How To Add Someone To Group Text On iPhone

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Every iPhone user should be familiar with the popular messaging app iMessage. This app is an iOS-powered text messaging app where you can chat in groups, share game scores, and do lots more. 

Now the question is how to add someone to group text on iPhone. It might seem simple, but not everyone is familiar with it. 

In this article, we would be explaining to you in detail how to add someone to group text on iPhone. Follow the steps we have provided below. 


How to Add Someone To Group Text on iPhone 


iMessage is one of the advantages of using an iPhone or any iOS product because you text each other with no charges incurred. 

Have in mind that, to add someone to a group text on iPhone, the people or person you’re adding needs to be an iPhone user, if the person is not, im sorry it won’t work because if you send a message, it will be delivered to the persons as MMS and you will be charged for it.

To add someone to group text on an iPhone, here is what you will do. 

  • Open your iPhone 
  • Click on the iMessage app 
  • Tap on the group icon 
  • You will see a grey arrow at the top, click on it 
  • Scroll down and see where there is Add Contact 

Have in mind that this works if the person you’re using is using an iPhone. When you add someone who uses an iPhone, it will show a blue verified sign while a non-iPhone user will show green. 

Also, this works if you just want to add someone to an already existing group, but what if you want to create the group now. How will you do it? Follow my steps below. 

  • Open your iMessage app 
  • Click on New Message 
  • Click on the Add Contact tap 
  • Add all the persons you want 
  • Type your Message 
  • Click Done and you’re set to go.


Why Can’t Add Someone to Group Text on iPhone


To add someone to group text, all you need to do is to go to the iMessage app, click on the group list, scroll down and you will see the add contact button, click on it and you can add anybody you wish to add. 

Some of the complaints gotten from iPhone users are that the Add contact is not showing, If you’re having this issue, this is the solution; 

Solution 1: Enable Send Message

  • Open Your iPhone setting app
  • Scroll down and tap on messages 
  • Turn on iMessage 
  • Also, Turn on Send us a Message 
  • If already turned on, fresh the page 
  • Turn off iMessage 
  • Add the contact you wish to add 
  • Turn on iMessage

Solution 2: Restart Your iPhone 


This is also another way to solve this issue, even though some people do say this doesn’t work for them but it is also a way to solve this issue. 


  • Hold the power button by the side of your iPhone
  • Slide the turn-off button 
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Turn your phone On your phone 
  • Now it should be okay and you can go ahead and add anybody. 


Solution 3: Reset All Settings 

  • First, open the Settings app 
  • Click on General 
  • Scroll down and click on Reset 
  • Next, Tap on Reset all Settings
  • Tap on reset all settings again to confirm your command 
  • You’re all done, you can go ahead and do it now 


Solution 4: Turn off Screen Time 

  • Open the Settings app 
  • Click on Screen Time 
  • Scroll down and tap on Turn off Screen Time 
  • Put the screen time password 
  • Click Turn off screen time again to confirm 


So if you have issues with your iMessage, like the problem mentioned here, we have provided you with four working solutions. 


How To Remove Someone From Group Text on iPhone 


If The person is not using iPhones, you can either add or remove them. This is how you remove someone from a group text on iPhone. 

  • Open your iMessage app 
  • Click on the Group where the person belongs 
  • While in the Group, Click on the name 
  • Click on Info
  • Swipe Left on the contact you wish to remove 
  • Click on Remove Contact

Why Can’t I Remove Someone From Group Text on iPhone 


There are practically two major reasons why you can’t remove someone from a group text on iPhone and that is exactly what I am going to explain here. 


  1. Message sent as MMS 

When a message is sent to someone who might not be using iPhone from iMessage, it will come to that person as MMS and it will incur some cost like a service charge. 

If the group is not an iMessage Group, I’m sorry, you can’t remove anybody. 

  1. Non-iPhone User

If the person you want to add to an iMessage group is not an iPhone user, it will not work because iMessage is made for those who are using iPhone to connect and share things like game scores.

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How To Delete a Text Group on iPhone? 

This is simply explaining how to delete the text messages on your group text. Follow the steps below. 

  • Open your iMessage app 
  • Swipe left on the messages 
  • Click on delete 


How Do I Name Text Group on iPhone 

When you have created a text group and for one or two reasons you wish to change the name of the group, this is what you will do. 

  • Open your iMessage app 
  • Click on the group you want to rename 
  • Click on the icon on top which has a combination of pictures of the participants
  • When given a menu, Select Change Name and Picture 
  • Type the New Name you want for the group 
  • Click Done when you’re finished. 

If you have tried this and it’s not working just know that not everyone in the group has iPhone and you can’t do anything. 


iMessage is a fun app and has given a lot of iPhone users the chance to talk to each other for free without being charged SMS fees just like an android. 

We have explained to you how to add someone to group text on iPhone, we also showed you how you can also remove someone etc. 

If you have any suggestions, do well to drop a comment and share with your friends.


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