How to Get Photos Icon Back on iPhone

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The photos app is an inbuilt app that comes with your iPhone. This also means that it is actually impossible to delete or uninstall these kinds of apps. While it might be impossible to delete this app, the photos icon tends to get missing from the list of apps/icons on your iPhone. When this happens, how do you get it back? In this article we’re going to show you everything you will need to know.

Can I Get Photos Icon Back on My iPhone?

After losing the photos icon on their iPhones, a lot of people tend to panic because they have a hard time trying to figure out where it went to and what they can do to bring it back. To make things worse, it actually isn’t possible to download the photos app again since it is a preinstalled app on your iPhone. This means it is actually going to be difficult to find the photos icon if you do not know what you’re doing.

If you search through the app folders of your iPhone you still won’t be able to find the icon and restore it back on your iPhone. It might seem like a lost cause but you have nothing to worry about. It is actually really easy and possible to get the photos icon back on your iPhone.

The steps we are going to give you in this article will make everything smooth and easy for you. In the end, the photos icon should be back on your iPhone’s home screen for you to easily access it once again. It doesn’t matter where the photo icon disappeared to, it is possible to get it back. Let’s head on to what you need to do.


How to Get Photos Icon Back on iPhone

Losing the photos icon is a common problem that a lot of iPhone users usually face. It might seem difficult to get it back but it is actually easier than you might think. To get the photos icon back on your iPhone, you will have to reset the home screen icons. This refreshes the screen and brings back any icon you  might have lost, in this case we are talking about the photos icon.

To do this, you will have to navigate through the settings of your iPhone to perform the reset on the icons of your home screen. If you have no idea on what you are to do, don’t worry. We’re going to give you easy steps you can follow to get the photos icon back on your iPhone. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch the settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll and tap in general.
  3. At the bottom of the next screen tap on reset.
  4. A list of options should appear, scroll to the very bottom and the tap on reset home screen options.

After following the steps above, the photos icon should now be readily available on the home screen of your iPhone. It is highly recommended that you give your iPhone a quick restart after following the steps above. This helps to refresh your iPhone’s software for a better result from the new settings you have just made.   

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Can I Get the Photos Icon from Sub Folders?

If you lost the photos icon on your iPhone, the next thing you might think of is to try and search for it through the folders and sub folders of your iPhone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find the photos icon in any of these places when it gets missing from the home screen of your iPhone. 

The only way you can find the photos icon on a folder or subfolder is if you had already hidden the photos icon on the said folder yourself. Asides this, you won’t find it because the icon might be completely erased from the whole software of your iPhone or it is completely disabled from being viewed.

While it may not be possible for you to get the photos icon from any folder or subfolder, you can follow the steps above to successfully get the lost icon back on your iPhone through the settings app.


Why Did I Lose the Photos Icon on My iPhone

The photos app on your iPhone is usually a preinstalled app on your iPhone like we said. There is no option available on the iPhone that actually allows you to delete or uninstall these kinds of apps. Since you can’t delete them, how come the photos icon is missing on the home screen?  Well, the answer is that you have mistakenly tapped on a few settings that hid the photos icon app.

Sometimes, your iPhone can touch itself without your knowledge when you put it in your pocket or even while you are holding it. These unknown touches can actually set up the photos icon to be hidden or removed from your iPhone. 

When you realize that your photos icon is gone, you can actually use the above steps to get it back on your iPhone without an issue. After doing this, it is recommended that you always try to lock your iPhone’s screen before you actually put it in your pocket or bag. This will stop your iPhone from touching itself and removing your photos icon or any other icon again.


In this article we have explained that the photos icon app is an in-built app on your iPhone, this means that it is impossible to delete the app totally. While you can’t delete the app, the icon can always get deleted or moved without your knowledge. When this happens, it might seem really difficult to try and get the icon back on the home screen of your iPhone.

With the steps in this article, we have made it very easy for you to actually get the photos icon back on your iPhone without facing any difficulties. The steps are pretty easy for you to follow.


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