How To Connect Alexa To iPhone Without Wi-Fi

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It’s no news that Alexa works on an internet connection to carry out most of its functions. But while Alexa may be able to offer us lots of skills when it is connected to Wi-Fi such as giving us weather reports, setting alarms, providing the latest news and entertainment, information on traffic, and many more. Is there any particular way we can connect Alexa to our iPhones without Wi-Fi? This article is here to provide you with answers to those questions, let’s move on.


Can Alexa Work Without Wi-Fi On iPhone?

It is entirely possible to connect Alexa to your iPhone without Wi-Fi and there are two ways you can do that. The first is through a mobile hotspot and the second is by connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker. While it is possible to connect without Wi-Fi, you should note that Alexa’s functions are entirely based on an internet connection, and connecting without Wi-Fi may stop you from accessing a few of its features. With that said, how do you actually carry out the connection process?

How To Connect Alexa To iPhone Without Wi-Fi

If you’re still curious about how to connect Alexa to your iPhone without Wi-Fi, there are two ways you can do that successfully. Here’s how it’s done:


Through Mobile Hotspot

Your phone’s hotspot or cellular data is one sure way of connecting Alexa to your iPhone. If you’re planning on connecting Alexa without Wi-Fi then cellular data/hotspot is definitely the best alternative. If you have no idea on how to carry out this process, here’s how you do it:

  1. Turn on your phone’s hotspot. (From the settings app, click “personal hotspot” and switch it on)
  2. Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  3. You have to connect your Alexa echo device to a power outlet.
  4. While on the Alexa app, sign into your amazon account.
  5. Tap on “more”
  6. Tap on “add device”
  7. Select the model of your Alexa echo device (after this, Alexa will start blinking and orange light)
  8. A pop up will ask you to allow access to location, click on yes.
  9. You can now search for your phone’s hotspot and enter your password.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, Alexa should be running just fine on your iPhone and you can give it a voice command right now to test if it is working. You should be able to use Alexa efficiently with this method as much as you do with Wi-Fi. The Hotspot method lets you use voice commands to enjoy the unique features which include things like setting alarms, creating to-do lists, playing audiobooks, managing your calls, telling you stories, streaming podcasts, doing math, and online shopping. Basically anything you could have done with Wi-Fi.

Connecting Alexa As A Bluetooth Speaker.

The second way to connect Alexa to your iPhone is to use it as a Bluetooth device. This way, you can play and stream music on Alexa through your phone. Before you can connect Alexa to your phone through Bluetooth you will actually need your Wi-Fi to be turned on so you can pair your phone to Alexa. After the pairing process is done, you can then use Alexa through Bluetooth without Wi-Fi.

  1. Turn on your iPhone’s Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  3. Turn on your Bluetooth.
  4. You have to instruct Alexa to pair to your phone’s Bluetooth. To do that you can easily instruct it by saying “Alexa, connect to a Bluetooth”. 
  5. Search for available Bluetooth devices on your iPhone by clicking on “pair new device” or “search for new device”.
  6. Pick out your Alexa device on the list of available Bluetooth devices.
  7. Tap on the Alexa device and pair with it.

After doing this, Alexa with respond by saying it’s connected and playing from your iPhone. With that, you can know that you have successfully completed the Bluetooth pairing process and you can now play songs on the Alexa device through your iPhone.

You can now turn off your Wi-Fi and you should still be able to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without any issues.


After following the above steps you should be able to successfully connect Alexa to your iPhone without Wi-Fi but now that you have connected without Wi-Fi, what exactly can Alexa do without Wi-Fi?

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What Can Alexa Do Without Wi-Fi On Your iPhone?

Apart from the hotspot connection which provides it with the same internet access as Wi-Fi, you cannot use Alexa for anything else that would have greatly benefited you or assist in some way.

Without Wi-Fi or hotspot Alexa only works as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from your iPhone and nothing more. You won’t be able to check the latest information, weather reports or the normal things you could do with your Wi-Fi connection. Since Alexa was designed to depend on the internet for its functions, you won’t get to enjoy the full features it has to offer after connecting without Wi-Fi.



As mentioned earlier, while it is entirely possible to connect Alexa to iPhone without Wi-Fi through the above steps, Alexa works optimally when it is connected to Wi-Fi. If you want to connect Alexa to your iPhone without Wi-Fi, then hotspot should be the next best thing for you.

The internet connection of hotspot is basically the same thing with your Wi-Fi and it is necessary to help Alexa send and receive information from the Amazon Voice Services (AVS) through the cloud so it can carry out its functions. If you’re not using Wi-Fi or do not want to use Wi-Fi to connect Alexa to your iPhone, we highly recommend you use your iPhone’s hotspot. It’s the best alternative that would let you have access to the unique features and skills Alexa has to offer.

Hopefully we’ve been able to answer your questions and help guide you perfectly on how you can connect Alexa to your iPhone without Wi-Fi.


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