How To Activate Split Screen On iPhone 13

How To Activate Split Screen On iPhone 13

We’ve seen multitasking on iPhone 13 as made possible by the app switcher accessible by scrolling up from the bottom screen, but we’re yet to see even better multitasking that allows users to use two different apps on one screen. For instance, surfing the internet with Safari and following up with your favorite handle on Instagram. For me, that’s another height of productivity.

In this article, you’ll see the method available with which you can activate the split-screen on your new iPhone 13 and begin multitasking like a pro.


How To Activate Split Screen On iPhone 13

Here’s what you should know before getting started with screen splitting. Apple does not have a native inbuilt way to do this, not even on the iPhone 13 nor with the latest IOS version. While we’re not sure why Apple has remained adamant about making the feature available, some leading phone manufacturers have long explored the feature on their new generation iPhones. 

The method we’ll employ in this article will involve a third party app. Don’t worry, it’s free to use and available on the App store. Follow the below steps to download the app from the App store.

  • Open App store on your iPhone 13
  • Tap on the search box and type in ‘Split Screen View’. This is the name of the app we’ll be using. Although there are several other apps that can meet this end, this is the best app I’ve seen to do this effectively in my opinion.
  • Tap on the cloud button to download and install the app

Now with the app installed, let’s get straight to how to begin split screening your screen. In only a few simple steps, you’d have already had your screen split into two allowing you to do the things you love best at the same time.

How To Activate Split Screen On iPhone 13

Follow the below guide to activate the Split Screen View app you have already downloaded;

  • Launch the app on your iPhone 13
  • You’ll find two screens bearing a number of apps on both windows. Bear in mind that you can have the split screens both vertically and horizontally aligned. For horizontal alignment, just turn your iPhone 13 to landscape, and the split screens will automatically adjust.
  • Tap on any of the apps on one screen, you can also open another app on the other screen below.
  • Notice that their is a divide between the split screen in both the Vertical and horizontal formats, you can use it to adjust the sizes of each screen you have split.
  • To see more of the the top/right split screen, simply drag the divider downwards/ leftward . This will reduce the down/left screen, while increasing the height or width of the up/right screen for the vertical and horizontal modes respectively.
  • You can also create multiple tabs, allowing you to do different things at the same time.
  • You can as well add custom apps that you want to be shown as default apps every time you launch the app. To do this, double tap on the app on any of the split screens and a window will pop up from where you can choose a replacement.

The Split Screen View is a super productivity app loved by many with over a 4.4 over 5 rating, although it does have a paid version, but that’s definitely your choice to make. Upgrading to the pro version primarily lets you access the multiple tabs I talked about above as well as gets rid of ads. You may consider trying out the pro version, they have a three days free trial that you can cancel anytime packaged for you.


Can You Do A Split Screen On iPhone 13?

Yes, but not without a third party app. It’s not clear why Apple has been hesitant on adding the feature to the iPhone 13 like other popular competitors did. But for sure, users are looking forward to it and many are willing to do anything to have their iPhone 13 split screen.

In fact, many have taken to jail-breaking their iPhone 13 to incorporate the iPad split screen feature. However I do not recommend this, apart from making your iPhone more vulnerable to bugs and viruses, you also break Apple’s terms of usage and warranty.

How To Activate Split Screen On iPhone 13

Can I Open 2 Apps At The Same Time On iPhone 13?

Yes you can. This is known as the split screen feature, allowing two apps to share one screen. However, the apps you desire to use a split screen must be a web based version of the app. In other words, apps that do not have a web based version can not be used on a split screen. This limits the number of apps  you’re able to use on a split screen to web based apps like Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook eBay and every other app you know that has a web app. 

While there are so many apps available on the App store that can allow you to split screen and use web based versions of apps, Apple is yet to respond to users demand for an inbuilt split screen feature that will allow native apps on iPhone 13 to be used on a split screen.

How Do You Halfway The Screen Down On iPhone 13? 

How To Activate Split Screen On iPhone 13

Halving your iPhone 13 display is your best option when you want to operate your device with one hand. Apple calls this the Reachability feature. This constricts your entire iPhone 13 screen to only display content on half of the screen size. 

To enable the Reachability feature, follow the below guide;

  • Open iPhone 13 settings
  • Tap on Accessibility
  • Tap on touch
  • Toggle the Reachability button to on
  • Exit the settings app. Now with Reachability turned on, here’s what to do to half your screen;
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to the bottom edge of the screen.

Bear in mind that Halving your screen is not the same as split screening. Making your iPhone 13 display content halfway down the screen only increases accessibility as you can reach out to the far top edge off the screen using your thumb. 

However, screen splitting is different, here’s what it does in the most minimalist way: it halves an app to accommodate another app on the same screen. Hence you’re able to use two apps on one screen.

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Split Screen Alternative On iPhone 13

While we continue to wait for Apple to make up their mind to app a native split screen feature on iPhone, there are other cool third party apps that you can successfully use to split your screen and get productive with two apps at the same time. 

Although some of them will require a subscription, some will only split web browser tabs and some have ads popping up at inconvenient times, you’ll have to manage them just the way they are. But overall, they’ll meet your screen splitting needs.

Here are some of the best Split screening alternatives available on App store;

  • Split screen – Dual Window 
  • Split Screen View
  • WebDuo Pro
  • Split Web Browser
  • Split Screen – Web Browser app

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Do you think Apple has it in mind to add the split screen feature as an IOS update in the future? Well, in my opinion, No. I just think that’s one way Apple wants to make the iPhone different from all other competitor phones. Also, they do not think it’s necessary to have the feature on a smaller screen like the iPhone as it’s already available on iPad. So I think they’re basically saying “if you want to split screen, go get an iPad”. What do you think?

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