How To Download Game Pigeon On iPhone

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How To Download Game Pigeon On iPhone

8 balls, 9 balls, Archery, basketball, Chess, Checkers, etc. If you outrightly recognized these games, then congratulations to you, you’re a game pigeon pro gamer and if you don’t, I introduce you to the best of games. The game pigeon could probably be the reason why people spend the most time on the iPhone default messaging app – iMessage.

The game pigeon app has a vast collection of games to choose from, about 25, featuring the classics like the 8 and 9 ball games, as well as the puzzle kind like the word game and of course, the arcade games. Theirs game available for everyone, no matter what your muse is.

I wouldn’t fail to mention also that a good number of the available games support multi player mode. What this simply mean is that distance can’t stop you from playing a game and having fun with anyone around the world as game pigeon currently can support up to six players at a time.

So how can you download the game pigeon app on your iPhone and get started with the fun already?, we’ll get to that in a bit, but here’s one thing you have to make sure of;

Which iOS Version Supports Game Pigeon

  • Only IOS 10 and above supports game pigeon

The game pigeon app haven’t always been around, it only made it’s debut after the introduction of IOS 10. We cannot be talking about downloading the game pigeon app first without making sure you’re already running on IOS 10.

I doubt anyway that you’re not already on IOS 10, except you’ve been ignoring all the update prompts for many years. However to update to an IOS version supporting game pigeon, follow the below steps;

  • Open settings on iPhone
  • Tap on general
  • Click software update
  • Available updates will be displayed
  • Click to download the most recent version available. It’ll install afterwards

How To Download Game Pigeon On iPhone

If you’ve just installed a working IOS version for game pigeon, then unto the next. Here’s how to download the game pigeon app right from the iMessage app;

  1. Launch the iMessage app from your home screen
  2. Open a new conversion
  3. Just by the side of the text box you’ll find a list of apps, including the app store
  4. Click the app store icon
  5. The app store will open on a second layer on the iMessage app
  6. Tap on the search box and type in game pigeon
  7. The game pigeon app will appear, tap on ‘get’ to download and install it.


You can also download the game pigeon app independent of the iMessage app. Just open the app store and proceed from search for game pigeon using the search box. Now you have the game pigeon app installed, you’re as good as a ready player, hop unto iMessage, send out some game invitations and flex your muscles.

Can I Download Game Pigeon On iPhone

The developers of the game pigeon app had aptly made the app to be compatible with your iPhone, as well as developing the technology that allows you play the game from iMessage with your friends and that’s amazing.

However, the only thing to worry about is having a non-supporting IOS version. Only then, you will not be able to download or play the game pigeon game collections.


Why Can’t I Download Game Pigeon On iPhone?

It’s not unlikely to run into an issue when trying to download the game pigeon app. In fact can happen with any app you’re trying to download from the app store. A variety of factors can result to this and you may sometimes notice that more than one of the probable causes I have listed below maybe the culprit. Below are the potential reasons preventing you from downloading the game pigeon app.

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1. Disrupted iPhone and App store connection

There’s no download whatsoever if your Apple ID is not connected properly as it can sometimes malfunction in the case of a bug. But this easily can be  fixed by signing out and in again your Apple ID. Here’s how to do that;

  • Open settings
  • Tap on iTunes and App store
  • Press and hold your Apple ID and tap on the sign out prompt
  • Sign in again with your Apple ID credentials.
  • Go back to App store to verify if you’re now able to download.


2. Poor internet

When downloading from the Apple app store, you’d need a stable internet connection for a successful download and app installation. This also is true for the game pigeon app. Usually you’ll often be advised to make your downloads on App store over a WIFI internet connection rather than on a cellular network.

If you’re having a hard time downloading the game pigeon, you may want to recheck your internet or even connect to a network with better strength.


3. Not enough space

Apps you download will definitely need not only an enough space to handle their size, but as well space to accommodate new data and files as you continue to use the app. If your encountering difficulty in downloading the game pigeon app, first check your storage gauge to verify if its full already. Here’s how to see the iPhone storage gauge;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on general
  • Click on about
  • Inspect the iPhone storage gauge to find out if space is available for game pigeon downloading.

Note however that even if the available space you find is just the exact size of the game pigeon app, you still may not be able to make the downloads as App store will make sure there is enough  space for game pigeon main files as well user files you’ll be creating as you continue to use the app.


4. Pending Download queue

No new app will download if you have a long list of other apps trying to download or apps making updates. This could be why you’re yet unable to download game pigeon. To get rid of them, follow the below step;

  • Open the App store app
  • Tap on updates
  • A list of currently downloading or updating apps will be shown
  • Cancel or pause all the pending downloads and updates
  • Try again to download game pigeon, it should download freely now.


How To Fix Game Pigeon Not Working On iPhone

Many users have complained about encountering a bug while playing game pigeon. Some said they were abruptly unable to send a game invite to any contact while some others complained the the game when launched will continue to load forever without end and sometimes are not able to play their turn as their opponents move is sent only as an image.

Those are lots of uncomfortable bugs, but good news is that game pigeon can be fixed and you can go on enjoying your game.


1. Relaunch iMessage

If you’ve encountered any of the above error from game pigeon. A simple fix  as existing from the app completely and opening again and come in quit handy. This is a sure way to fix very minor issues and inferences between the iMessage app and game pigeon. This is where you’ll want to start from before considering the more in-depth fixes


2. Toggle off and on iMessage

The game pigeon app cannot be played independently outside of the iMessage app. Hence, it’s malfunctioning can well be traced to the iMessage app. To fix this, you need to switch off iMessages from the settings momentarily and then back on. Afterwards, launch iMessage and open the game pigeon to verify if issue is fixed. Below is a guide on how to turn off iMessage;

  • Open settings
  • open messages
  • Right in the messages window find iMessages
  • Toggle it off and give about a 30 seconds interval
  • Toggle it on again. Return to open iMessages and rerun game pigeon



3. Ensure date and time is correct

When you play a game pigeon with an opponent, the interaction is initiated over the internet and most importantly in real-time. This is why the correct time and date of the time zone where you’re currently located is very important for a smooth game play. If your time and date is incorrect, set it right by following the below steps;

  • Open settings
  • Tap on general
  • Open date and time
  • If the date and time is not correct scroll down to toggle ‘set automatically on’
  • This configuration updates your time correctly, return to rerun game pigeon again.


4. Update IOS

Game pigeon developers have the responsibility as mandated by Apple to constantly update their security patches, fix bug as well as other components in line with the release of newer IOS versions. So the error you encounter could be an issue resolved in a newer IOS version. Upgrade IOS by taking the below steps;

  • Open settings on iPhone
  • Tap on general
  • Click software update
  • Available updates will be displayed
  • Click to download. It’ll install afterwards


5. Delete and re-download game pigeon

If the above fixes don’t seem to get your problem solved, then this should. To delete game pigeon from iMessages follow the below steps;

  • Open iMessages
  • Open any conversation
  • Scroll through the list of apps and find the game pigeon icon
  • Press and hold it until the apps jiggle
  • Tap on the ‘x’ icon over it to delete it
  • You now can go download again from Apple app store.

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here’s uninstall Game Pigeon game from iMessage on iPhone and iPad running iOS 14 or later. You can also Hide or Delete from your iOS device completely and Redownload whenever you want.


Their is never a dull moment when the game pigeon app is installed, as it can quickly cheer you up when you’re bored leaving you considerably engaged.

I think the best part is being able to put your friends or colleagues to a challenge and have some fun wherever you are. And when you don’t feel up to putting forward a challenge, the solo games will be right their to keep you warm.



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