How To Connect Joy-Cons To iPhone

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Want more ease when you play games on your iPhone? Then the Nintendo Joy-Cons are just what you need. Connecting these controllers has not been made possible in the past primarily due to compatibility issues between the Nintendo company and Apple, but now you can easily have Joy-Cons or even the pro controllers wirelessly connected to your iPhone.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect Joy-Cons to your iPhone as well as the requirements you need to meet that make the connection possible.

What Are Joy-Cons?

The Joy-Con is a product of Nintendo and serves as the primary controller for the Nintendo video game console. While they were made primarily for the Nintendo Switch game, they have also been adapted on other gaming platforms to serve as controllers. 

They were not always fanciful and portable as they currently are. A typical Joy-Con consists of two units and looks like a rectangle with a border radius on one side and the other end flat bearing some of the vital hardware of the controller. You can find on either of the Joy-Cons an analog button and an array of beautifully arranged buttons.

Both units of the Game controller can be used at the same time by the game player connected to the Switch Console via the use of rails built onto the hardware as well as in their detached state or shared between two players in a multi-player configuration and a wrist strap can even be used for a firmer grip. 

The best part about using Joy-Con is that it can be used wireless, needing no form of cable which is really a plus to flexibility and making expressions while playing a game without fear of breaking the cords, unlike the Wii remote that was formerly in use. Joy-Cons use dedicated Bluetooth signals to connect to the Console Switch as well as to other platforms where they are supported, like on iPhone running on IOS 16.

And for charging the Joy-Cons? That’s even more comfortable. Joy-Cons use a 525 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be charged when connected to a charging Console Switch or independently using a charging grip via USB-C

Can You Connect Joy-Cons To An iPhone?

Yes, Joy-Cons can now be connected to your iPhones wirelessly. If you’re surprised about this and wondering where you’ve been all the while, you don’t have to be, it’s only a recent development. 

From the first IOS version through the most recent IOS version available, Joy-Cons were never supported by Apple, but now are with the release of IOS 16 enabling Joy-Cons to be connected via Bluetooth. However, IOS 16 is still in the works for the most part and will be available officially by Fall but Apple developers have been given the opportunity to download, Install and test out the Beta version of IOS 16.

Usually to enroll as an Apple developer, you’ll have to pay a $100 fee, and except you really want to add that to your portfolio, there’s really no need for that as you can download and Install the beta version even without being an Apple developer. It’s really not difficult to get your hands on it plus I have detailed how to install an IOS 16 beta profile in the guide above.

How To Connect Joy-Cons To iPhone

The Joy-Con controllers are connected via Bluetooth. And because it functions as a game controller, it makes use of a specific Bluetooth signal that is not regular. iPhone did not incorporate the right software to detect it in their previous releases of IOS, but has been made possible with the release of IOS 16. 

Is IOS 16 out already? Yes but only in the beta version  for testing, but has worked pretty fine so far. Do not worry, you do not need to pay to become an Apple developer, I’ll also work you through how you can also get your hands on the IOS 16 beta profile to make Joy-Con connection possible.

1. Installing iOS 16 Beta 

First, what you want to do is make sure that you’re using the supported iPhone model. This would include from the iPhone 8 to the latest iPhone 13 pro max, anything lower than that will not be able to install the IOS 16 beta profile. 

Once you confirm your device is supported, follow the below steps to install the IOS 16 profile;

  • Open the URL on your iPhone –
  • Tap on IOS 16 beta
  • You’ll be asked to allow the website to download configuration profiles to your iPhone on a pop up. Tap on Allow.
  • With the profile completely downloaded, open iPhone settings
  • Tap on ‘Profile Downloaded’ at the top
  • Tap on IOS 16 beta that shows on the screen to bring you to the installation page, tap Install
  • You may be requested to input your passcode, do so and tap on install at the top right corner of the screen
  • With installation completed, tap on Restart on the pop up that appears.
  • Allow your iPhone to restart and boot up again to your home screen
  • Again go back to iPhone settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Software Update
  • You’ll find the just installed the IOS 16 beta profile available as an update.
  • Tap on Download and install. You also want to make sure you have your iPhone plugged into a power source.
  • A prompt will appear asking if you want to use mobile data to download the update. Tap on ‘Use Mobile Data’. IOS 16 beta will start downloading on your iPhone.

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Note that the download and installation process may take a bit longer than expected as iPhone users like you all over the world also want the IOS 16 beta and are trying to download it too. Typically, the average time you may have to wait for complete installation is 30 minutes. 

With the IOS version that makes Joy-Cons connection possible installed and your Joy-Cons ready. Follow the below steps to connect your iPhone to Joy-Cons.

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on Bluetooth and toggle it to on
  • Pick up any of the Joy-Cons first, press and hold on the black button on the black panel on the side. Release your finger when you see the beeping green light
  • Your iPhone will detect the Joy-Con and it’ll be visible under ‘Other Devices’. Depending on either of the Joy-Con you’re connecting first. It may be designated as Joy-Con (R) or Joy-Con (L) for the right and left controller respectively.
  • Tap on Joy-Con on your iPhone to start pairing
  • When pairing has completed, the Joy-Con will be available under ‘My Devices’

Do the same for the other controller if you also want it connected, otherwise just one of the controllers can be used for your gameplay. The Joy-Cons after the first connection should remain connected if used exclusively with your iPhone.



If you play games on your iPhone and really are not considering using Joy-Cons as the perfect controller, then you may need to rethink. Think of all the added flexibility and the feeling that can come with. I assure you’ll feel more like a gamer. From how to install the working software version to the actual connection have been covered in this article, nothings hindering you now!


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