How To Add Alarm Clock Widget On iPhone 12

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How To Add Alarm Clock Widget On iPhone 12

Widgets are a great way to keep an eye on your everyday activities on your iPhone. Apart from that you can stay updated with the current happenings in town via the news widget or the weather and even little details as such as your notepad, calendar, reminder and alarm. They all have their own widgets allowing you view all you need in one glance right from your home screen or even the lock screen without having to open any app directly.

Unfortunately, theirs no alarm widget on iPhone 12 and the reason is simple. Your iPhone 12 runs on the new IOS version 14, which although has made so much advancement especially in the area of adding and customizing widget, still did not consider making an alarm widget available.

Before IOS 14, iPhone users enjoyed not particularly an alarm widget, but another widget known as UP NEXT made it possible to have all your scheduled alarms in sight. However, IOS 14 dismissed UP NEXT, leaving some users wishing they could downgrade their IOS version.

How To Add Alarm Clock Widget On iPhone 12

If you wish to have the alarm widget or something that can still serve same purpose in your iPhone 12, I’ve found a way around how you can add alarm widget.

I’ll share with you my favorite method of doing that as well as a second method that works just as fine.

1. Download Alarm Widget App On App Store

The alarm widget app is a third party app available on app store that can be used to set, add and monitor your alarms right from your home screen. It also has some good customization options and a well large music collection that you can choose for your alarm.

You also have the ability to import as your alarm tune any song or sound from YouTube or any website, so long as it lives on the internet. With the app you can set a list of alarms as many as you need from a wake up alarm to a reminder alarm at work and to bed time. Recurring alarms can as well be set, you just set and forget about them only to be reminded by the widget as at when due.

Key features of the app include;

  • A large collection of music to choose from
  • Ability to import any music from a website
  • Alarms could be tracked from your home or lock screen as a widget
  • Set multiple and even recurring alarms
  • You have three different widget sizes to choose from


I think the only thing you have to deal with on this app are the distracting random ads that pop up but can be eliminated when you purchase a premium package. Costs only about $5, offering full functionality. I think it’s worth a try.


2. Make Shift Alarm Widget With Health App

Yes you read right. Its called a make shift because in the steps I’ll be putting forward below, I’ll show you how to do a little tweak to the health app that can serve just as fine as the alarm widget. The only downside is that you can only set one alarm per day, but you can trust it to serve the function of an alarm widget, visible on your home screen and lock screen.

In the below steps, I’ll be showing you how to set up the sleep function to an alarm widget. Follow the following instructions;

  • Open the health app, search for the sleep function and tap on it.
  • Scroll towards the bottom and click on set up sleep
  • You’ll have to set a sleep goal, you can add any value you want. But make sure the hour of sleep from the time of setting will correspond with when you actually want the alarm to sound.
  • For example, setting a goal of 5 hours sleep at 2pm will automatically set the wake up time at 7pm and that’s when the alarm will sound. I agree, that’s a little bit of math involved.
  • Afterward, scroll down and increase or decrease the alarm sound under alarm options
  • Click next and you’re all set up.

To confirm your make shift alarm widget has been successfully set, go back to your lock screen or home screen to see if it appears there.

Is There An Alarm Clock Widget On iPhone 12?

Apple didn’t make it possible for  iPhone 12 to have an alarm clock widget. The iPhone 12 default IOS is version 14 which changed everything in a beautiful way but gave no consideration to adding an alarm widget.

There only exists a clock glance widget from where you can set and schedule alarm but you’ll never have upcoming alarms appear independently on your home or lock screen. That’s the indication that provisions where not made on the IOS 14 to accommodate an alarm clock widget.

I am sure many other users are hoping as I do that the function is incorporated in subsequent IOS updates in the future.

How Do You Put An Alarm On A Widget?

An alarm can be set and adjusted from the clock glance widget, as their no native widget for alarm on iPhone 12 and only the clock widget allows you to do this. It does also make sense since alarm depend on clock. To set an alarm from within the clock widget follow the below steps;

  • First, you have to add the clock widget if not already available
  • To do this, long press on the home screen until the apps jiggle
  • Click on the add icon situated at the top left corner of your screen
  • Scroll to find the clock widget
  • Select your desired widget size
  • Tap on add widget and bring the widget right to the spot where you want it sited on your home screen by dragging and tap done.
  • To set an alarm, click on the clock widget
  • From the clock setting tap on the alarm tab from the bottom menu.
  • Now add and edit your alarm setting allowing or disabling snooze and other editable options.

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How Do I Set An Alarm On iPhone 12?

Setting an alarm on iPhone 12 is way more easier than you think. I’m going to show you in the most simplistic manner how to avoid the details and get your alarm set to when you need it.

1. Siri Can Set An Alarm For You

Apple was not wrong when they called Siri your personal assistant, you can assign him a small task as setting an alarm and consider it done. To ask Siri to set you an alarm, do the below;

  • Wake Siri from sleep by saying ‘Hey Siri’ or as an alternative, wake him by long pressing the side button.
  • Make a command that you wan an alarm set for any future time. You can say ‘Please, set an alarm for 10am’. That’s if you want to be polite, but he’ll still do it anyways.

Alternatively, just so you know how Siri turns the alarm on, you can set your alarm manually by doing the following;

  • Open the calendar app
  • Tap on the Alarm tab and click on add represented the ‘+’ icon
  • Set your desired time and further adjust by setting your desired alarm music, properly labeling so its easily identified, and toggling the snooze on if that’s what you want.
  • Tap on save and your alarm is ready!

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It’s not your fault that your iPhone 12 doesn’t have an alarm widget but you have to get over it and find how to move on just fine. And have discussed that in depth in this article and will recommend sticking with the third party alarm app for your alarm widget need. However, make sure you’re the first to upgrade out of IOS 14 once Apple makes a new release, I just hope it delivers your expectation.





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