How To Find SSID On iPhone

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You’ve probably had to tell someone to connect to your home’s Router WIFI but didn’t know what to tell them to connect to exactly. Well, what you needed to share with them was the WIFI SSID, otherwise, they may have a hard time doing trial and error while trying out all the scanned available WIFI networks.

This and many other reasons include why you should know just where to look for your WIFI SSID on your iPhone. In this article, you’ll learn how to find SSID on an iPhone in very quick-simple steps. Continue reading to find out.

What Is SSID On An iPhone?

Before this article even begins to get serious, it’d be a helpful piece of information to know what the SSID is and what it represents as a core element of networks. No doubt, it’s easy to fret at the sight and sound of the acronym SSID, probably because it has this weight attached to it that makes it seem  so serious and important. 

I assure you, there’s really nothing serious about it and the truth is, you may never have to talk about it again after now. Starting with the meaning of the acronym, SSID represents a short way of saying Service Set Identifier. 

Every WIFI network that ever exists and that you’ve ever connected to, be it at home or at work has an SSID. See? You’ve already been dealing with SSID’s all your life without paying any attention to the details. We’re all that way.

So to every Router produced by any manufacturer, a name is appended to the network the WIFI broadcasts and this name is what is displayed on your iPhone when you scan for available networks on your device.

SSID’s in the past used to be made up of only numbers, a long string of numbers, but it wasn’t the best way to represent a network. Reason is, barely anyone could remember what numbers made up their Router WIFI SSID in an instant. 

Only until lately did SSID’s begin to get beautiful. For some Routers, you can have your SSID bear the manufacturer’s name as the prefix and then a short string of numbers at the tail, looking pretty much this way; TP_LINK09485. Easier to remember, right? And a vast majority of Router Manufacturers now allow users the freedom to make any SSID they want. 

The one thing to take out from all that has been said is that the SSID is just an identifier for WIFI networks.

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How To Find SSID On iPhone

Your WIFI SSID is not hidden on your iPhone and can easily be found. No protocols to observe and not deep plunging into the settings application. 

However bear in mind that you need to be actively connected to the network to be able to identify outrightly which it is that is your home or work WIFI SSID. Otherwise, the SSID you seek may hide among other WIFI SSID’s you may have connected to  before. I bet you’ll understand better when the action starts playing out right about now.

Follow the below guide to find your WIFI SSID on your iPhone;

  • Open your iPhone Settings app from the Home Screen or from the app dock
  • Tap on WIFI. You should find a list of networks. Just beneath the Wi-Fi toggle on/off switch, you’ll find your SSID. You can easily spot it out as it has a checkmark attached to the left of the name.

See? That wasn’t too difficult to do, right? So depending on the network you’re connected to, the name will vary, so that when you’re at home and using your home WIFI, you’ll notice your SSID will be a different name. 

And at work? Expect it to change too. For networks you connect to often, they’ll be listed under ‘My Networks’ section and your iPhone can easily connect to the network without permission once it’s within range.

Can I Find My SSID On My iPhone?

Yes, you can know what your SSID is on your iPhone. It really doesn’t take too much except for a click here and your iPhone. Some people however have gone ahead to believe that because the Router broadcasts the network exclusively, then there was no way to know what the SSID could be from your iPhone.

Well, that’s not true. Your iPhone or any other device that can scan for available WIFI networks is able to display the names of the WIFI networks scanned, otherwise, how then is your iPhone able to know what network to connect to?

Although you can easily find from your router what your WIFI SSID is, I’ll also show how to know from the Router your SSID, more on that later. But which is better? Always go to your Router to know what your SSID is or just check from your iPhone? Inarguably the latter is better. 

Your Router SSID is sitted shallowly in your iPhone settings, you can identify it by merely looking for the network that has the little check mark appended to the left of it. Also, to know from your Router what your SSID is isn’t a bad idea. 

Follow the below guide to identify your SSID from your Router SSID;

  • Check the side of your Router or under for a sticker, usually white.
  • This sticker would have your WIFI network SSID printed on it. 

This is the name that will first be available upon your iPhone scanning the network. However, you can change it to something else of your choice whenever you choose.

Changing your SSID will vary depending on your Router manufacturer. You may need to contact them for guidance.


Even though the subject of finding SSID on an iPhone seems basic, it’s clear to me from the number of people constantly asking how to find SSID on iPhone that even the most basic things are not very basic. Good thing you now know where to look if you ever need to see your Router SSID on your iPhone. You may also want to share this article with friends.


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