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How To Hide Battery Usage On iPhone

Battery usage enables us to see how much battery consumption our iPhones have gone through the past hours or even days. It shows you which app is draining the most power from your iPhone‘s battery and which isn’t. It might sound like a nice feature but a lot of people don’t like receiving the notifications that may be popping up every now and then, how do you actually hide the battery percentage


Hiding the battery usage in your iPhone is very possible and it is quite easy. All you have to do is scale through the settings app on your iPhone and you can hide the battery usage. To add, you can also choose to hide the battery usage notifications from a particular app if you’d like to. Now that you’ve known that hiding the battery usage on your iPhone is possible, how do you actually do it? Keep on reading as we’ve compiled the detailed steps to help you hide the battery usage on your iPhone.


There are a few ways you can hide the battery usage on your iPhone. You have to change some settings in the settings app of your iPhone. Here are the different methods you could use:
Method 1:
The first method involves turning off the detailed battery usage notifications. This feature is what displays all the apps and the detailed power they have drained from your iPhone’s battery. It shows you the amount of hours and percentage you had spent on a particular app, if you have no idea on how to turn off the detailed battery usage, follow the easy steps below:
Open the settings app on your iPhone.
Scroll and search for “battery”, then you tap on it.
You will see the “show detailed battery usage” option, tap on it to turn it off.

Method 2:

This second method . This mode usually stores up notifications on how much battery power you are using and which app is draining the most power. By turning it off, your iPhone doesn’t bother much about the battery usage and piling up unnecessary details notifications about your battery usage for the past days or months even. To turn off low power mode, follow the easy steps below:
Open the settings app on your iPhone.
Search for “battery” and tap on it.
You will see the “low power mode” option, tap on it to turn it off.


The battery percentage is also another way your iPhone uses to warn you on how much battery usage it has been through. If you’re wondering how you can hide this, here’s how you do it:
1. Open the settings app on your iPhone.
2. Click on general.
3. Click on “usage”.
4. You will have to scroll down until you find “battery usage”.
5. Tap on it to toggle it off.
That should turn off the battery percentage and you won’t be able to see the usage details anymore.

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Some people just want to hide the battery usage for a particular app or just a few apps. How exactly for you do it?

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap on “battery”
  • On the next screen, you will scroll down to see a list of apps that are currently on the battery usage feature.
  • Tap on any app you want.
  • From there, you can turn off the notifications from that app or you can choose hinder its background activities.
  • When you’ve followed these steps, you should be able to hide the battery usage of an app and stop receiving notifications from it.


Yes it is completely okay if you consider hiding the battery usage on your iPhone. Hiding the battery usage on your iPhone will not cause any issues on your phone.

There will be no change on your phone and battery if you turn it off, you will still be using your iPhone as effectively as before.
The battery usage feature is more like a notification that informs you on the battery usage your phone has faced during a period of time.

All you are actually doing is hiding or turning off this notification, it has no effect on the overall performance of your iPhones so you have nothing to worry about.
The battery usage basically displays info about the amount of screen time your iPhone has gone through. Screentime is actually the amount of time you’ve spent on your iPhone with the screen on.

The more screentime you have, the more notifications you get about your battery usage because screentime affects battery power. Hiding the battery usage doesn’t affect your screentime. If you followed the aboce steps to hide battery usage, you can enjoy as much screentime as you want without having to see the unnecessary battery usage notifications.

Wrapping Up

With these easy steps you should be able to hide the battery usage on your iPhone. While that may be beneficial to stop the notifications on battery usage, you should also realize that this feature is useful in some way because it notifies you if which app is consuming the most battery percentage so you can easily turn off or close the app.

With the information you get from the battery usage notifications, you will know about which apps drains the most battery so you know how you can manage it.

Either by uninstalling the apology or minimizing how much you use the app. You can also use the battery usage notifications to know which apps are running secretly in the background and taking your battery so you can stop them.
Either way, it’s up to you. If the notifications annoy you and feeling like it’s more

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