How to Charge Apple Watch with iPhone

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Apple watches have become a big part of our lives and because of that, we’re constantly using the watch for its features. It’s a no-brainer that the constant usage of your apple watch will lead to battery drainage.

Now, this is the part you start to ask questions like “How to charge the apple watch with iPhone?”, “How can I charge my apple watch without the charger?” These questions have led to a lot of answers, but how do you know which is true? Luckily, this article will give out the right answers to you. 


Can You Charge Apple Watch with iPhone?

There has been a popular rumor going around that it is possible to actually charge your apple watch with your iPhone. They say it is possible through a process called “reverse charging”, how true is this? Is it even possible? Well, the truth is that it isn’t possible. 

It isn’t possible to try and charge your apple watch through your iPhone by sharing your iPhone’s power or something. There’s no feature available for that, at least not yet. It would definitely be very convenient if it was possible to charge our apple watch with our iPhones.

Since it isn’t possible, it is advised you debunk the information that you can charge your apple watch with your iPhone. The recommended way of charging your apple watch is by using the magnetic charger or you use the wire cable that came with your apple watch.


Is There Any Way to Charge Apple Watch without The Charger?

If you’re thinking of other ways to charge your apple watch without using the cord or charger, then you should try the magnetic charging option. Apple watch comes with two options to charge, you can use the cord or the magnetic charging dock.

The magnetic charging is wireless and it is just as effective as using the cord. Asides these methods, it is not possible to charge apple watch without the charger.

Of course the hidden six pin port is still in the debate for a lot of people but they’re wrong. The port was originally used to run diagnostics on the apple watch. Sometime later, a bunch of guys decided to “hack” the apple watch by using this port as a fast charging port.

Of course it worked, but only for a while. Apple watch users who started using the hidden port started reporting numerous issues about the overall health of their apple watch. It might have been an ingenious hack but it went against the original design of the apple watch and hence, the problems. 

The next best thing you could use as an alternative to your charger is a USB cord designed for apple watches. All you have to do is plug the cord to your computer or basically any power outlet that supports a USB cable.


Can I Charge My Apple Watch with My iPhone’s Charger?

The answer to this question is also a big “NO”. Your apple watch and iPhone have different chargers and modes of charging.

Your apple watch uses a charger that charges inductively, what this typically means is that there isn’t a port available on it where you can plug in the lightning cord of an iPhone. Both the cords of your apple watch and iPhone are very different and made to be compatible with which ever device they were designed for.

Your apple watch uses a different mode of charging that is completely different from the mode your iPhone charges with. Because of this, their charging ports are completely different in order to carry out each device’s specific type of charging.

It will not be possible to actually merge both and use an iPhone’s charger for your apple watch. It will not work.

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How Do I Charge Apple Watch with The Hidden iPhone Port?

There is absolutely no answer to this question but there are things you ought to take note of. The infamous “hidden port” on the apple watch was never meant to be tampered with. Hence, it is usually called a hidden port.

It is not advised to use a customized charger on this port in an attempt to charge your apple watch. This could actually damage your apple watch. The port was not meant to be charged by an iPhone or anything else and it is not a hidden port that is meant to be explored. What you are actually doing is damaging your apple watch and you may not realize it until it’s too late.

There are available methods you can use to charge your apple watch like using the cord or the magnetic charging option. Both this methods are safe and highly recommended as they are all very compatible with the apple watch.

Why then do you have to damage your apple watch by trying to test out the “hidden port”? The mode of which an apple watch uses to charge is completely different from a lot of devices. Using the hidden port would mean that you are actually exposing your apple watch to a certain mode of charging which it was not designed to work with. What do you think happens after that? You damage the watch.



While you might be curious about how you can power your apple watch using different methods, it is advised that you only try to do that using the approved apple products that are designed to charge your apple watch.

Trying to use other methods to charge your apple watch might result in damage to the battery or something else.

The apple watch charges by induction which is a very different method from the way you charge other devices like your iPhone. Because of this profound difference in the mood of charging the apple watch, it is always advised that you do not try to use other methods of charging other than what is recommended by apple. That is, if you want your apple watch to last longer.


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