How To Find Out An Unknown Caller Number On iPhone

How To Find Out An Unknown Caller Number On iPhone

Whenever you receive a call from an unknown caller bearing no caller ID, it indicates to you immediately that the person on the other end may actually be hiding something. It can be dangerous to pick up such calls but usually,  your inquisitive mind wants to know who was the secret caller that got your iPhone ringing. 

In this article, you’ll learn the easy way to find out an unknown caller’s number, and even as far as uncovering their names, their location, and other details that may be of importance to you.


How To Find Out An Unknown Caller Number On iPhone

The most common class of people who usually would prefer calling their subjects with their caller ID concealed include telemarketers, fraudsters, and sometimes robots. 

In addition to that, the count of harassment over the phone with the use of unknown numbers have increased considerably since the last decade as reported by people. This class of abusive callers need to be uncovered, if not for anything to track and hand them over to the police. 

There are a couple of ways available to unmask an unknown caller. I’ll show you three of the most used and successful ways to get this done.

1. Using Trapcall

Trapcall is a third party app that’s available on the App store and really does a great job uncovering no caller IDs. With this app on your iPhone, those spammers would only be wasting their time trying to conceal their numbers. And just as their tagline suggests -’Control who calls you’, you can quickly turn the table around to manipulate the unknown caller with the blocked number, even without their knowledge. Here’s how to use Trapcall to uncover unknown numbers

  • First, you’d have to download the app from the App store
  • When the unknown caller calls, just decline the call. To decline calls on the iPhone, you can easily press the power button twice.
  • If the number calls back again, the number will be revealed! It’s as simple as that. You can even get more details of the caller such as their real name and location.

Apart from uncovering the unknown number, the app also offers more features such as blocking concealed callers who they’ve proven to be telemarketers and spammers from ever getting you on the phone as well as call recording to use against the caller in a legal case. 

However, as helpful as the app has proven to be, some Carriers do not support them. Trapcall borrows data from Carriers to make their service possible by leveraging on  Conditional Call Forwarding which some Carriers do not support. Make sure to check with your Service provider to ensure Trapcall is supported.

By the way, if you’re not domiciled in the US, you may not be able to uncover blocked numbers using the Trapcall app.

2. Dial *69 On Your iPhone

The *69 code dial is also a great way to find who the anonymous caller is. The code is usually referred to as the call return code. Here’s what it does: when you receive a call from a hidden number, it returns the call and at the same time reveals the true number the call was initiated from. Just so you’re able to follow on with this step, use the guide below;

  • Allow the call from the hidden contact ID to completely ring. You can pick up the call anyway, but it’s best advised you leave the phone unanswered.
  • Dial *69 on your iPhone. This will return the call to the last person on your call log and provided the blocked number is your last caller, the call will be returned. But this time, it’ll reveal the number of the culprit.

If you have the number saved on your contact list, good for you as it’s an easy catch, otherwise you may need a third party app like BeenVerified or Spokeo to find who exactly the caller is.

The apps mentioned can be used to look up any phone number and can supply you with all the details you need to know about the anonymous caller. The data supplied may include;

  1. Full name
  2. Home address
  3. Age
  4. Email address
  5. Social media profile

Generally, the information you get will depend on the app you choose to  use as well as if you’re on a paid plan.

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3. Contact Your Carrier

The caller with the hidden ID may be successful at hiding the details from you, but they can’t stand a chance against your Carrier. Your Carrier sees it all. 

Especially if you have so many disturbing anonymous calls, you may decide to let them know over a call and request to have their real number sent over to you. 

However, some Carriers may not disclose the number of the unknown caller due to privacy rights. The best you can ask them to is to block the number from every calling your iPhone again.


Can I Find Out An Unknown Caller Number On iPhone

Yes, very possible. If it wasn’t possible, the level of harassment and unsolicited calls may get out of hand. However the Caller ID hiding feature is legal, but the abuse of its purpose is usually the problem. 

But thanks to third party apps like Trapcall who have helped to uncover  hidden caller IDs. Although you may need to upgrade to a premium plan and be charged monthly or annually after you exhaust your free trial, I think it’s still worth it. Especially if you’re unfortunate to always have to deal with telemarketers and their likes.

The *69 return works perfectly too. No app needs to be installed as it’s allowed by the Carrier. Dial the code and it’ll return the call to the unknown caller while revealing the true phone number. However, make sure to check with your Carrier if the service is supported.


Can You Call Back An Unknown Number On Your iPhone?

Of course, in fact if you’re just finding out, you found out late but definitely can jump right in and begin unraveling hidden caller numbers. With a Reverse Phone Look up, you can get the number, as well as other contact details of the hidden caller. Some third party apps have made the job simpler than was thought possible.

Using an app like Trapcall makes this possible. In only three steps you already have the number of the not-so-smart anonymous caller;

  1. Decline the hidden callers call. This triggers Trapcall to start making the search
  2. The hidden calls back and boom! the number is displayed in full.
  3. Look up the number on the app to get the name, home address and social media of the hidden caller.

Trapcall is available on the app store, a free trial has been packaged for you , afterwards you’ll need to pay a premium for more features.



Here’s what you should know about spammers, they never quit trying. You’ll get their call showing no caller ID all the time and usually at the time most inappropriate, which is too annoying to say the least. Why not find out who’s behind the phone and report them over to the police or just block them. Use any of the methods listed in this article to unravel their true phone number.

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