How To Make A Video Clearer On iPhone

How To Make A Video Clearer On iPhone

It’s next to impossible to recreate events you capture as video on your iPhone. This is what makes blurry videos or videos with lots of grains on it very disappointing, as they’re not good for sharing with friends on social media, and you may not be able to recreate and re-film events. In this case, instead of deleting the video and losing the memory, what you can do is look for ways to enhance the video quality.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a video clearer on iPhone, continue reading to find out.

How To Make A Video Clearer On iPhone

Blurs or low quality videos on your iPhone could be caused by several factors and could range from filming with the wrong video quality or shaky hands while holding up the camera against your subject. Whatever the case may be, the effect is not nice. 

Below, I have a list of apps that have proven to be helpful in improving video quality and how you can use them to make your video clearer on iPhone.


The iPhone default photo editing app is a great tool to make your video clearer with. I know what you’re thinking about right now, and I’m aware it’s iPhoto and not an iVideo, so I’m not getting it twisted. The iPhoto app also can be used to edit videos even though the ‘photo’ suffix does make it look like it’s exclusive to images alone.

With the iPhoto app, you can enhance videos especially with lots of grains and blur to look sharper by reducing the noise on the video. 

The best part is that it’s all done for you automatically, all you have to do is slide the Noise Reduction and Sharpness effects to the right for more of it or the opposite for less of it. Overall, you’ll see firsthand when your video gets clearer as you continue to adjust. 

Follow the below guide to make your video clearer using the iPhoto app.

  • Launch the iPhoto app on your iPhone
  • Select the blurry video from your library and tap on the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen
  • With the video now in the editing panel, tap on the Adjustment icon next to the video icon
  • Swipe on the horizontal list of effect, select and click on Noise Reduction
  • Depending on how fuzzy your video is, use the slider to select anywhere from 50 to 100. keep an eye on the video though to know what level suits your video best.
  • With Noise Reduction set, select the Sharpness effect.
  • Just as was done with the Noise Reduction slider, also with the Sharpness  effect. It’s best to sharpen your video to around 30 or less. Increasing beyond normal levels may leave your video distorted.
  • Satisfied with the look of your video tap on Done at the bottom right corner to save your video.

That was an easy ride, right? Playback your video to see if it got any clearer.


For defects in your video resulting from shakiness, what you need to fix the video is the Lumafusion app. Other apps exist that lay claims to being able to stabilize shaky videos, but I’ve not seen any that performs as well as the Lumafusion app. 

The app is available for download on the Apple App store and also has a windows and Mac version. Use the platform that suits you best. But overall, it has a really easy-to-use interface and can do wonders to a shaky video. Don’t take my words for it, use the app to find out for yourself.

Follow the demonstration below to make your video clearer by stabilizing it using the Lumafusion app.

  • Download, install and launch the app on your iPhone.
  • Select the video you want to edit and it’ll be loaded to the editing panel
  • From the effects panel, select and tap the ‘Lock and Load Stabilizer’. 
  • Drag the slider to increase and reduce the strength of the effect by dragging to the right and left respectively.
  • Play the video on the editor and make sure you’re satisfied with the edit, otherwise continue to adjust the slider.

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That’s how easy it is to normalize your video using the Lumafusion app. However, note that the app is not free and you have to pay for a premium plan to edit your videos with it. 

You can either choose a monthly or yearly plan, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Video stabilizing is just one out of the many cool things the app can do, you can also add many effects to bring your video to life.

Can You Make An iPhone Video Clearer?

Yes, you can make your video on iPhone clearer, and contrary to popular opinion you do not need to be a master filmmaker or editor to do this. In fact, it takes only a few clicks using the right applications on your iPhone.

It’s not uncommon to find that a video you put in some time to make gets so unattractive to the eye. You may find some scenes on your video filled with blurs or for some scenes, there could be so much noise on the video that it almost swallows up the subject of your video and makes it unenjoyable overall.

Some apps exist that can help fix your video and make it clearer in next to no time. Some of them have been listed and demonstrated above how you can use them. You can also on your own find out more third party applications that can be used to enhance videos.

While it is true that you can employ some effects with the use of these apps to enhance your video and make it clearer a bit, bear in mind that it’s not going to be 100 percent clear. So, it’d do you so much good to have your expectations lowered. 

The reason is, a video can only be at its best quality if filmed right, other than that, edits you make to it later can only add to the finishing but won’t replace what proper filming could have done.



You have weighed your options while you read through. We have listed and demonstrated how to make your video clearer on iPhone using one free app and a paid one. I’d suggest you go first with the free option – iPhoto, and if it doesn’t do much good to your video, then you can invest on the paid. 

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