How To Fix iPhone Screen Mirroring Not Working

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Having to view the same content on your iPhone on a larger screenplay and with better resolution isn’t a bad idea. That’s exactly what screen mirroring allows you to do with so much ease. With the introduction of the screenplay feature, struggling to get your iPhone content to your TV screen using an HDMI cable will continue to remain in the past.

However, it’s not a strange thing to find out that on or more occasions screen mirroring wouldn’t work anymore. Experiencing such does not imply that the feature has been disabled on your iPhone, so be rest assured that the issue can be rectified and you’re able to use screen mirroring again


Why Is My Screen Mirroring Not Working?

That’s a good question to ask, because identifying the cause helps in finding and articulating the most probable fix for he issue. Their are a couple of reasons why screen mirroring has refused to work with your iPhone. Two categories, it could be something you’re doing wrongly or something that’s not right. I have a few of listed below for you;

1. Airplay Incompatibility

Many TVs nowadays incorporate screen mirroring, but that’s not to say some don’t. If you’re not using an Apple TV, then you must ensure that whatever TV you’re mirroring your screen to must first be compatible and allows for screen mirroring. You can confirm this my visiting the manufacturer’s website or searching in the guide that comes with your TV device.

Another way to also look at Airplay incompatibility is at the level of the app you’re trying to screen-mirror on your TV. Some apps do not support the feature and one way to know this is by;

  • If its a video app, look for the Airplay icon. It looks like a little TV icon.
  • If you don’t find the Airplay icon in the home screen of the app, try to press the share button you find on the app and check the list of places you can share the media to. If you also do not find the Airplay icon, then the app is not compatible and therefore the screen can’t be mirrored on a TV.

2. Proximity

It’s true screen mirroring is completely wireless, but you will have to establish the connection between both devices in a close range. The screen mirroring technology works on a sender-receiver model where your iPhone is the sender and the TV is the receiver. Both will have to maintain a close range, otherwise the connection will not be established.

How Do I Enable Screen Mirroring On My iPhone

3. Outdated iOS

Your iPhone running on an older IOS Will always affect mirroring your screen to TV. You need to understand that the screen mirroring receives instructions of operation and execution from your current IOS version. Upgrading to a recent IOS version will not only fix screen mirroring bugs but will facilitate a better experience the next time you mirror to your TV


4. Nonidentical WIFI Connection

This is sometimes the most likely reason screen mirroring has refused to work with your iPhone. Your TV must be connected to the same network as your iPhone to make screen mirroring possible. Here’s why, with your TV sharing same WIFI network as your iPhone, both devices are synced and the content of your screen can now be shared on the TV. Nonidentical WIFI connections of both devices will never allow for screen mirroring.


5. Poor Internet

While screen mirroring may not necessarily need an internet connection to work, you’d however need an internet connection if what you’re mirroring on your TV is being streamed or online. If your internet connection is not able to effective play the video for instance properly on your iPhone without buffering, then it may not allow for screen mirroring. You’re not using cellular data, you may want to check your router.


How To Fix iPhone Screen Mirroring Issue

Having stated viable reasons your iPhone may have not been able to screen to your TV, a fix would mean tackling some of the issue as mentioned above to resolve issue. After applying one troubleshooting step and no result seem to be achieved in solving the issue, further with the other tips on this guide until the issue is resolved.


How Do I Enable Screen Mirroring On My iPhone

1. Reboot Devices

It’s no accident that this simple step makes the tops of this list. A simple restart may be all the solution you need. Your iPhone will need a reboot as well as the device you’re mirroring your screen. If not for anything, this can help to clear every bug coming between your TV connecting with your iPhone to resolve the issue.

To restart your iPhone, do the following;

  • Press and hold the side button
  • The power off slider appears
  • Slide the button to the right
  • Your phone will go off, press the side button again to turn on your iPhone.

If the other device you’re mirroring to is not an Apple TV, you can turn off the TV from the power outlet to restart the TV or any other specifications provided by the manufacturer to restart the device.

Now you have both device restarted, try screen mirroring again to ensure the issue is fixed.


2. Verify Both Devices Share The Same Network

For both of your devices to share the same WIFI network is important for screen mirroring your iPhone content to your TV. To confirm that both devices are synced and ready to share data between themselves via WIFI, do the following;


  • Firstly on your iPhone. Open iPhone settings
  • Go to WIFI
  • Check the name of the network you’re connected to
  • Secondly on your TV
  • If from another manufacturer other than Apple, find the equivalent location in settings. You can simply browse the manufacturers website.
  • If an Apple TV, further with the below guide
  • Navigate to  settings
  • Open network setting
  • Confirm that the network name you find is consistent with the one you on your iPhone, otherwise reconnect to one network.

3. Restart WIFI

Mirror screening relies on wireless WIFI network to sync the sending device which is your iPhone and the receiving device, which can be your TV. To restart WIFI is to turn on and off the Airplane mode to disable and enable the connection respectively. Here’s how;

  • Open the control center. Depending on your iPhone model swipe from the top if you’re on iPhone X and later. Swipe from the bottom all the way up if you’re on older iPhone models.
  • Tap the Airplane icon to turn it on
  • Wait about 10 seconds.
  • Tap the Airplane icon to turn it off.
  • This will disconnect WIFI connection

Reconnect WIFI again, try mirror screening again to verify if the issue is solved.


4. Restart Internet Router

If your internet source is from your router then you need to verify that it’s delivering at the right Mb/s. An internet speed that won’t stream a video properly on your iPhone will not be sufficient enough for screen mirroring your iPhone.

To restart your router is simple;

  • Turn off the router from the power outlet
  • Turn it back on
  • Reconnect The TV as well as your iPhone to the network and try screen mirroring again.

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5. Maintain Close Proximity

Quit trying to mirror your screen to your TV from like a kilometer away because it’ll never work. Though wireless, you still need to keep both devices relatively together to ensure the connection is established and maintained. As a rule of thumb, ensure that both devices do not stay more than 4 to 5 arms length away from themselves.

6. Update iPhone

Ensure that you’re running on the current IOS by updating your device. Also do the same if you’re using an Apple TV and any equivalent as instructed by the manufacturer for no-apple products. Here’s how to update your iPhone to the latest version;

  • Head onto settings
  • Click on general
  • Select and click software update
  • It’ll scan for available updates
  • Click download and install afterwards


How Do I Enable Screen Mirroring On My iPhone?

In only a few easy steps, you’d already have gotten started with sharing your screen to your TV. To enable screen mirroring, ensure both devices are first sharing the same WIFI network. I’ll be using a video app supporting screen mirroring to illustrate. Do the following;

  • Open the video to be streamed.
  • Find the screen mirroring or the Airplay icon. Its mostly found at the bottom of the app.
  • Tap the icon, and choose your compatible smart TV device already connected with your iPhone to begin sharing your iPhone content on the TV.
  • You may be prompted to enter your passcode to proceed.


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I don’t know for you, but my choicest media type to screen-mirror to the TV would include videos and sometimes photos. The best part is that you do not only get a wider screen size to feed your eye with also the resolution is heightened to give you the most experience. And if you find screen mirroring malfunctioning, follow the guide above to fix the issue.



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