How To Check iPhone For Viruses & Remove Them!!

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How To Check iPhone For Viruses And Remove Them

iPhone is well known for its reputation of being free from viruses, but the truth is no electronic device is totally free from viruses. This is our review back with another article and today I will show you guys how you can check your iPhone for viruses and spam and also how to make sure that you get rid of them from your device. We have to understand that virus on iPhone is not really that common, it will happen very very rarely and under certain circumstances. so in this article, I will tell you guys how can that happen and of course what you should check to make sure that you don’t have any on your device, and of course if you have what you can do to make sure you remove them from your device.

How You Can Get A virus On Your iPhone!

there are two different ways basically these are the main ways and might be the only ones in which you can get a virus on your device.

1. If You Don’t Use App Store To Install Apps

Now there are third-party app stores that you can use or third-party websites that you can use to actually install apps on your device and if you don’t install an app officially from the app store then you have exposed your iPhone to viruses. there might be apps that are actually infected with a virus, and that of course will send the virus to your iPhone. Now the great thing about iPhone is that it will stop it on the sandbox, so iPhone has a thing called a sandbox which won’t allow it to move from that particular app into the other apps that you have on your device, so if you get an app with a virus it won’t go to the other apps that are the easiest way to explain it.

2. Having A Jail Broken Device

Now you can also have a jailbroken device and that might be a thing that also might give your device a virus. Now I’ve used jailbroken devices all my life basically since I have an iPhone and never got a virus why because you should never go ahead and install tweaks from like third-party repos that hack tweaks and just that are not reliable always make sure that you install them from a place like the App store that YOU KNOW that is legit otherwise if you go ahead and just add different like cracked crack tweaks on Cydia, then, you might get a virus on your device.

Clicking On Website Ads to Scan Your iPhone If It Has Virus

Now first of all probably you have seen on different websites, though sometimes pop-ups look like ads they say that your iPhone has viruses and you should scan that now, of course, that’s not legit you should never go for that, that’s just like spam, and now another thing that you can get on your iPhone is spam-like this when you go on different websites sometimes you see as something like an ad or something and it shows a pop-up like this that basically asks you to scan your iPhone now I’ve had this happen myself, I tried these, and usually, what they do, they sometimes add like a calendar to your calendar you might have seen that. we will get to that in a second, and sometimes they just take you to the iMessage app and try to send a message somewhere. so that’s spam that usually you can get by visiting different websites and this happens quite a lot so you should be aware of these, and of course, if it happens a lot on different websites, then, you might have like cookies or something data saved on your browser from those websites. This particular website might basically pop up even if you’re on another website. so what you should do is of course go ahead and make sure you have removed the data from that website now of course the easiest way to do that is to

  • Go to settings
  • Go ahead and find a safari.
  • If you don’t want to clear all of the data you can go ahead and go to advanced and you go to website data and you can go ahead and just choose any website that you’re suspicious of and remove its data.
  • Or you can do just go ahead and clear history and website data, just clear all of them completely and that should do the work and you shouldn’t have any more of those pop-ups or redirections.

How to check your phone for virus and remove them  How to check your phone for virus and remove themHow to check your phone for virus and remove them

Now of course if you go into any of those websites again they might pop up but if you just have them there on safari popping up or redirecting you all the time this should fix it, and as I said earlier a usual spam that you get on your iPhone, it’s just like a website or something like that a pop-up installing a calendar on your device. that has happened a lot, and I’ve seen a ton of people report and complain about it. Now the way to fix that is just simply by removing it from the calendars. Now here I have one that I just installed just basically to show you guys. So here you can see I have basically events every day, and I have installed here an MBA calendar this is of course something that I just installed myself just to prove the point here, and show you guys how to remove that now. If you have a calendar installed you will see here all kinds of different events on your calendar, the way to remove that is by

  • Going to settings
  • Go to the calendar and right you will find accounts right here we’ll find subscribed accounts so basically, those links are all those spam that will subscribe you to a certain calendar you go here.
  • simply tap on delete account and now you’re good to go. You have deleted that account and all those events that that spam has added to your calendar should now be gone.

How To Check iPhone For Viruses & Remove Them!!

You can see right here everything now is gone as we said at the beginning. if you’re suspicious that you have a virus on your device, maybe you installed an app from a third-party website, or in suspicious tweaks then there are a few things that you can do.

1. Check If It’s Redirecting You To Somewhere Else

First of all, check if that app is actually redirecting you somewhere every time you open it, or just like consuming a ton of battery. now of course you can do that by

  • Going to settings and
  • Actually, go ahead, and go to battery, and right there you’ll find a list of all the apps that you have installed on your device and you should see all the percentage of batteries that they have used, and by tapping there you also see how much you have used those apps.

Now if these don’t go along together, so you have like a high percentage of battery used, and low minutes on that app, then you know that there’s something suspicious with that app so always make sure to check the battery levels that the apps have used, and of course, you will see there if there’s something suspicious.

2. Check if your iPhone is overheating

Sometimes at the back of your iPhone where the processor is, it might overheat. That means that there’s something going on on the processor in the background so you should be aware of that. so basically these are the main things that you can do.

How To Fix Them

  • Just make sure that you go ahead, and delete any apps that keep redirecting you or sending you to a website, or something like that of course you do that with apps to have maybe, installed from a third-party website because apps from the app store won’t do that.
  • Now again just check the battery levels, and see which app is using most of your battery and of course if it goes along with the time that you have used that app for, and always make sure that you check if your iPhone, is overheating and if the battery is draining when you’re not doing anything on your device.

If you suspect that your device might actually have a virus then there are a few things that you can do.

1. Reboot Your iPhone

First, of them, the very simple one is just rebooting your device. first of all just reboot your device if you see your iPhone just not behaving correctly, or like overheating or something like that. make sure that you just reboot your device and see if that will fix the problem.

2. Reset Your iPhone Device

If rebooting your device didn’t work, what you can do is go ahead and do a backup of your device and then restore it now. the best way is to do that through iCloud. You can just right away to iCloud go ahead and just back up your device to your iCloud. all you got to do is just

  • Go to your profile on the settings app and make sure that you have here iCloud backup turned on, of course, you will see everything there that you will back up on iCloud, and make sure you do that now.

This is the best way to go because if you go ahead and just back up through iTunes it will actually bring back everything on your device. Once you have restored from a backup which might also carry the same problem again you can try that, and see if that will fix the problem but, usually, that might just bring back the old problem to your iPhone. Now of course the best way to do this is to do a clean restore, so you can go ahead, and just clean restore your device. Just download the ipsw, or just do it through iTunes and just do a clean restore of your device. Now if you don’t want to use a computer you can also

  • Go to settings
  • Go to general and down there
  • Click on reset you can go ahead, and just tap erase all content and settings, and this will basically bring your iPhone to factory default and just completely delete everything and start as new, and this is of course the sure way to go. This will completely delete everything, every bad or malicious software that you might have on your device.

How to check your phone for virus and remove them How to check your phone for virus and remove them How to check your phone for virus and remove them


But remember as I said at the beginning of this article, this is something that very rarely happens, and it will happen only in certain circumstances if you don’t visit any shady websites, you don’t actually install any tweaks from any shady repos. Because as I said the official apps are 100% safe, very clear to go, and if you don’t install apps from third-party websites, then you should be good your iPhone shouldn’t have any problems, so that’s basically it for this article. Guys, I hope you guys enjoyed the Article hopefully none of these will ever happen to your iPhone, so again thank you for reading don’t forget to share as it helps out a lot also don’t forget to subscribe for more and I will see you guys on the next one.

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