How To Fix No Audio Device Found On iPhone 7

How To Fix No Audio Device Found On iPhone 7

‘Recording failed, no audio device found’. This is a heart breaking statement a lot of iPhone users have been served with in recent times. iPhone 7 users especially are the ones at the heat of it and everyone’s yelling out for help. The error message just above is one you might have seen yourself when trying to use the voice memo app on iPhone 7. Unfortunately, that’s not only the functionality affected by the bug. In fact with a ‘no audio device found’, you may not be able to do the following;

  • Record a video.
  • Make a voice recording
  • Make calls on loud speaker.
  • Be heard by the other party when you make or receive a call.

Another glitch that comes with this error is that you may experience a really slow iPhone booting. While this can be largely caused by a hardware breakdown, it could also be a software issue that may respond to simple software trouble shooting procedures. In this article I’ll be showing you in more than one way what steps you can Take to get this issue fixed on your iPhone 7. Follow carefully and do the following;

1. Restart Your Device

Rebooting your iPhone 7 is the first trouble shooting step you’ll want to start from. A simple reboot allows all active software your iPhone 7 run on to interact properly with themselves and give just the right output if there was any malfunction. To restart your phone;

  • Press and hold the power button until the slider shows up
  • Slide the button to power off
  • After one minute turn it on again.

Go back to the voice memo app or any app that relies on audio to verify if it has been fixed, otherwise proceed with the next step.


2. Turn Off Noise Cancellation

Your iPhone 7 has a setting that can remove unwanted cracklings and whoosh kind of noise when you’re on call. If there is a software bug, your iPhone may not implement this configuration properly and can switch off or tamper with the audio, hence you need to turn it off. To turn off noise cancellation on your iPhone 7 follow the steps below;

  • Open settings
  • Click on accessibility
  • Click on hearing
  • Open audio and visuals
  • Scroll down and toggle phone cancellation off under the audio section.

Try to use audio again by opening the voice memo app and see if the error message pops up again.


3. Perform A Force Restart

When your iPhone functionalities wouldn’t restore normally with a normal reboot, a force restart becomes your perfect go to. It’ll force your iPhone 7 to run default codes and come back to normal. The procedure to force your iPhone 7 to restart is different from the way you’d do it with lower versions like iPhone 6 downwards. To force restart your iPhone 7 follow the below steps;

  • Press and hold down the down volume button
  • Also press and hold down the power button
  • Continue to hold both buttons down together until you see the Apple logo
  • Allow the phone to restart and show your lock screen

Try once more to use the voice memo app to verify if the audio bug has been fixed.

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4. Reset Your iPhone 7

Before doing this, make sure your iPhone is backed up, because every user data will be erased completely. The aim of resetting your iPhone 7 is to relaunch your phones default setting while eradicating every bug that might have illegally accessed your iPhone. Follow the below steps to rest your iPhone seven after you must have made a full backup;

  • Open settings
  • Click on general
  • Click on reset
  • Click on reset all
  • Your phone will reboot

Again, open the voice memo app and make a recording, if the error message still pops up, further with the next step below.


5. Update Your IOS

Bugs in previous IOS version are usually addressed in newer ones. If the issue is on your iPhone 7 running on IOS 12 or lower, make an update to a higher IOS version and the problem may likely be fixed. Here’s how to update your iPhone 7;

  • Head onto settings
  • Click on general
  • Select and click software update
  • It’ll scan for available updates
  • Click download. It’ll install afterwards

Like you’ve done before, test out if the problem has been fixed by making a recording with the voice memo app.


6. Visit An Apple Store For A Repair

Step one to five suggests a software problem and in the case the bug was not rectified by all the trouble shooting steps outlined above, you may want to consider going to the experts. The expert will run an assessment on your iPhone 7 and will fix the audio IC if it’s broken.

The assessment and repair can be done without an extra cost on you if your warranty is still active, otherwise it can cost a few bucks.

Why is My iPhone 7 Plus Audio Not Working?

Your iPhone 7 audio not working may either be an issue with the hardware or the software. If it’s a software bug, then following the steps above carefully may solve your problem, whereas a hardware problem is best handled by an expert.

However, for the most part, the audio issue is usually a hardware issue and is very peculiar with iPhone 7. This problem is a partly from the build and layout of the iPhone 7. The position where the audio IC is sited is very flexible and not as rigid as iPhones lower than iPhone 7. This makes the audio IC very vulnerable especially when it falls to the ground or other hard surfaces.

So if you’re experiencing an audio issue on your iPhone 7, it’s most likely you have a broken audio IC that needs a fix


Why Is My Audio Device Not Detected?

To be able to make a call on loudspeaker, an audio device would have to be detected, same thing goes if the second party on your call must hear as you speak. The voice memo app also relies on this little technology to work. If you’re currently unable to do these on your iPhone it simply means no audio device is detected and it’s like you have a broken audio IC.


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It’s frustrating to see the ‘no audio device detected’ error message as many functionalities on your iPhone directly depends on audio. I advise that before you zoom of to the nearest Apple store to get a fix, try to run through the easy to follow procedures outlined above and your iPhone may likely be fixed without spending.



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