How To Disable CarPlay On iPhone 13

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Syncing your iPhone with your vehicle has never been easier with the CarPlay feature Apple has made available. It increases convenience while driving to its very climax as you’re still able to use your iPhone 13 without touching it. Apple has shown through the introduction of CarPlay that they’re big advocates of ‘both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road!’

Even as helpful as the copilot CarPlay can be, you still may want it disabled for reasons I’d say are best known to you. But whatever your reason may maybe, you’ll find in this article the several options available to you with which you can disable CarPlay.


Can You Disable CarPlay On iPhone 13?

Yes, you can. Apple as always wouldn’t force anything on you no matter how intuitive they may think their product is. However, Apple at the same time has not made disabling CarPlay for any vehicle an easy peasy. I mean, the disable option is kind of obscured and you may need to ask around on the internet as you currently did to find out where the kill code for CarPlay is.

I’ll be showing you a couple of ways you can use to achieve the same end. To disable CarPlay on iPhone 13, do the following;

1. Disable CarPlay For A Particular Vehicle

With Carplay, you can sync seamlessly your iPhone 13 with as many vehicles as you own or want. This makes it very easy for repeated usage as you just plug and play. If you disable Carplay for a vehicle, you still retain the ability to use Carplay in other vehicles you have synced with before.

The only information that is gotten rid of is the sync details of the vehicle you disable. Also bear in mind that you can easily reconnect whenever you want. To disable CarPlay for a particular car, follow the below steps;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Open general
  • Find and tap on Carplay
  • You’ll find on the CarPlay menu the list of all the vehicles you have connected with in the past.
  • Find the exact vehicle you want to disable Carplay on and tap on it
  • The vehicle menu will be opened
  • Tap on forgetting this car
  • Confirm to the pop-up menu that you want to forget the vehicle
  • You may be asked to enter your passcode, do so and tap confirm.

That’s step number one, over to the next. It may be your preferred step.

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2. Disable CarPlay By Restriction

When you disable CarPlay by restricting it, you disable it from working. Think of it like locking it up much-switching switching digital confinement, it’ll never activate in any vehicle, not even by mistake. This option for disabling CarPlay however is reversible any time you want. It’s pretty much-switching buttons left and right. That’s all it takes.

To disable Carplay by restriction, follow the below guide carefully;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Scroll down, under the options section, tap on screen time
  • Again scroll down, find content and privacy restrictions and tap on it
  • Now at the restriction options, you may have to turn it on if this is your first time accessing that depth of your iPhone 13.
  • To turn it on, tap on the switch. The color will immediately change from gray to green.
  • Now tap on Allowed Apps
  • Find the CarPlay app on the list of displayed apps
  • Toggle the switch off. It’ll appear gray after you turn it off

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Why Should I Deactivate CarPlay On iPhone 13?

It’s entirely up to you to decide if you want to use CarPlay or deactivate it on your iPhone 13. You may choose to deactivate CarPlay for a couple of reasons that may include;

Preference For Vehicle’s Infotainment System Over CarPlay

The choice is the spice of life they say. While I’d myself not prefer any car’s inbuilt infotainment feature over the Apple CarPlay, some drivers are very comfortable with it. The CarPlay is simple but the inbuilt ones are too minimalist and will be a good fit for holistic drivers who do not want to have a chat with Siri or reply to any iMessage because to them it’s a distraction still.

Driving A Hired Vehicle

You’ll want to keep your privacy safe when driving a rental car by deactivating your iPhone 13 CarPlay. Although Apple makes sure this never happens, it’s still a good thing to rule out everything that may go wrong by deactivating CarPlay.

More reasons for choosing to deactivate CarPlay may be available but these top the list. To deactivate CarPlay for your vehicle, do the below;

Launch The Vehicle’s Head Unit

Although this is a feature that is yet to be made available by many automakers that support CarPlay, some manufacturers already have built-in a switch or knob that deactivates the CarPlay. Some of them include Ford, recent models of BMW, and SUV manufacturers.

With these manufacturers, only a simple touch is all it takes to deactivate CarPlay. The vehicle head unit for each car may vary, ensure to check with your auto company if they incorporate a one-touch button to turn off CarPlay wit if you can’t easily find it.


How Do I Turn On CarPlay On My iPhone 13?

If you once had CarPlay turned on and in use which later on you did not need anymore. What you need to know is disabling CarPlay doesn’t prevent you from enabling it again when you desire. It’ll take no more than 60 seconds to do that, follow the guide below;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Under the options section, tap on screen time
  • Again scroll down, find content and privacy restrictions and tap on it
  • Now tap on Allowed Apps
  • Find the CarPlay app on the list of displayed apps
  • Toggle the switch on.

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Now you’re again ready to use CarPlay. To have it all set up and working in your car, follow the below guide;

  • Make sure Siri is awake
  • Plug your iPhone into the CarPlay USB port
  • The CarPlay logo will appear
  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on general
  • Tap on CarPlay
  • Your vehicle will appear on the Available cars list
  • Now press the voice control command on the steering wheel and you’re ready to rock and roll!


If however, your car supports a wireless CarPlay connection, that’s even better, you don’t need a USB cable. The only thing you’ll do differently is to turn on Bluetooth from your iPhone 13 control center and then follow the below steps;

  • With your Bluetooth on, open iPhone settings.
  • Press and hold the voice command button sited on the stirring wheel.
  • Open general.
  • Tap on CarPlay and select your car under Available cars.

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With CarPlay, you don’t have to be the one manning the stirring wheels as well as your iPhone 13 ever again. The CarPlay app does a sought of labor division. While you’re busy wheeling the car safely, Siri on the other hand will be updating and reading out new messages, picking and returning calls, and, being your persona DJ, my best part.


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