How To Fix Deleted Emails Still Showing On iPhone

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How To Fix Deleted Emails Still Showing On iPhone

When you delete an email, it simply means that for one reason or another you don’t want them sitting in your inbox anymore. But very often for iPhone users some emails get stubborn and deleting them becomes a worrisome task.

In fact, some iPhone users have complained a lot of times that their deleted emails almost immediately appears after trying to delete them. So does this have a remedy? Yes it does and as you read on you’ll find out as I have listed below possible causes of this and how to finally kick off the stubborn email out of your inbox for good.

On this article I’ll be showing you guys how to fix deleted emails still showing on iPhone.

Why Do My Old Deleted Emails Keep appearing on iPhone?

Here, I’ll try to discuss in the most simplistic manner why your deleted emails wouldn’t go on your iPhone and I’ll tackle that in two facets.

1. Deleted emails hide away in Archive or trash folders

It is true that you purposely have deleted these emails because you don’t want them anymore, but your iPhone has a default setting that still keeps them, somewhere your eye cannot see.

iPhone only tries to make sure you don’t at any point regret to have deleted an email, maybe a work email. Hence this provides a way for you recover the email if you ever need it. Because these are archived or stored in a trash folder, they will occasionally be seen revisiting your main inbox and this truly can be uncomfortable.

2. Using an IMAP email

Using this type of email gives you the ability to access your emails where ever and with any device. This is made possible because an IMAP email stores emails you receive on a server and never can be deleted.

This is contrary to the POP email where any email received is downloaded to your local device and deleted from the server immediately.

Therefore if you’re using an IMAP email, you probably might have your deleted emails resurfacing when synched because the server makes a copy of it that you don’t know off.

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How to stop deleted emails from coming back iPhone

It’s simple to get unwanted emails permanently deleted from your iPhone, only recheck them to make sure that they’re truly unwanted. We will look at four ways you can ultimately delete emails from your iPhone.

1. Find the trash and archive folder

Deleted emails don’t just go, they only hide away in a trash folder. Unwanted emails only completely get deleted when the emails are deleted from the trash folder. Here’s how to locate the trash folder;

  • Go to settings
  • Click on mail
  • Click on account and select the affected email
  • Select advanced setting
  • Select and open the trash folder
  • Mark and delete every email

Just below where you find the trash folder, you’ll find the archive folder, unwanted emails hide here too. Open the folder, mark and delete every email as you did with the trash folder. And you’re good to go.

2. Reconfigure IMAP settings

An IMAP email will never let you delete emails from there server completely, also, deleted IMAP emails never go the deleted message mail box. But here’s what can be done. Reconfiguring your IMAP email to know how to treat emails you may not want any more is the solution. Follow the below steps to get this done;

  • Open mail in settings
  • Select and tap the appropriate affected account
  • Click on advanced
  • Tap on deleted mailbox
  • Look for the ‘on the server’ section and click on trash.

With this configuration completed, IMAP now knows better that you do not need the emails you delete again, as deleted mails will now go to the trash folder on the server and not in your iPhone.

3. Reset network settings

If you’ve done all of the above and nothing seems to change, then maybe your internet connection needs to be reset. With a poor or bad network, changes you make on your mail app, whether you’re trying to delete or send a mail are not effected, hence are not saved.

Follow these simple steps to fix that;

  • Go to settings
  • Click general setting
  • Click on reset
  • Click reset network settings.

Go back to your mail app, refresh and try the deletion process again.

When I Delete An Email In Outlook It Doesn’t Delete On iPhone?

To have your deleted mails on outlook to also delete on your iPhone, you need to set deleted emails to go to trash. Here’s how;

  • Go to setting
  • Click mail and select the account
  • Click on advanced
  • Select deleted mail box under ‘move discard messages into’ section.

How Do I Delete Deleted Emails From Outlook On My iPhone?

Normally, outlook emails are synched to your iPhone, but to have them deleted, it takes only a simple step that I have outlined before but will highlight again.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on mail
  • Click on account and select the affected email
  • Select advanced setting
  • Select and open the trash folder
  • Mark and delete every email

Can I Recover A Permanently Deleted Email From Outlook On iPhone?

I suppose you understand first that permanent deletion means that you’ve gone to the trash folders on outlook and have everything in their deleted. Otherwise, outlook still gives you’re a 30 days chance to restore deleted emails if you change your mind.

But in the event, 30 days has elapsed and you want to recover the mails with your iPhone, it is possible. But only if you’ve not cleaned out the trash email folder. However if you’ve left it untouched then you can go select the desired mail you wish to restore and click restore. That solves it.

Video Guide

How to Solve: Deleted Emails Keep Coming Back on iPhone

Recently in my iPhone (iOS 14) mail App, deleted mails were coming back in the inbox, and no matter what I do it was not deleting for good. So After doing some research, I found out by just tweaking a setting in iPhone, i can easily fix mail not deleting or coming back issue. So in this video we will show you the way to fix the deleted mail coming back issue on iPhone.

Deleted Emails Keep Coming Back on iPhone (Solved)

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Even though it’s possible to want back an email you’ve deleted after some time, but try to be sure that they’re really unwanted. However in the case where any email that belongs to the trash keeps coming back and wouldn’t let go of your inbox, you already know what to do. Use the above steps on how to fix deleted emails still showing on your iPhone.


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