How To Blur Screenshot On iPhone Without Losing Quality

How To Blur Screenshot On iPhone Without Losing Quality

Learning how to blur out certain parts of a screenshot is very important. Because sometimes you want to share a screenshot on your social media or to a stranger and will not want to disclose certain sensitive details about yourself or other important information. Hence to keep them safe, the best option to turn to is to have them blurred out. 

In this article, you’ll find several options you can blur out a screenshot on iPhone  I’ll also show you my most preferred method to quickly do this, so keep reading to find out.


How To Blur Screenshot On iPhone

If you already have a background in basic photo editing, then adding a blur effect to a screenshot won’t be much of a task. Also, if you’re just starting, this guide will be as basic as possible. 

There are many ways to blur a screenshot, but I’ll be showing two ways to do this. The first I’ll be sharing is my most preferred method, although you’ll be needing a  third-party app. I prefer it because it’s straight to the point and very easy to use. You may just as well attest to this after using it.

 Below include the steps on how to blur a screenshot on iPhone;

How To Blur Screenshot On iPhone Without Losing Quality

Screenshot Blurring With ‘Blur Photo Background’

Blur Photo background is a great app that you can use to blur out any section of your screenshot quickly. It’s available on the App store and free to use with an option to upgrade to a pro plan with more features. 

To continue with blurring out your screenshot, first, you’ll need to download the app from the App store. Here’s how;

    • Launch the App store
    • Use the search box to find ‘Blur Photo Background’
    • Tap on the cloud icon just below the app name to download the app
    • After installation, launch the app.
    • Just at the bottom of the app, tap on the image icon and select the screenshot you want to blur
    • With your screenshot now loaded on the editor, locate the exact detail on the screenshot that you wish to blur out and rub your finger over the area back and forth
    • The number of times you rub over the area can impact the level of blur that your get
    • If you have quite a large area to blur out on your screenshot, you can make things a little bit faster by choosing a bigger brush size. Select a bigger or smaller brush by clicking on the last icon on the screen.
    • Select your desired brush size and continue with the back and forth finger movement over the area you want to be blurred.
    • When you’re sure all delicate details have been properly censored, tap on the icon at the far right corner to save.
  • You’ll be asked to give the app permission to access your storage on a pop-up, tap on yes and the blurred screenshot will be saved.


The second way to blur a screenshot will not require an extra app as you can easily do it with the iPhone default photo app – iPhoto. While it can properly censor a part of your screenshot that you do not want the public eye to see, it’s however not a blur but more like a paint. Follow the below guide to add blur to your screenshot.


Screenshot Blurring With The Markup Tool

The iPhoto Markup tool is a quick tool you can use to blur out a photo. Just like the first app used in this article to achieve blurring a screenshot, the Markup tool works pretty much in the same way. Just rubbing your thumb over the screenshot will apply the paint over the area. Here’s how to use the Markup tool;

  • Open the photo that you want in the iPhoto app
  • At the top right-hand corner, tap on the edit button
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner and a window will pull up
  • Tap on the Markup tool
  • Select the marker size that you want and increase the opacity to the highest
  • Rub your finger over the area on your screenshot that you want to be censored
  • Tap on done and save the screenshot.

Why Would I Want To Blur The Screenshot On My iPhone?

Two reasons. People may need to blur out their screenshots for many reasons, but the two you’ll find below are the most obvious. 

Hiding Sensitive Details

If you had to share a document with someone bearing information that should be known by you alone. Hiding the detail would be the best thing to do and that can easily be achieved by blurring out that section of the document. 

Letting such details that sensitive lie free can put you in harm’s way or give strangers way too much information about yourself. Hence, the best thing to do would be to blur it out.

Closing Out Unnecessary Aspects Of The Screenshot 

To help your audience or the person concentrate on what you really want to take notice of on your screenshot, you can close out with a blur all other unnecessary details. Doing this will help save your audience time, canceling out every confusion on their end as well as letting you pass your message with the screenshot without struggle.


How To Fix Blurry screenshot on iPhone

A lot of users have complained about having blurry screenshots on their iPhones, especially when they’re sent to a contact through the iMessage app. A few reasons have been identified as the culprit and the include;

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Low Quality Image Screenshot

A low quality image that you take a screenshot of will never get better even with a screenshot. A screenshot is no photo enhancer, it’ll replicate the exact same quality of the original image. 

The simple fix is to first make a visual inspection of the image you want to take a screenshot of. If you find it blurry, then it will not look any better when screenshot. One quick way to identify a quality image is to look at the image format. Images in PNG formats are of more quality than the ones in JPG as these are the most popular photo extensions.


Zoomed Screenshot

Zooming in on an image will generally reduce the image quality as you’re altering the original pixel sizes. Screenshotting a zoomed image will produce a blurry screenshot. Also bear in mind that the more zoomed in the image is, the more blurry the screenshot will look.

If you’ll need to screenshot a zoomed in image, ensure that the image was captured with a quality camera that will retain quality when zoomed.


Sent iMessage Screenshot

Quality Screenshots you send to a contact through the messaging app may get blurred on the receiver’s end. However this is a configuration on iMessage to reduce the amount of storage space used up by iMessage attachments. You can easily change this setting. Here’s how;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Open Messages
  • Scroll to the Low quality Image mode option and toggle it off.

Buggy iOS 

iPhone users running on IOS 13 and its different variants have complained that screenshots got blurry only when they had upgraded to IOS 13. This is surely a software bug, Apple however have had no say about this but the only way out is to upgrade your device to a newer IOS version 14 or 15.


Now you know the methods available on IOS to blur out a screenshot, you now can protect your delicate details better anytime. And the best part is that it doesn’t take more than 2minutes to complete a screenshot blur with the methods shared above.

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