How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound on iPhone?

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It’s already a known fact that the Snapchat sound on iPhone is annoying. If the high-pitched, incessant beep sound doesn’t make you wish the Snapchat app doesn’t exist, well, a lot of people have the same problem too and are seriously in search of a solution.

Apart from that, app notifications sound adds a lot to the context of personalizing. While looks and feel cannot be denied to make a conspicuous part of customizing, you’ll agree with me that no one wants to continue having the same notification sounds that came as default when the app was first installed. 

If you’re one of the many persons inquiring about how to change Snapchat notifications on your iPhone, well, you’re about to find out.

How to Change Snapchat Notification Sound On iPhone?

With a different notification sound specially for your Snapchat notifications, you’ll notice that even without looking at your iPhone, you’ll be able to tell that a notification just received is Snapchat’s. This is why it’s such a good idea to have different notification beeps set for your several social media platforms.

Unfortunately, Snapchat has not made it easy for iPhone users to change their notification sound on the ever beaming platform. I know this may come as a shock to you but it is what it is. I felt the same way on finding out this information. If costume notification sound could be set for other popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Discord and WhatsApp, then why not Snapchat?

In fact to make iOS users feel even more miserable, Android users are able to set costume sounds of their desire as notification, doesn’t add up and weird right? This marginalizing begins to give you a clue on what could have gone wrong. I’m strongly of the opinion that Apple is the antagonist here because it doesn’t make sense to me how that one app allows a feature in one operating system – Android and won’t also be willing to do the same on the other – iOS. 

Possibly Apple have kept a hurdle of terms and condition too high to be scaled by the Snapchat company. Whatever be the case, the reality as for iPhone users remains that no costume sounds for notifications can be set, at least up until this moment.

However, you can set notifications on your iPhone to affect the Snapchat app too. Although that is a more general kind of setting, but it does make notifications from the Snapchat use a different sound other the usual one. To this, you first have to make sure that Snapchat has access to make sound upon a notification on your iPhone. Follow the below guide;

  • Open the iPhone Settings app
  • Scroll down to the App Section, select and tap on Snapchat
  • Tap on Notification
  • Toggle the switch to the left of the option – Allow Notification and Sounds.

With that done, you now can make Snapchat use a different sound for notifications. However, it’ll now share the same sound with the rest of the notifications coming off different applications on your iPhone. Follow the below guide;

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Sound and Haptics
  • Scroll down to the ‘Sounds and Vibration Pattern’ and tap on ‘Text Tone’
  • Select and tap on any favorite notification sound. You should be able to hear what each alert type should sound like on tapping on it.

With this completed in the Settings, you’ll be notified about new messages on WhatsApp with the new sound selected.

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Can You Change the Snapchat Notification Sound On iPhone?

No, not on iPhone. Except you’re willing to have the rest of the notifications you get on your iPhone sound like your Snapchat notification. This is the only way so far to be notified by a different alert tune for your Snapchat incoming messages other than the default tone.

Everyone wants to have their Snapchat notification changed, primarily because the default tone tends towards being annoying for the most part. No thanks to whoever suggested the tune to be used for Snapchat notification in the first place.

Sister operating system, Android, still allow users to fully customize the Snapchat app, including selecting Snapchat notifications as desired. While this remains a cause for surprise, iPhone users will continue to hope this is revisited soon.

Why Can’t I Change My Snapchat Notification Sound On iPhone?

It’s not particularly clear iPhone users are not able to change their Snapchat notification sound. While a lot of pained users have gone ahead to fault Snapchat, many also believe the problem is Apple’s. For myself, I side the position of the latter. Here’s why, Snapchat for android version allow users all forms of customization, the big question of the day is why the feature is exclusively not included in the iPhone

The same cost it takes to make a sound notification customization Snapchat app for android devices will relatively be the same for the iPhone right? I am of the opinion that either of two things have happened along them way;

  1. iPhone refusing the idea to change notification sound for the Snapchat app on iPhone
  2. Snapchat is unable to meet all of Apple’s requirement supporting the approval of such features in a  a social media platform like the Snapchat.

Among all of these, Snapchat remains one of the most successful social platforms with a soaring membership of more than 290 members and  25% of that number joining everyday.                              


Truth is no one can tell when iPhone users will someday be able to change their Snapchat notification on iPhone. In fact, it may never happen. But while wait until the feature becomes native to the app, use the above details on how to change Snapchat notification sound on iPhone to use a better sound for your alerts on Snapchat rather than the wacko default.


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