How to Dial Letters on iPhone

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If you have seen some adverts, you will see how some people advertise their number, they don’t really type the full number rather they mix it with letters. 

This will make you ask, is it customized or is there a way of just doing that and nobody has discovered it. 

Knowing that the iPhone we use has numbers on the deal section and not letters, how do you now convert those numbers to letters?

Well, in this article, we will be telling you how it is possible to Dial with letters on iPhone and the process involved in performing these actions will also be explained to you. 

So, if you’re wondering how to deal with letters on iPhone, the little and easy steps we are going to give you here will help you achieve that. 


How To Dial Letters on iPhone 


Take a closer look at the iPhone dealer, you will see that starting from numbers 2 to 9 are letters under them, some of those letters are three in each number while some are four in each of the numbers. 

Well, we are going to be giving you two major ways of performing this action, one is going to be the manual method and the second will be the automatic method which is less stressful. Let’s go

First Solution: Right Letters


  • Open your apple phone and locate your phone app 
  • The phone app is green in color, when found, click on it 
  • When opened, you will see the number ranging from 2-9 and the letters below them. 
  • Now, look at the phone number you want to write. For instance, if you want to write numbers, here is what you’re going to do. If the letter you want to deal with is C, the number you will press is C, so if the phone number is 235EESY, Letter E is 3, Another E is another 3, letter S represents 7 and letter 9 represents 9. 
  • When you have successfully done this, you can convert it to a number 
  • Click on a dial to put in a call. 


Second Solution: Use Dictation 


The second way of doing this is simple and handles itself automatically when turned on. 

In this case, you’re going to turn on what is called dictation. Let’s show you how it works 

  • From your iPhone home Navigate to Setting app 
  • Click on the General Settings 
  • Click on Keyboard 
  • On the keyboard, turn on Enable Dictation 
  • From there, Turn on The Microphone 
  • Speak and the phone will handle the rest. 


From the two options given above, you’re free to choose the one you want and go for it. 


Can I Dial Letters on iPhone 


Yes, you can deal with letters on an iPhone, this is the best way to get the real phone number of some person that didn’t complete their number with a number rather they completed it with letters.

You know you can’t call letters, rather you change the letters to numbers and deal or call them.

In this article, we have provided you with the procedures you can use to achieve it, not just one but two methods of doing it fast.

Why Can’t I Dial Letters on iPhone 


Sometimes you get to experience this issue of your keyboard crashing when you want to dial letters or even numbers. 

Do not worry, in this guide, we would be showing the possible solution to these issues 

The reason why your iPhone phone dial keeps crashing should be in any of these three

  • Your iPhone is experiencing some software problem
  • Your phone app keeps crashing due to the unresponsiveness of the app
  • your iPhone display is not functioning well. 


Before trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with your phone you should, first of all, make some checks to know if it’s a general issue or is just your phone app. 


First, try using your keyboard with other apps to be sure that it is not a general problem, this will help in identifying the solution to your issue. 


With all said and done, below are the possible solutions that you can apply when you’re facing any issue with your keyboard or Call Dial centre. 


Solution 1: Close all Apps 


When you’re using your phone, you tend to open many apps and all are arranged for you according to how you opened them. 

The reason for this is because the phone is built to help you just minimize and go to the next app and continue what you were doing. 

But what we fail to understand is that sometimes the phone over-tasks and this way it will start hanging and probably stop some apps from responding. 


The best you can do in this situation is to close all open apps and wait for some time to let the phone cool, then open the app again. With this, I’m sure the app will respond and you can dial any number or letter. 


Solution 2: Update Your iOS Version 


When you are using an expired version of iOS, Apple will send you an update that you should update to the latest version which you are supposed to do to keep your phone away from lagging. 


If the apps or your phone starts hanging, you should consider updating to the latest version of iOS and this might stop your phone from hanging or apps from crashing. 

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Solution 3: Reset all Setting 


This has so far been the best solution to phone malfunctioning. If your phone is having issues with the app crashing or hanging there by not allowing you to dial letters on your iPhone, you need to reset all settings for everything to go back to default settings. Follow my steps to do it 


  • Open the setting app 
  • Click on General 
  • The next is to Reset all setting 
  • Click on it 
  • You will be required to do some confirmation, do it and reset your phone. 
  • After resets, turn off your phone and turn it on again. 


How To Dial Letters on iPhone 11 


Follow the instructions below to get it done 

  • Open your phone app 
  • Each number from 2-9 has at least 3 or 4 numbers under it, those letters represent a number
  • Locate the first letter of the number for instance C stands for 2, same goes with A and B
  • Convert other letters to a number
  • Click on a call to call the number it’s a phone number. 


How to Type Numbers on iPhone without leaving the ABC keyboard 


The iPhone keyboard doesn’t have a number row but we hope there will be one soon. Meanwhile, this is how you get the number or type number without leaving the standard keyboard.


  • Open the app you want to use on the iPhone keyboard 
  • Touch and hold the 123 button 
  • You can perform this task with the hand you’re not using much because you will need to hold it till you’re done typing the numbers. 
  • When you’re done, you can release your hand.


Knowing some basic things about the iPhone is a great deal, that’s why we are always here to give you all updates on issues on your iPhone. 

Before now, you didn’t have any idea how to dial letters on iPhone but right now I’m sure you’re a pro at it. 

If you have any suggestions or contributions, don’t forget to send them using the comment box.



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