How to Install Apk File On iPhone

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Apk files specifically are built to be compatible with android devices, one thing you should keep in mind is Android apps are built with a Dalvik executable file, which is present inside an APK package while that of an iPhone was built with IPA which is mostly coded with Xcode Language.


In this article we shall be taking a look at how to install APK files on iPhones, how possible it is and the risks involved will all be discussed here, let’s go. 


How to Install Apk File On iPhone 


Going by the Name APK which simply means Android Package, you should understand that an APK file can’t be installed on an iPhone. 

What I’m trying to say is, that there is no way you can download or install an APK file on an iPhone, rather you can install or download the IPA version of the app you want to install, which we believe will be available on the app store. 


Not just on your iPhone, any APK file will not be compatible with any iOS device and if you’re so much interested In the app, you can go to the app store and download the IPA file of the app. 


How to Install Apk File On iPhone Without Jailbreaking 


It is important to understand what Jailbreak means, it simply means, accessing or modifying any iPhone in an unauthorized manner. 

One of the major reasons why people jailbreak their phone is for them to use apps which normally wouldn’t be possible. 

Jailbreaking is not safe because you might stand the chance of not being able to update your phone software anymore. 

If you want to download this app without Jailbreaking, here is what you’re going to do


  • First, you need to download the IPA file of the app you want to download 
  • The next you need to do is to download another app called Cydia impactor 
  • Without downloading the Cydia app, you won’t be able to sign in to your apple account to access the IPA file you have downloaded. 
  • Now you can connect to your iOS device or iPhone 
  • At this point, you will open the Cydia app you have downloaded from the app store. 
  • The next thing you need to do is to paste the IPA file you downloaded on the Cydia impactor app. 
  • Re-sign to your Apple ID and the installation will start automatically. 


Knowing this method is one thing, the other thing is finding an IPA file that is equivalent to the APK file that you want to download. 


If you are so lucky you might be able to find it on the app store but if you can’t find it, just leave it and use the iOS apps that you have or you simply do a phone jailbreak which is not advisable, it will be you modifying your phone in an unauthorized manner which might harm the phone if not carefully done. 


How to Install Apk On iPhone Using a Third Party App 


If you have gone through the processes we have provided above and it doesn’t work for you but you want to get this app, here is another way you can download or install APK file on your iPhone by just using a third-party app. 

Here would be using an app called playstore++, this app is an upgraded version of Google play store that is very much compatible with iOS or iPhone.

With this app, you can download any kind of android application onto your iphone. 

The app can be used in all iPhone or iOS versions, the good thing is, to download the app is free, so why to worry about things you can’t do with your iOS when you can get all the android apps to your iPhone without waste of time

Let’s go straight to showing you what you have made. the most out of this app. 


  • First, open your Safari browser app.
  • Then you need to do is go to. the store where you can download it, this is the link to the store, storeboxplus. vip
  • Storeboxplus. vip is a website where you can get any kind of app, both free and paid and it is updated daily.
  • Search for Playstore++ 
  • Click on download 
  • You will be required to grant permission and a profile will be granted 
  • Download and installation are done, go home 
  • Click on the app to open 
  • You will be told to download supporting apps
  • Click on Go 
  • Download some apps that it will tell you to download 
  • Those apps help the Playstore++ to function effectively without stress 
  • When all is done, you can now download all your favourite apps without Jailbreaking. 


Can I Install Apk File on My iPhone? 


The answer is NO, APK files are built mainly for android phones, we all know that iPhone apps are built with the iOS version and code while that of android is major the APKs. 

But if you really want to get the app on your iPhone, there will be no point in buying an android phone because you want to use a certain app. 

In this space, we would always have a solution for all your iPhone or tech-related issues. So in this, we are recommending you to download some third-party apps that will help you download all kinds of android or apk files to your iPhone and use them comfortably. 

You can use apps like emulators, this is mostly used for Mac iOS, emulators are used to helping you run android apps on laptops and can also work for your iPhone


The major app we would recommend for you today is for you to download Cydia and playstore++

With these two apps, you can get all kinds of APK files down to your iPhone and use them comfortably. 

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Can Google Play Store Work on iPhone 


Had to add this topic to this article because the basics of all APK files are on the Google play store. 

For a long time, APK apps have been designed for android and powered by the Google play store. 

Though there has been no official announcement by Google saying the Google play store is available for iPhone users but we have an app that works exactly like the play store and is compatible with iPhone.

  • Open the home browser (safari) 
  • Paste this link
  • You will be taken to where you can search and download the app
  • After downloading and installing playstore++ you will be required to do some settings 
  • Follow the instructions given while setting the app 
  • With playstore++ you get all apps without stress. 


Can Google Apps work on iPhone? 

Most Google apps are considered to be android related apps but apps like YouTube and Google Maps are preinstalled on your iPhone before you even buy them which means they have the iOS version of those apps. 

So, Yes Google plays apps can be used on iPhones and other iOS devices.



How to install APK file on iPhone have been a major topic for so many people, it seems like the apps and games you see on Android are far better than what we see on Apple or iPhones. That is why some people want to find a way of downloading it to their iPhones.  

It is impossible to directly download any android app on your iPhone but you can do through jailbreak and the use of third-party apps which we have mentioned. 


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