How To Leave A Voicemail Without Calling On iPhone

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Only the thought of starting some complicated calls can make you fall sick and leave you wishing there was a way around it, to still pass your message but never have to hear the other party’s voice. If this is your situation, I assure you’re not alone, one way or another we’ve all been there. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to leave a voicemail without calling on iPhone. Continue reading to find out.

How To Leave A Voicemail Without Calling On iPhone

Usually, the traditional way to connect a person via voicemail would be when you call the associated number without being able to reach them. Only then would you be given a chance to leave a voicemail for them.

But today, you can go straight into a person’s voicemail without ringing their phone first, thanks to advancement in telecommunication.

Use the methods provided below to leave a voicemail without calling on iPhone;


Slydial lets you bypass the other party’s phone ringing, in fact, they wouldn’t realize you didn’t try to call them in the first place. Although a Slydial app exists on the app store, you do not need it to deliver a voicemail to anybody. 

You also do not even need to sign up first to use their service, just dial the digits 267-759-3425 or 267-SLYDIAL on your iPhone, follow the prompts and you’ll be asked to record your message and afterwards send. That’s it, no technicalities involved.

If you decide to use the app, it is available freely in the app store. However bear in mind that you’ll have to sign up first to use the app. Simply open the App store, enter Slydial into the search box and tap enter. Tap on GET to download and install the app. 

Follow the guide below to complete your registration and leave a voicemail without calling to any number;

  • Launch the Slydial app from your Home Screen
  • Enter your mobile number in both spaces provided and tap on the Continue button below.
  • Sign in afterwards using the Username and Password you created on the platform
  • From the list options listed. Tap on either ‘Slydial a Contact’ or ‘Slydial a Number’. If you select the former, you’ll be able to select a contact from  your list to leave a voicemail, whereas for the latter, you just dial the number straight up.
  • Tap on Call. You’ll be asked via an automated message to drop your Voicemail. Do so and Hang up to send the Voicemail.

However bear in mind that Slydial cannot be used to voicemail the below;

  1. VoIP numbers
  2. Third-Party voicemail services
  3. Prepaid mobile phones
  4. Landline Phones

You also may have to deal with occasional ads before being given the opportunity to record your message.

Call their Voice mail number On your iPhone

You can also drop a voicemail directly to anyone without having to ring their iPhone via their voicemail number. Voicemail numbers used to be a thing in the past, in fact most old persons can still remember theirs without looking at any book. But today? I bet if many don’t know they exist. 

While this can be a very easy way to send a voicemail to anyone on your contact list, it’s unfortunate that you’ll require another number other than their current mobile phone number and I agree with you, it’s stressful.

But you never can tell, simply ask them for their voicemail digits if they can remember, and if yes, then it’s your lucky day, simply save it out on your iPhone. If no, then that’s no cause for alarm, use the other methods I’ve provided in this article to drop a ringless voicemail to anyone.


WhatCall stands as a competitor against Slydial that has earlier been discussed in this article. They offer almost similar functionality as allowing you to connect straight to a person’s Voicemail box but unlike Slydial, WhatCall does not offer a free plan.

Their basic plan cost $1.99 with option to upgrade to advanced plans with several in-app purchases for credit packs. Overall, it’s easy to use, just import your contact to the app or simply dial the number in the app. Connect and record your voicemail by following the prompts. Hang up to send.

Can You Leave Someone A Voicemail Without Actually Calling Them?

Very possible! If you’re avoiding speaking with a person over a phone call, or you want to pass your message to someone who you feel might be in a meeting or some other solitary place, you’d want to send them a voicemail other than a call. 

You can also use it to trick someone into believing that you tried calling their number without reaching them on the phone. But don’t take my word for it, you’re actually liable if they find you have used the methods provided in this article to go straight to their voicemail box.

Generally, it doesn’t take too much to do. Some cellular service providers now offer their users the ability to leave someone a voicemail without actually calling them. Not all service providers though, but the popular ones support the service. 

I have listed below the service providers  that lets you go straight to voicemail as well as how to send your recorded message.


It’s no surprise for one of the biggest service providers to offer this functionality. The best part is, they’ve made it super easy to connect to a person’s voicemail box without leaving a trace. Follow the below guide;

    • Open your dialer. 
    • Tap and hold the key ‘1’, do the same to key ‘2’ in about 3 seconds
    • Dial the persons phone number as prompted
  • Hang up to deliver the message.


It’s pretty the same process on Verizon, only that this time you have to first dial and call *67 from your iPhone. Follow the rest of the instruction afterwards;

  • Press and hold the key 6 and 7 together.
  • Enter the number of the person you wish to leave a voicemail for as prompted. This will take you to their voicemail box.
  • Record your message, Press on the Send button.

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On T-mobile, it follows quite a different route, but do  not worry, it’s simple. Only follow the guide provided below;

  • Dial and call 1-805-637-7243 on your iPhone. This will take you to your voicemail account from where you can manage who you send a voicemail to.
  • Follow the prompts until you’re asked to input the phone number that you want to voicemail
  • Record your message and hang-up to send.

The downside of sending a voicemail via the way your service provider dictates is that it only applies for users of the same network. That is to say, you can’t reach an AT&T user using the way Verizon says you should for sending a voicemail, that’s if you’re on Verizon and remain the same for all other providers.

Can You Leave A Voicemail In Your iPhone If Your Number Is Blocked

When You block a call on iPhone it just automatically rejects the call and also the number calls, just as if you hit the reject button. it will go to voicemail. the person can then leave a message.

If you have blocked a number from calling your phone, you can still call it and leave a voice mail.


Voicemail cannot be done away with, not even with all the technologies in vogue. Instead, better ways of connecting to people using a rindless voicemail will be made available. While most service providers are still lagging to make the service available, that’s their business to deal with anyway, use some of the third party companies I have listed above to leave a voicemail without calling on iPhone.



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