How To Bypass A Device Ban On iPhone

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How To Bypass A Device Ban On iPhone

There are several other kinds of ban with the device ban on iPhone topping the list of the hardest to bypass. If you’re not yet sure of what a typical device ban can look like, I can help you. Imagine opening an an app you love to use, probably a social app where you connect with friends far and near, it could even be a website and the next message you get on trying to sign in is “You have been permanently banned from using this service”.

The Long story cut short is that you’ll never be able to access your account again and creating another account won’t also help because it’ll get banned again.


What Is Device Ban On iPhone?

So what’s a device ban? Couldn’t it  just have been ban since their is a form restriction from using a particular site or website. But no, it’s called a device ban because it takes on a stricter approach in making sure the app or website is never granted access again. Other kinds of ban exist on iPhone but the ultimatum of them all is the device ban.

When a ban is on the device, in this case your iPhone, it takes advantage of some identities very unique to your iPhone to initiate the ban such that no matter how many user accounts are created or the VPN used, access cannot be gained. The app or website that has placed your device on  ban makes it possible with a set of serial number, including;

  1. The IMEI number
  2. MAC address and
  3. The MEID number

No two iPhones on earth bear the same values for IMEI, MAC and MEID as they’re assigned to the phone by the manufacturer and almost cannot be altered.

Hence, when an app or website blocks off a user with a device ban, any attempt to login again from anywhere in the world or with the fiftieth account created will immediately cause the blocking software to recognize the phone’s unique IMEI number and block the sign in attempt.

How To Bypass A Device Ban On iPhone

How To Bypass A Device Ban On iPhone

Bypassing a device ban is possible but might take a rigorous process, since the ban involves the serial codes assigned by Apple. Hence, finding a way to manipulate that information will solve the problem just fine but not without taking some risky or illegal steps.

I wouldn’t fail to mention also that a device ban can as well be legally removed, however a downside to it is that may take very long or may never come and that’s where I’ll begin with on how to bypass a device ban.


1. Contact The App Or Website Support

The administrators of the app or website very well knows that your account with them is permanently banned and of course for a reason you may know or know not off.

If you’ve defaulted, you can write to them via an email or contact the support asking them to lift the ban off your account and how you’ll turn a new leaf. And if you can’t pinpoint the reason for the ban, also send an email to the support filing a dispute.

This has worked severally and can as well work for you, the downside to this is you may have to wait for a few days or more.


2. Don’t Attempt Login In 3 – 6 Months

Some apps or websites will terminate the ban on the device after a long while.  The period of wait actually can be below 3 months and can as well be more than six months.

The exact duration to wait for the ban to be suspended will depend on the website and usually can be found stated clearly on the website or apps terms and conditions. But here’s what you must not do – do not attempt login! Otherwise the wait can be longer.


3. Buy A New iPhone

Changing your device will automatically give you a new set of serial numbers. The ban won’t continue if the app or website only utilized your IMEI number to initiate the ban. When it becomes a problem is when your user ID or Google account has also been blocked by the ban. This usually is to create another layer of security against the user. In a situation this, I’m afraid you’ll have to create a new Apple ID or Google account to continue with the the sign in.


4. Spoofing

This is a way to deceive the banning app or website to believe you’re operating from another device. This way your banned details are yet retained by the app but are not recognized because they’ve been changed. The main details that are manipulated here will include your IMEI number, MAC address and MIED number.

Spoofing will require you to jailbreak your iPhone to accommodate the apps that will assign your device a new IMEI number as well as the other unique details.

Apps that can do this are not far-fetched, some can only change one of those unique identification numbers, but its also not difficult to find one that can do the manipulation for all three details. As a disclaimer, I do not approve of this method, use only at your own discretion.


5. Set up a proxy server

A proxy server will help your iPhone make interactions with the banning app or website on your behalf, more like a middle man, mediating your activities on the website. This works more with websites.

You can set up a proxy server by connecting your iPhone to a computer. This way, when you login to the website where your device has been banned, the IMEI number of the computer is presented rather than yours, so you can use the site undetected.

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Why Did I Get A Device Ban On My iPhone

While a device ban can happen without any just cause or by mistake, the most probable cause of a ban is violation of terms of services. Apps and website usually would include rules and regulations every user should live by which generally helps to maintain order on the platform.

Going against them can incur serious punishments like the device ban, for this reason make sure you read and agree with the terms of services as spelled out by the app or website.

However, in the case where the ban is unwarranted and you have not committed any crime to deserve such, write to the app support team via email to lift the ban. You may sometimes be asked to upload some identity details before the device ban can be lifted.


Are Device Bans Permanent On iPhone?

Yes and no. Yes because a device ban is usually an ultimate decision by the banning app to kick a user out of their platform never to return for probably breaking a code of conduct. In such event, it can be permanent. Over 85 percent of device bans are never lifted.

No also because, some device bans are lifted after some months if the user doesn’t attempt login during the wait period. It could also be lifted when its unwarranted and the user files a dispute.


How Do I Fix My iPhone IP Ban?

An IP address ban is a less serious kind of ban. To fix an IP ban you’ll need to understand that iPhone IP address is unique at every point, although it can change as you make significant movements with your iPhone.

Think of the IP address as your home mailing address, it represents a particular location where traffic can be routed. To fix an IP ban, here’s what you can do.

How To Bypass A Device Ban On iPhone

1. Use A VPN

A VPN will automatically assign you a different IP address and a new identity. There are many free VON applications available as well as paid ones that can help you sneak in and out of the app or website unnoticed.


2. Change your Location

Making a significant move like travelling with your iPhone can fix an IP ban. This is exactly what the VPN does for you, but this time its manual. At your new location, your IP address will change and your can now access the app or website where you are IP banned.

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Wrapping Up

Whether it’s an IP ban or a device ban, the fact remains that they’re uncomfortable. And to avoid them, here’s what I’ll advice, If you’re not comfortable with the app or websites do’s and don’ts, then do not go ahead to use the service, it’ll save you some stress.


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