How To Block An Apple ID From iMessage On iPhone?

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The best way to cut ties with anyone is to block them off. This way, you won’t have anything to do with them as long as you want, as they can’t also reach you. Blocking a contact’s Apple ID from ever bugging you with their messages is the way to go when you want to stop someone from overly harassing you or just want to put an end to a relationship.

In this article, you’ll learn how to block an Apple ID from iMessages on an iPhone. Continue reading to find out.

How To Block An Apple ID From iMessage On iPhone?

Apple’s default messaging app for the iPhone is no doubt a great platform for people to meet, especially because it has a dual feature. Its dual feature includes the rare ability to SMS as well as iMessages. Messages that are sent as contacts as iMessages are sent over the internet, unlike the SMS that are Carrier dependent. 

Considering this feature, you’d have already figured that your iPhone subscribes for iMessage not just with your mobile number but also with your registered Apple ID. Hence, for non iPhone users, you’re able to send them SMS while for iPhone users, you’re able to send them an iMessage.

However, this doesn’t separate your mobile number from your Apple ID when you send an iMessage, the application in fact takes into account both contact details, although users have the ability to select from what contact detail (Phone number or Apple ID) they want to send an iMessage from.

It’s important you understand how the iMessage works first before proceeding properly to block an Apple ID from messaging you, otherwise you may find that after blocking a particular contact detail, that they’re still able to bug you with their messages. How did they do that? Well, that was their other contact details registered on iMessage. Honestly you do not want this.

Follow the below methods to thoroughly block a contact and their Apple ID from messaging you on the iMessage app.

Block Apple ID in iMessage

When you block an Apple ID, you immediately stop receiving any more messages from them, even video calls and FaceTime is disabled for that contact. Chances are that most iMessage users use their Apple ID as their means of interacting on the iMessage app. That is, they send and receive messages using their Apple ID.

If the contact you want to block uses their Apple ID to message you on iMessage, then it’s only a piece of cake to block them off for good in only a few easy steps. 

Follow the below guide to block an Apple ID on iMessage;

  • Launch the iMessage app
  • Open the conversation between you and the contact you’re looking to block
  • Tap at the persons name at the top of the conversation
  • Tap on the info icon 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, tap on Block This Caller.

With this completed, you’d have blocked the contacts’ Apple ID from messaging you. If however you’re in doubt that the contact may want to strike again using their mobile number as they notice that you may have blocked their Apple ID, then you need to add one more layer of block. 

The process has been covered below for you, continue reading to find out how.

Block Phone number then Apple ID

This two way block will ensure you’re never bugged by the same contact ever again. Remember how I earlier discussed that iMessage either will work with your Apple ID or mobile number? Those two channels are what we want to make sure don’t ever raise their ugly heads ever again in your chats. 

First you’re going to have to block the associated mobile number and then the Apple ID. Follow the below guide;

Block mobile number

To block a mobile number, head straight to the Phone app and complete the rest of the steps below;

  1. In the phone app, scroll to the contact you want to block their Apple ID. 
  2. Tap on the info icon positioned to the right of the contact name
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the info screen
  4. Tap the option that says Block This Caller

With step one of two completed, further to also blocking the contact’s associated Apple ID in the iMessage app.

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Block Apple ID

To block the Apple ID, follow the below guide;

  1. Launch the iMessage app and locate the contact to be blocked from your conversations
  2. Tap on the contact image at the top. If there’s no image, just tap on the circle bearing their initial
  3. Tap on info at the end of the options
  4. Scroll down, Tap on Block This Caller

And that’s it, you’ve been able to shut all doors against the contact.

Block Apple ID from Settings

You can also block an Apple ID from messaging you from the Settings app. Especially if you know the contact’s Apple ID which for the most part you don’t need to break a sweat to find, you can in no time block off the contact.

I know what you think, ‘What does blocking a contact in the Settings have to do with the iMessage app?’, well it has everything to do with it. The iPhone is smarter than you think and is able to communicate a change on one app to all apps so long as the respective app uses the changed feature in question.

Same goes for blocking an Apple ID in the Settings application which in turn is affected in the iMessage. Do not take me for it yet, try the method yourself and take me later.

Follow the below guide to block an Apple ID from the Settings app;

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Scroll down to Phone and tap on it
  • Tap on Blocked
  • Tap on the Add New button
  • Enter the contacts Apple ID into the space and tap Enter.

You can also back up this method by making sure their associated phone number isn’t lying free but also blocked.

Can You Block an I Cloud Email Address On iMessage?

Yes, it’s easy to block an iCloud email address in the iMessage app. All  email addresses act the same regardless of the email service provider. There’s no rule stated anywhere that the iCloud email has more functionality and cannot be blocked in the iMessage app.

Using the same steps that have been discussed above you can block an iCloud email from bugging you with messages. Just enter the email address to the Blocked Contact Management section in the Settings app.

How Do I Remove My Apple Id From iMessage?

In the event you do not want to be reached for the same Apple ID on iMessage, you’d have to remove the associated Apple ID and add a new one. However make sure that your replacement Apple ID is ready and verified. Use the link to create a new Apple ID.

It doesn’t take too much to complete the removal process, follow the below guide;

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Scroll up, find and tap Messages
  • Tap on Send and Receive
  • You’ll find all email addresses you can receive and send messages from as well as the one currently in use
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap on your Apple ID
  • On the pop up that appears, tap on Sign Out
  • The Apple Id will be removed, to sign in a new Apple ID tap on Use Apple ID For iMessage and follow the rest of the information.



We live in a crazy world, everyday people keep getting harassed on iMessages. Instead of getting into a meaningless conversation, it’s best you block them for good. Use the guide above on how to block an Apple ID from iMessage on iPhone to keep them where they belong. You can even step it up by contacting the local law enforcement in your area if you’re being harassed.


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