How To Get Rid Of White Circle On iPhone

How To Get Rid Of White Circle On iPhone

You most likely have seen a white circle with a black border floating around everywhere on your iPhone. It’s called the IOS Assistive touch which can help you get a lot done without touching any physical buttons. Especially when you do not want to use iPhone gestures, the Assistive Touch can help with making screenshots, going back to the Home screen no matter what you’re doing, turning on Focus, triggering Siri to listen to your voice, and even locking your iPhone.

As good as this virtual button can be, it also can pose as a really annoying disturbance most times. Continue reading to find out how to remove it from your iPhone screen whenever you want.


How To Get Rid Of White Circle On iPhone

It’s true the Virtual button can be dragged to any corner of the screen to allow you some space depending on what part of the screen you’re working on, but some other times, you just want it entirely out so  you can have all the screen space to yourself.

There are a couple of ways to have the floating white circle off your screen for good. Don’t worry, removing the Assistive Touch button from your screen is only temporary and so can be restored at any time you may need it.

Follow the below guide to get rid of the white circle on iPhone;

Disable Assistive Touch Completely

It’s completely your choice to use the virtual button or not, hence like most other iPhone features, it can be turned off. You only turn it on again whenever you need. Here’s how to turn off Assistive Touch on your iPhone;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Accessibility
  • Under the Physical and motor section, tap on the Touch option
  • Tap on Assistive Touch  to toggle the button off.
  • The Assistive touch will now no longer be on your screen. If need be to enable it again, follow the steps as shown above and enable the White circle through your iPhone settings.

How To Get Rid Of White Circle On iPhone


Tell Siri To Get Rid Of It

How To Get Rid Of White Circle On iPhone

Siri, your iPhone personal assistant, has the kill code that can get rid of the white floating button. All it will take is waking Siri with the magic word ‘Hey Siri’, afterwards tell it to hide Assistive Touch on your iPhone and it’ll be effected immediately. Siri does not turn it off completely but only hides it away. Hence, If you have need for it again, instruct Siri again to activate it.


Turn It Off From The Control Center

You can also turn off Assistive Touch from the iPhone Control center, however you’d first have to add the Accessibility settings to the control center. To add Accessibility to the control center, follow the below steps;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on Control center
  • Scroll down to the Accessibility shortcuts under the More controls section
  • Tap the plus button to the left of the Accessibility icon.
  • This will make all Accessibility settings available in the Control center.

With an Accessibility shortcut now added to the control center, here’s how to turn off Assistive Touch;

  • Open the control center
  • Tap on the Accessibility icon which will display a list of other icons.
  • Tap on the white circular icon, and deactivate the Floating icon by tapping on Assistive Touch.

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Use The Side Button/Home Button

The White floating button can be disabled by using the Side or Home button depending on your iPhone model. This is a very simple process that triggers Accessibility shortcuts by clicking on the side or home button three times. This will display on a window the Accessibility settings which includes the Assistive Touch.

But first to get this to work, you’d have to add Assistive Touch to Accessibility shortcut. Here’s how;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Accessibility
  • Tap on Accessibility shortcut
  • Tap on Assistive Touch to include it to the shortcut

With that done, to get rid of the White circle, here’s what to do;

  • Click thrice on the home or side button
  • This will display the Accessibility shortcut.  
  • Tap on Assistive Touch to disable it. 
  • Repeat the process and Tap on Assistive Touch to enable the white circular button again.


Why Is There A White Circle On My iPhone Screen

The White circle you find on your iPhone is called the Assistive touch. Usually it’ll not just begin to float over your screen without first being activated, you could have done that even without knowing.

The Assistive Touch was originally added by Apple for iPhone users with motor impairments, enabling them to take full control of their device without the use of buttons, but rather by tapping on every function and even with gestures. 

Apart from Motor impairment, some users may just prefer the look and feel of the Assistive Touch which can be dragged to any position of choice on the iPhone screen. Also, users with hardware issues can rely completely on Assistive Touch for their day to day activity without any problems. 

Every function is accessible from the Assistive touch. For instance, instead of swiping from the top downwards to view Notifications, you can simply tap on the Assistive Touch, select Notifications and the Notification center will be opened. The Assistive touch has some default shortcuts, but you can customize it to prioritize functions that you use the most, accessible from anywhere on your iPhone.

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Primarily because the Assistive Touch displays over everything on your iPhone, it can begin to bother you. Or when you feel you should have a 100% of your iPhone display to yourself not to be shared with a floating white button, use the guide above to get rid of it, to only activate when it’s needed again. 

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