How to download OnlyFans videos on iPhone

How to download OnlyFans videos on iPhone

With the OnlyFans platform being heavily monetized by its administration to benefit its creators, it can get hard to have content on the platform downloaded for offline use. This is of course not without strict measures that have been taken by the owners of the platform to make sure nothing leaks out of it. Kind of ‘What happens on OnlyFans stays on OnlyFans’.

But just as you may already know, there doesn’t seem to be much impossibility with the internet these days, hence it’s possible to have OnlyFans content downloaded! Continue reading to find out how to download OnlyFans videos on iPhone.


How To Download OnlyFans Videos On iPhone

There are multiple ways available to have your favorite video clip from your most admired OnlyFans creator downloaded on your iPhone. In fact, all of the methods that have been discussed in this article on how to download OnlyFans videos to your iPhone are only fragments of the scratched surface.

But rest assured, you’ve been given the best and easiest methods to start rocking premium OnlyFans videos offline, saved on your device. Use the below methods to download OnlyFans videos;

Screen-Record And Download

OnlyFans videos can be downloaded to your iPhone by making a screen record of the video and afterwards saving to your local memory. The OnlyFans platform up until now does not have an official mobile app and does not consider changing that decision in the near future. In justifying their action, OnlyFans claimed that using a web version of their platform helps them to easily effect changes and upgrades to the website without having to ask users to install an update as it is the case with apps.

The OnlyFans content platform exclusively available on browsers makes it very easy to download videos with a screen-record. It doesn’t take more than you already know how to do already. Follow the below steps to download OnlyFans videos on iPhone using a screen-record.

  • Log into your OnlyFans account.
  • Open and play the video you want downloaded.
  • Just before the video starts playing, swipe down from the top of your iPhone to open the control center
  • When you’re ready to start recording, tap on the record button and play the video
  • Save the video when you’re satisfied with the length of the record or when the OnlyFans video ends.

This is by far the easiest way to do this on your iPhone as it requires no extra apps, just your innate iPhone ability to record any screen is needed. 

However, you’ll have to deal with the lower resolution and poor video quality that’s inescapable with every screen-recorded video. Particularly, the sound may also not be at its best state, but anyways you still have your OnlyFans video downloaded.

Video Saver PRO + Cloud Drive

If you want a bit more advanced way to download video content from the OnlyFans platform still on your iPhone, then you need the Video Saver Pro App. It’s a party application that’s freely available on the app store, it crawls the web for any video link you search on it, I’ll explain.

The Video Saver Pro app is more like a search engine but for videos, you just feed it with the right to the video and it’ll find it and make it available for download. It’s really that simple.

Follow the below steps to use the Video Saver Pro app to download OnlyFans videos on iPhone;

  • Download and install the Video Saver PRO app from the app store.
  • Log in to your OnlyFans account and open the video you want to download 
  • Play the video and grab the web link you’ll find at the search box just at the top of your browser. Just so you’re able to recognize the URL of interest quickly, the URL you want to copy is the one that consists of a string of texts, numbers and a few symbols.
  • Copy the link to your clipboard and open the downloaded app
  • Just at the home page of the app, paste the copied link into the search box right at the top of the app and hit the search button.
  • This will pull up the video you saw on OnlyFans with a little download button just by the side.
  • Tap on the download button to save the video.

And that will be all you’d have to do and the best part is that with the app, you can queue and download multiple OnlyFans videos at a time. Advanced features on the app will come at the expense of a premium subscription, however not expensive.


Downloader For OnlyFans Chrome Extension

You can also download OnlyFans videos through the Chrome internet browser with the help of a chrome add-on or extension. The add-on is a powerful one that adds a download button to browsed content on the OnlyFans, videos and images alike. 

Unfortunately, this cannot be done with your iPhone and will require bringing along your Windows device or Mac. Follow the below guide to download OnlyFans video on iPhone;

  • On your Mac or Windows device, open your Chrome web browser.
  • Open the Chrome Web store from here.
  • Using the search box, find Downloader for 
  • Tap on Add to Chrome to the left of the extension. This downloads and makes add-on available for use.
  • With the Chrome add-on ready, open the OnlyFans app in another tab on Chrome
  • Open the video you want to download, you’ll notice that a download button has been added to the bottom
  • Tap on it to download the video and transfer to your iPhone using USB-C cable afterwards.

The Chrome extension downloads all OnlyFans video in MP4 formats, but you may have to deal with lower video qualities some times. Apart from that the app can also get unstable and may refuse to work in many instances where you’d want it to. But overall, it’s good stuff given you don’t pay any money to download OnlyFans videos and it’s definitely worth your time.


Unitube Software

Just like with the Chrome extension method, downloading OnlyFans videos using this software will require a computer, either Windows or Mac. It is one of the best ways to save videos for offline watch from the OnlyFans platform as it saves a great deal of the video quality. 

The software comes with an in-built video player as well as an in-built web browser where you can easily log into your OnlyFans account right from the software, and in a few other clicks, you’d already have your video downloaded.

Follow the below steps to download OnlyFans videos to your iPhone using the Unitube Software;

  • First, install the software on your Windows device or Mac. Visit the developers website;
  • Open the software, tap on Preferences and select MP4 as your video format. Tap on Save
  • Tap on the Online button at the left of the screen just below the Downloader button.
  • Log into your OnlyFans account and navigate to the video you want to download.
  • Play the video, a download button will appear at the bottom while it plays. Click on it

All completely downloaded videos will show in the Finished tab and can also be watched from there. You can at this point transfer to your iPhone via a lightning port or other means.

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Can You Save Videos From OnlyFans To Your iPhone?

Yes, it’s possible to save videos from OnlyFans to your iPhone. However, what you also need to know is that it doesn’t take a very straight forward process as OnlyFans frowns at it. 

There are a couple of ways that have been employed by users to have offline some of their best contents on the OnlyFans platform. Some of them actually need a monthly or annual subscription, while some are actually free, but be sure to have video quality compromised for some of the videos.

Apart from screen-recording the OnlyFans video you wish to  save, you can also use apps available in the app store, PC software and even Chrome extension.

Is It Illegal To Download OnlyFans Content?

Without mincing words, YES, it is illegal to download OnlyFans content especially without the creators consent. Now this may come as a shock to many, given the fact that you may have been made to pay a monthly subscription ranging $4.99 – $49.99 just to follow and see your OnlyFans creators content. 

So does that make you worthy enough to download and keep an offline copy of their contents? I guess not, if it was supposed to be so then OnlyFans would have gone ahead to include a download button for users of the platform.

In fact, in the exact words used by OnlyFans Terms and Conditions reads thus; 

“You must not reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, republish, download, store, or transmit any of the material on the Website, except as follows: you may store files that are automatically cached by your Web browser for display enhancement purposes; and you may print or download one copy of a reasonable number of pages of the Website for your own personal, non-commercial use and not for further reproduction, publication, or distribution.”

The terms are stated clearly enough and except if the word ‘DOWNLOAD’ used in the Terms above means something different other than to download, only then will you be correct about saving OnlyFans videos.



There’s been a buzz on the internet as to whether it’s right or wrong to download OnlyFans Content for offline purposes. While some have maintained that they already paid for the content with their subscription, some others still believe it’s an intellectual property theft to download contents from the subscription based platform. How about you, what side of the tide are you on?

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