How To Edit Photos To See Through Clothes On iPhone

How To Edit Photos To See Through Clothes On iPhone

We’ve seen photo editing on iPhone do some amazing things, but editing a photo until you’re able to see through clothes? That has not been heard, or not popular. You’re probably here because you’ve seen somewhere that it’s possible to see clothes using some tricks on an iPhone.

That’s exactly why I’ve prepared this article. Here, you will find out if what you seek is possible and if yes, how it can be achieved. Continue reading to find out.


How To Edit Photos To See Through Clothes On iPhone

See-through-cloth photo editing has been a popular topic for a couple of, years now. While many have argued that the result is far from real, some have also believed that it is very possible, especially with the development of software that is able to detect and categorize body parts based on emitted heat. But is that enough to reveal the unseen parts of a photo? 

Digital images, software or hardware have just one layer. What this simply implies is that any attempt to see depth in the photo will result in futility as it would only be a blank space.

How To Edit Photos To See Through Clothes On iPhone

However, some photo editing apps have been developed and have laid claims to being able to see through clothes after tweaking little effects on the app. While these apps continue to get enormous downloads, it’s not clear yet if the users understand that the see through clothes results they get after editing the app are far from real, only made up by some highly intelligent software.

Except if you want to edit a photo to see through the clothes just for the fun of it, the see through results must not be trusted. With that said, you’ll find below how to do the popular photo editing to see through clothes on an iPhone, in this guide, I’ll be using the Picsart app. Pics art is a third party photo editing app, also available on App store. 

Do download the Picsart app on iPhone, follow the below guide;

  • Open the App store
  • Use the search box to find Picsart
  • Tap on the cloud button just beneath the app name to download and install it.

How To Edit Photos To See Through Clothes On iPhone

With the app download, follow the below steps carefully to see through clothes on iPhone just for the fun of it.

  • Launch the Picsart app
  • Load the photo you want to see through the cloth on the editor
  • Tap on Retouch from the list of edit options at the bottom of the app.
  • From the list of edit options just below, tap on Detail. Its icon looks like a sketched diamond.
  • Increase the detail intensity to about 70 using the slider. The purpose is to give the software borders to concentrate on.
  • Zoom in on the image to increase precision and rub your finger over the contours of the photo. Pay attention particularly to the visible body parts of the image. For example, if the legs, hands and neck were bare in the photo, stroke your finger around the edges of these body parts.
  • When you’re done detailing, tap on the check icon at the top right corner of the app, to save your editing process so far.
  • Now scroll again through the list of edit options and select Face fix. The icon looks like a paint brush.
  • Leave the Fix level at the default value. Just like the detailing process, also do the same with the Fix. Use your finger to draw on the contours of the visible parts of the image. Tap on the check icon to save the face fix edit.
  • Select the Skin edit option and leave the Amount value at 100. Select the color that most matches the skin color of the image from the suggested colors arranged just below Amount or use the color picker tool.
  • Using your finger, draw over the clothes, making sure to stay within limits of the visible body parts. Parts your draw over this time will take the color of the selected color. Rub over the bare body parts after you must have finished with the clothing.
  • Tap on the Erase button by the right.
  • From the list of options labeled; Person, Face, Clothes, Sky etc. Tap on clothes.
  • Leave the Size, Opacity and Hardness value at their default
  • Starting from the bottom of the photo, swipe your finger left to right and back again over the image. Continue to swipe, until you get to the top of the image.
  • You’ll notice that the clothes of the image in question will begin to go off as you swipe your finger through the image as a result of the cloth erase edit.

That’s how you can edit pictures to see through them using the Picsart app. However, bear in mind that the result cannot be trusted and may be made up actually. That’s just the gimmick of a smart photo editing software.

How To Edit Photos To See Through Clothes On iPhone

Is There An App To See Through Clothes?

This kind of edit was only possible with the industry standard for photo editing which is Adobe Photoshop. It was only in recent times that powerful editing apps surfaced and also offered the ability to see through clothes. Many of these apps are available on the App store and free to download, although some may include in-app purchases to allow you access to more photo editing tools.

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Some of them include;

Clothing Eraser

This photo editor is dedicated to removing clothing’s from any photo. As the app name implies, it makes use of an eraser to identify and remove the layer of clothes on the image to allow you see through. 

Photo Booth

The Photo Booth app has a cloth removing effect that can let you see through clothes in only a few taps. With the app launched, just select the Effects tab, and then the Clothing effect, which will automate the process. 

Nude it

Also available on App store. It’ll enable you to see through clothing’s by primarily changing the transparency of the clothes. The transparency colors of the clothes after applying the see through cloth effect is within the black and white spectrum.

Other apps available on the App store that can achieve this end also include the Cloth app and Picsart.


Can The Camera See Through Clothes?

Using the iPhone camera to x-ray a person to be able to see through their clothes is not possible. Although some apps exist that promise such, they’re all but pranks and should only be treated as simulating the experience of a see through camera. These apps will require that you give them access to make use of your iPhone camera. Below include some of see through cloth camera apps you can try;

  • Super X-ray
  • X-ray Body Scanner Simulator
  • Body Scanner
  • X-ray Cloth Simulator.

Video Guide

This is how they make clothes transparent & see through


Again, the results as given by a see through cloth app cannot be relied on and must not be regarded as real. However, you can use them for pranks with your friends, for fantasy or for any other purpose as you deem fit.

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