How To Change iMessage Bubble Color On iPhone And iPad

How To Change iMessage Bubble Color On iPhone And iPad


Everyone loves customization, it gives you the feeling always that your iPhone or iPad is really yours. Many iPhone and iPad users have done a lot of personalization to their phone that anyone can recognize at a glance that it is theirs, anytime and anywhere.

Changing the color of the iMessage bubble is one of those customizations. If you’re a part of the global community that loves pink, you surely do want to send your iMessage in a pink bubble color as well.

No doubt about this, iMessage is probably one of the best messaging apps, its only available for iPhone and iPad users and can permit the sending of gifs, videos and of course texts.

Unfortunately, even with the release of IOS 14, Apple has done nothing to incorporate a built-in iMessage bubble color changing configuration. It seems to me their developers never think of that. But of course, there are several ways around that and you can have your iMessage bubble colored just the way you want.

Can I Change The Color Of My iMessage Bubbles On My iPhone?

Yes is the answer you need. Although there’s no specific setting or configuration on your iPhone that permits you to do with a switch of a button, but it’s still possible.

The best part is that you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to have your iMessage bubble colored differently, all you need is an app. Some third party applications, easily accessible on App store and very compatible with iPhone can with minimal effort from you change the look of your iMessage bubble color.

I’m going to show you step by step how to get this done and have a little bit of more customization on your iPhone. Delve deeper into this article to find out how.


Is The iMessage Color Thing Real?

Good question! You have probably heard people say they want to change their iMessage bubble color and that to you is impossible since there’s no option in the general setting or even on the iMessage app to do that. Your regular default colors on iMessage bubble include just three colors; Green, blue and sometimes gray.

To clear the air, yes, it’s real and you too can make your iMessage app more colorful by the following the procedure I have carefully outlined below.


How Do I Change The Color Of My iMessage Bubbles On My IPhone?

In a few simple steps, you can have your iMessage bubble colored just the way you want, it could be your favorite color or just a fanciful warm color that will make your enjoying sending out more text messages.

You cannot initiate this only with a click of a button, no, not yet on iPhone. I hope Apple sees the need to make users customize the look of their iMessage bubble color and incorporate it in the next IOS version release.

But for now, you’ll have to rely on trusted third party apps that works well with iPhone and best part is, you don’t need to look too far to find where to see it because it’s right there on App store.

That’s the first thing you’re going to be doing, and follow the rest of the instruction. While there are other third party apps that can also be used to achieve the same end, I have selected one of my favorite’s (FancyBubble) and that’s what I’ll be using in the below procedure.

  • Open up App store, use the search box and search FancyBubbles
  • Download the app by tapping on get
  • Input your passcode if prompted to do so

Once you have the FancyBubble app on your iPhone, you’re almost set. There are two ways you can use to get this done, both ways are simple, choose which ever that you prefer.

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Method One

  • Now you have FancyBubble app in your iPhone, open the iMessage app
  • Try to start a new or existing chat with anyone on your contact by typing into the text box
  • A row of several app icons will appear just at the top of the text box that will include the just downloaded FancyBubble app
  • Click on the FancyBubble icon
  • A list of different message bubble colored differently will appear
  • Choose the color that you prefer your iMessage bubble to be and send the message.

You have just successfully added a color customization to your iPhone iMessage bubble.

Method Two

In this second method, you’ll send your message from the FancyBubble app. Follow the below steps;

  • Launch the FancyBubble application
  • You’ll see several bubbles you can select for your message just below.
  • Type in your text in the text box
  • Click on iMessage on the dropdown menu and tap send
  • This redirects you to the iMessage app where you can select the receiver from your contact list.

And that’s how you send your colored iMessage bubble right from the FancyBubble app.

Why Are Message Bubbles Blue Or Green?

You would have noticed that default iMessage bubble color is either a blue or a green color. iMessage was built specifically for message interactions between iPhone users, because its build is somewhat different from a normal messaging app. For instance, the iMessage app can send messages using an internet connection as well as cellular voice service.

The Apples iMessage app can differentiate between a message you send to an iPhone or to an android device. This is basically shown by the choice of color that your iMessage bubble is colored.

When it’s to an iPhone, the iMessage bubble is colored blue and when to an android device, it is colored green.

Video Guide

How to Change the iMessage Bubble Color

Maybe you’re bored of the default look in iMessage on your phone and are seeking something new? Nothing wrong with that. Here we’re going to show you how to change the iMessage color bubbles on your iPhone and iPad, using a third-party app called ‘Color Text Bubbles on iMessage’.

How to Change Text Bubble Color on iPhone(Change iMessage Color)

In this video, I have shown a simple and easy method of How to change text bubble color on iPhone.

Wrapping Up

If you’re like most iPhone users who’re tired of seeing only blue and green colors on iMessage, solution is here! Thanks to apps like FancyBubble that has made this possible.

Just to add a tone of finality, I think I’d prefer the method one of using the FancyBubble app to change iMessage bubble color. I am not sure method two resonates well with me since I’ll have to leave iMessage to send a message.

Well, that’s just what I think, be free to do whatever method suites you best.

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