accept photo evidence of receipts. This means that you must actually provide physical receipts before you will actually they will be able to render any service to you.

They are against theft of devices and helping you will be going against one of their own rules. Without receipts or any proof of ownership, you will not be attended to. That leads us to the next question.

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Is Apple The Only Option To Unlock My Disabled iPhone For A Fee?

If you have lost your receipts or any form of evidence that shows you are the owner of your iPhone, you still have a lot of options you can choose from to unlock your disabled phone and for a reasonable price.

You can take your disabled iPhone to any other software store or phone repair store where you can actually unlock your iPhone for a fee. The fees are usually around the range of $30 to about $100 depending on the store you go to.

One underrated thing that a lot of people do not know is that the second alternative is by unlocking the iPhone by yourself. This saves you the cost of paying software engineers and it is quite easy to unlock the iPhone by yourself.  How exactly do you do it?

Firstly, you will need a computer. Turn it on and follow the steps below:

  1. Open a browser on your computer and visit
  2. On the page that loads, Log in with your apple ID and your password.
  3. At the top of the screen you will see an option titled “all devices”.
  4. You will see a list of devices, tap on your iPhone that is currently disabled.
  5. Click on the “erase iPhone” option.
  6. Tap on confirm.
  7. You will need to put in your apple ID password.

After you finish the above process, your iPhone should power up as though it is a new device. After it is done powering up, you can follow the steps on your iPhone’s screen to set it up.



Some apple stores will charge you higher than others, it all depends on the store and the weight of the problem. One thing is that apple does not charge most of the time for their services.

Before receiving any service from apple, you might want to check in with your receipts that proofs you are the owner of the iPhone. Like we said, it will not be possible for apple to help unblock your disabled iPhone if you do not have proof that you are the owner of the phone. Your budget should be around $30 to around $35.


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