How To Leave A FaceTime Group On iPhone

How to leave a FaceTime group on iPhone

A once fruitful and fun FaceTime group could grow sour and the only way to give yourself the space you need would be to exit the FaceTime group. Sometimes it could even be you were just added to a FaceTime group without your permission and leaving quietly would be your best option.

But more often than not, a lot of users have complained about not being able to exit a FaceTime group, in fact, the case usually is that they can’t find the exit button to the outside of the group. In this article, you’ll find out how to leave a FaceTime group on your iPhone for good.


How Do You Remove Yourself From A Group FaceTime?

Truth is, it can really get complicated at times to leave a FaceTime group. This is primarily because of the way FaceTime works and its close association with other apps like the iMessage app. 

Below are a few ways you can use to leave a group FaceTime audio or video chat;

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Exit iMessage Group Chat

Exiting from the iMessage group chat where the FaceTime is initiated from can be your source of relief from the annoying FaceTime group chat. Participants of an iMessage group can easily join any FaceTime video or audio chat without permission regardless of the person who initiated the call. 

With the call placed, every participant of the group will be notified and can join the FaceTime video or audio right from the notification center. This connection of an iMessage group char with FaceTime has to be severed if you must leave the group. Here’s how to exit from a FaceTime group;

  • Open the messaging app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the info button with the icon ‘i’ 
  • Tap on ‘Leave This Conversation’ to exit from the group. This method applies for IOS version 11 and earlier.
  • If you’re running on IOS 12 and later, here’s what to do;
  • Open the iMessage app
  • Tap on the profile icon at the top of the app
  • Tap on the ‘i’ button
  • Tap on ‘Leave This Conversation’ to exit from the group. 

However, this is for only when every member of the iMessage group in question are all iOS or Apple users. If the group contains some other participants running on other operating systems other than Apples, then I’m afraid you may not be able to exit from the group iMessage.

This is basically because the non-Apple users only send and receive texts in the group chat via SMS, contrary to MMS and iMessage available to all users of Apple. One way to find out that the message group is made up of several users from several IOS backgrounds is that the ‘Leave This Conversion’, will be grayed out.

Honestly, I don’t seem to wrap my head around  why Apple has chosen this user experience model, only hoping it changes with iOS versions to be released in the future.


Exit FaceTime Group Call

Leaving a FaceTime video or audio group chat can as well be as simple as joining. It involves no technical process, all you need to do is end the call as you would to a normal call

To leave a group video or audio FaceTime, here’s how;

  • When on the call, tap on the screen and then on the ‘x’ button
  • If the controls are not visible on tapping the screen, tap on the End or Leave button.

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Why Can’t I Hang Up My FaceTime?

FaceTime can get stuck as soon as you try to end the call by tapping on the End button. While we’re not exactly certain why this may be happening but it’s most likely to be a software issue with FaceTime. 

Apple is yet to say why either and have not officially introduced what to do when in this type of disappointing situation. However, some users have gone ahead to figure out the kill code to unfreeze FaceTime and prevent it from happening again.

Below include some of what you can do to unfreeze FaceTime when it gets stuck the next time you want to hang up.

Force Restart iPhone

Many software related issues will quickly clear away with a force restart. It gives your iPhone the chance to start afresh, clearing off buggy cache and logging in fresh ones. Here’s how to perform a force restart on your iPhone;

  • Press and quickly release the up button
  • Press and quickly release the down button
  • Lastly press and hold the power button. Only release it when the Apple logo appears. This will apply for iPhones without a Home Button.
  • Verify the issue is fixed by launching the FaceTime app again, making a call and trying to End the call.


Turn Off FaceTime

Turning off FaceTime can help too. Just maybe the error causing the freeze will be turned off too. Here’s how to turn off FaceTime on your iPhone;

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Tap on FaceTime
  • Toggle the switch to the left of FaceTime to off
  • Verify the issue is fixed by launching the FaceTime app again, making a call and trying to End the call.


Reset iPhone

If nothing from both fixes above fail to work, then you have to do a complete reset of your iPhone. However, make sure to have your iPhone backed up first to avoid losing files that are important to you. Here’s how to Reset your iPhone;

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on  Reset
  • Tap on Erase All Content and Setting
  • You’ll be asked to confirm your decision by entering your Passcode to a pop up.
  • Verify the issue is fixed by launching the FaceTime app again, making a call and trying to End the call.


Update iOS

If FaceTime keeps freezing on tapping on the End button, then it’s most likely to be caused by a software bug and can be fixed by updating your iPhone to a recent IOS version. Apple will always try to fix bugs in previous versions in recent upgrades. 

Here’s how to update IOS on your iPhone;

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap Software update
  • Tap on the available update to download and install it.
  • If there are two updates available to your phone, you may want to tap on the most recent.
  • After installation, verify if the issue is fixed by launching the FaceTime app again, making a call and trying to End the call.

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Can FaceTime End By Itself?

No, it’s not normal for a FaceTime audio or video call to end on its own. If you don’t accept normal calls you make to end on their own, then you should not also think it’s normal when it disconnects unmanned. 

The only time a FaceTime call can end on its own will be in the case the second party ends the call on their end and you’re the only one left, hence, the call will end. Even in such a case, you’ll hear a chime three times before the call ends completely.

If you find that your FaceTime call ends on its own, first make sure you’re running on the latest IOS version, you may also need to check your internet connection, check your date and time, Reset network settings.

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It can be more than distracting and embarrassing to have your FaceTime call end mid-call, it’s usually not a difficult issue to tackle though. Use the solutions as provided above to fix the issue and get back with your friends or colleagues on FaceTime uninterrupted.

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