How To Get A Greek Keyboard On iPhone

How To Get A Greek Keyboard On iPhone

If you’re wondering how you can get the Greek keyboard on your iPhone, you’re not far from learning how to do that as we have all the information covered right here in this article. With the Greek keyboard, it is entirely possible to type things in Greek characters and it also lets you apply the proper accents to some of these characters.

It also contains some unique characters you might need to type but isn’t available on your regular English keyboard. Hence, you might need to know how to get the Greek keyboard so you can have access to these characters. If you’re entirely clueless on how to start, keep reading.


Does iPhone Have Greek Keyboard?

First and foremost, does the iPhone offer the Greek keyboard? The answer is YES, the Greek keyboard is readily available on your iPhone and in order to gain access to it, you have to enable it on your keyboard through your iPhone’s keyboard settings.

If you’d like, you can set it as your default keyboard or rearrange it among the order of your keyboards. This enables you to have access to the Greek keyboard with extreme ease. So with that said, how do you actually get the Greek keyboard on your iPhone? Let’s head on to that.


How To Get Greek Keyboard On iPhone

Like I said, in order to gain access to the Greek keyboard you have to go through your settings and set up some minor things. It’s really quick and easy and there are three full proof methods you can use to get the Greek keyboard on your iPhone. We’re going to cover all three of these methods:


Through The Settings App

The first method of getting the Greek keyboard is through the iPhone‘s settings app. It’s a very easy process that only needs you to turn on/select a series of options to get the Greek keyboard on your iPhone and here’s how you do it:

  • open the settings app on your phone.
  • Tap on general.
  • Tap on keyboard > Tap on Keyboards 
  • Tap on “Add new keyboard”
  • Select the language of your choice (Greek)
  • Pick the type of keyboard you want, we highly recommend “Greek polytonic”.

After following the above tip, you can now check to see if the Greek keyboard has been successfully added to your keyboard list. To check if it has been added to your keyboard list, you have to tap on the globe icon located close to the space bar on your keyboard. After doing that, you will see a list of your keyboard which should be both English and Greek by now. You can then choose the Greek keyboard and start typing.

Through the iPhone’s Keyboard

This method is entirely similar to the first but the only difference is that you use your iPhone’s keyboard to directly get to the Greek keyboard settings without opening the settings app. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open your iPhone’s keyboard.
  • Long press on the globe icon on the keyboard (usually located close to The space bar)
  • Tap on “keyboard settings”, this should take you directly to the settings app to continue
  • Tap on “Keyboards*
  • choose Greek as your language
  • You will see a list of keyboards, choose Greek polytonic
  • After choosing the keyboard, you can know begin to type in Greek

The two methods above are basically the same thing. The only difference is that one method is directly through the keyboard and the last method is through the settings app. They are basically the same thing and give the same results so it is really up to you to pick which you’d love to give through with. 


Downloading The Greek Keyboard Directly From App Store

Another way to get the Greek keyboard on your iPhone is to download an app that enables Greek keyboard. These third party apps work really perfectly and they help with a lot of interpretations for people who are finding it difficult to write and understand with the Greek keyboard because these apps are always Duolingo (both English and Greek).

All you have to do is download any of these apps with good ratings from the app store, launch them and you have successfully gotten the Greek keyboard on your iPhone and you can start using it to type Greek characters efficiently.


Now, after getting the Greek keyboard, what happens next? Do you get stuck with the greek keyboard? If you’re still unaware about how to switch back from the Greek keyboard to your original keyboard, don’t worry it is actually pretty easy. 

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How To Switch Back From The Greek Keyboard

After getting the Greek keyboard on your iPhone, it’s actually easy to switch to English and back. All you have to do is click on the globe icon that’s located close to the spaces bar and you can successfully switch between any keyboard of your choice. We discussed it earlier and it’s that simple.

You can also use this globe icon to set it as your default keyboard or move it around the list of keyboards to whatever position you feel is comfortable for you. This also makes it easy to help you interpret some things from greek to english if you are having difficulties trying to understand what you were typing and also makes it very easy to switch between the keyboards when you want.


The Greek keyboard is readily available to iPhone users if you’re using an iPhone 7 or newer. This keyboard may not be available for earlier versions of iPhone as their operating systems may not support it. 

With these quick tips we hope we’ve been able to help you get the Greek keyboard on your iPhone. The methods are easily applicable and you can also use the tips above to select any other kind of keyboard in any language that you’d love, iPhone offers a range of languages and all you have to do is select the language on the keyboard settings.

The greek keyboard is immensely popular because of it’s look, if you have successfully added it to your list of keyboards, you should have fun while trying it out its unique characters and accents.

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