How To Get Your Child’s iPhone Password?

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Just like every parent, you also want to know what your child is up to with their phone and it is quite natural. Feeling concerned about how your children may be using the iPhone you probably got for them is a good sign, telling that you own up to the responsibility of keeping your child safe in a bizarre world.  

However, you can’t access the content on their iPhone if you do not have the passcode, and I strongly doubt that they’ll be willing to hand it over to you upon asking, no child will. 

So how do you get your Child’s iPhone passcode into their phone without their knowledge? That’s the info up for grab in this article, continue reading to find out.

How To Get Your Child’s iPhone Password?

There’s really no need asking why you want to get into your child’s iPhone without their knowledge as there are dozens of reasons. For most parents, they want to make sure their child isn’t consuming any adult content that can ruin their tender minds, or getting into conversations that are not healthy. And for some other persons, it could be just for a routine check.

Whatever your reason maybe for needing to get into your child’s iPhone without their knowledge may be well meaning and justifiable to you but probably not to the child. It’s funny how everyone is an adult in the age we live in. Even your child thinks he’s of age and needs privacy and he also thinks you as the parent should respect that. 

Usually children who find out that their iPhone was accessed without their knowledge do not take things lightly with the parent, it’s always a cause for trouble.

There are a couple ways to get your child’s iPhone password, use any of the below methods that suits you best;

1. Simply ask

Simply asking your child for permission to go through their iPhone may to your disagreement work as magic. To some parents this is not an option at all, but I tell you, it’s possible and still works. 

To even increase your success at this, you must before now build the rapport with your  child that lowers their security when they’re close to you. Trust me, when your child trusts you enough and can talk to you about stuff happening in their life, giving away their iPhone password won’t be a big deal. 

Another way is to remind the child the moment the iPhone was given that they’ll have to hand over their phone to you say every quarter to have their phones by you. Although this can work, but I tell you the truth, you ma never know what your child may be up to even with all the inspection. Because, prior the due date for inspection, they’ll clean up all the mess, leaving no trace and serving you a clean plate. 

In my opinion, the first option works best. Let your children trust you enough and make them understand that being a parent is synonymous to be a guardian, also share with them your own pitfalls as a child and you’ll be surprised how you’ll have free access to their iPhone all the time, probably.

2. Get Into iPhone using Siri

Other times, you want to get into your child’s iPhone noiselessly, using Siri is a subtle way to do that. Now you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to make Siri bypass the iPhone lock screen without any passcode. Well, that’s what I meant by subtle. 

Apple left a clue without knowing when it made it possible for Siri to be activated and used from the lock screen, and just be giving Siri some specific commands you can subtly make Siri lead you into your child’s phone unlocked. 

However, bear in mind that this will only work if you’re running IOS 8.0 to IOS 12. it may also work in IOS 13 but it has not been tested. This above stated IOS versions have been discovered to bear loop-holes in their software build that can be utilized in opening an iPhone without requiring a passcode. 

Follow the below guide;

  • Wake screen from the lock screen. Depending on your model of iPhone, for iPhones with a Home button, just long press the button to activate Siri.
  • Ask Siri ‘What is the time now?’ you can rephrase this question however you like but let the meaning stay the same
  • Siri will display the clock icon, tap on it
  • Just at the top right corner of the screen bearing the world map, tap on the ‘+’ icon
  • On the search box that appears at the top, tap on it and input any string of letters. Whether or not the letters typed in makes sense or not does not matter.
  • Select/highlight all the letters afterwards and Tap Share that appears as an inline menu
  • Tap on the Message app icon. This will open the Message app.
  • Next is to app a recipient on the ‘To’ field above
  • With that done, tap ‘Return on your keyboard to go back’
  • Wait a few minutes and you’ll find that they iPhone has been unlocked.

This is a good way to get into your child’s iPhone needing no passcode. While this has worked in many cases, it doesn’t work all the time, also you may have to try a couple times first before being successful at this.

3. Get into iPhone using PassFab software

PassFab is an iPhone unlocking software that works incredibly to access an iPhone content without the use any passcode. If you’re looking to get into your child’s iPhone with only minimal stress and actually be successful then maybe you should consider getting the PassFab software.

The software is available for on both windows and MacOS, easy to use because no prior knowledge is needed. You just plug and play, following the information one step at a time, in next to no time, you would have already broken in into your child’s iPhone.

Follow the below guide;

  • First, install the software on your computer
  • Launch the Software, using a USB-C cable form the computer plug in your iPhone 
  • Click on the Next button on the PassFab menu
  • You’ll prompted to download a matching firmware for the iPhone. About 7Gb of space will be needed to download the file
  • After the download is completed, click on the ‘Start remove’ button to start the automated lock screen bypassing on the iPhone
  • You should get a success message when the process is completed.

Verify that the iPhone is now unlocked by accessing the Home Screen.

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Does iPhone Have Parental Control?

Yes, Apple has given parents who wish to protect their children from the much chaos living on the internet an upper hand in enforcing that. Screen Time on iPhone makes this possible. With Screen Time, a parent has the power to limit or entirely prevent access to some content not deemed healthy. 

The type of parental control that iPhone offers is not the type heralded by most other phone manufacturers that at worst blocks access websites with explicit content, with Screen Time swung to action, you have complete control over your child’s iPhone.

Apart from being able to prevent your child’s iPhone from visiting adult platforms, you can as well achieve the following with Screen time;

  • Restrict Siri from making specific web searches
  • Prevent changes to settings you already made on your child’s iPhone
  • Restrict access to some games
  • Prevent movie, TV shows, Books and music with specific ratings
  • Prevent purchases from the App store and iTunes

All of the above mentioned is possible with Screen time setup on your wards iPhone and depending on their age or other factors that matter to you, set up restrictions to as many or as little services as required.

How Do I Remove iPhone Parental Controls Without A Password?

It’s not impossible to forget the Screen time Passcode you’ve used to set up your child’s iPhone. Truth is, all of those series of password to stiffen your parental control settings can be volatile, refusing to stick to memory. How about when the need arises to make more access available to your child as he come of age but then, you don’t have the password? 

Instead of worry about how to erase the iPhone to restore the phone to back in time when there was no parental control set, use the method below to remove iPhone parental control without a password;

Using EaseUS Screen Time removal tool

It’s easy to remove parental control on any iPhone using the EaseUS software available for Windows devices and Mac. Fist thing you have to do is install the app from here, and secondly, turn off Find My iPhone on the iPhone in question.

With both of those done, carry on with the rest of the guide;

  • Launch the Installed software on your computer and connect your iPhone to your PC using a lightning USB-C cable
  • On the pop-up that appears on your iPhone, tap on ‘Trust this computer’
  • Click on Unlock Screen Time Password on your computer, represented by a Sand Time icon. The software will detect what model of iPhone you have to prepare the firmware to be used.
  • On the next screen, click on the Unlock Now
  • The removal process will start and will complete in a couple minutes. The process may take longer for some iPhone models. Overall, it can last an average of 10 minutes
  • After the process is completed, verify from the your iPhone that Screen Time has been removed.


Children will always be children regardless of what today’s online community may give as their opinion. Popular opinion has it that children shout be given all the liberty they want, but that is in no wise healthy for them. It’s your responsibility as a parent to protect them and if that includes limiting their access to information then the iPhone Screen Time feature is your best go to.


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