How To Make Apps Open Faster On iPhone

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How To Make Apps Open Faster On iPhone

Several of your activities on your iPhone would be on apps. It’s been estimated that an average iPhone user will have anywhere from 10 to 15 apps. Nowadays, theirs virtually an app for everything which makes it harder not to have a handful of them living in your iPhone and its a good things because they have bettered our lives.

However, apps can begin to lag when they’re launched, taking more time that is noticeably slower than normal. Theirs no gain reiterating the fact that this experience can be annoying as it wastes your precious time and reduces your overall productivity.


Why Do My Apps Take So Long To Open On iPhone?

Apps lagging when launched could be caused by a lot of factors. Apart from apps being vulnerable to bugs which in most cases cripples the app and makes the load time longer, some other factors could also be responsible too. I’ve made a list of the most probable causes for you below;


1. Outdated App

Usually an app will begin to increase its load time when  it becomes outdated except if its an app that does not need an internet connection to run. Apps that do not use an internet connection to run may not be able to be manipulated from the developers end except an update is made.

However, outdated apps that are hosted and used online will usually have some sought of kill code distributed by the developer which can potentially make the app loose some abilities as well as load slowly.

The app may not entirely stop to work but will not perform satisfactorily as before. This strategy many times is used to get you to get fed up with the app and consider making an update.

Promise you won’t tell this to app developers, I just leaked a secret.

How To Make Apps Open Faster On iPhone

2. Poor Internet Connection

Apps hosted online will experience a longer launch time when their is little to no internet connection. Apps hosted online will not load or load incompletely because it relies on your internet to pull a general information or details related with your account on the app from its server. The poorer the internet connection, the longer you may have to wait for the app to load.

How To Make Apps Open Faster On iPhone

3. Oversized Cached File

It’s possible to use an app until it builds so much cache that your iPhone can’t take anymore. Every app you use will have a cache storage where recent data will be stored.

For example, if you have a game app that you use quit often, a cache storage containing the levels you have passed or challenges defeated in the game will be created. This is why you’re able to start from where you left off the next time you visit the game.

An app cache can get so large and will usually store in your iPhone store. Depending on the cache size which can impact your iPhone storage so badly, the app will begin to experience lag the next time you launch it.


4. Multitasking

Theirs not a single person who does not like to multitask on their iPhone. Multitasking allows you the ability to use the apps you love side by side. However, you only are able to do this at the expense of your RAM.

Each time you open up another app while other run, an amount of your iPhone RAM is consumed and mind you, your RAM size is limited. Usually, your iPhone will not allow you to consume all of the available RAM space, because that happening might cripple your entire phone with other severe consequences.

What your iPhone does to alert you of nearing its RAM peak is to make newer apps you’d be launching to load very slowly.

How To Make Apps Open Faster On iPhone

5. Available Space Is Running Low

Almost everything you do on your iPhone is hinged on storage. From downloading the app to running it, the storage takes a greater share of that task and shoulders the most part. When you’re low on storage, apps will not have enough of wriggle space to use and often will lag when launched.


6. Higher iPhone temperature

It’s normal for your iPhone to get warm, what’s not normal is when your iPhone begins to compete with a microwave. While this may be directly caused by issues related with the battery, it has adverse ripple effects on your RAM and overall iPhone storage. Apps may also begin to misbehave and slower loading will not be a strange sign.

How To Make Apps Open Faster On iPhone


How To Make Apps Open Faster On iPhone

Now you know why apps will not load immediately you tap to load them, lets jump straight into the best part – solving your problem! To make apps load faster on your iPhone do the following;


1. Free up memory

Low memory equals slow app loading. The solution is to make more space available, I hate to announce that you may need to get rid of some things on your iPhone. But first, lets see how much space theirs left to see if that’s where we should be looking. Here’s how to check;

  • Open settings
  • Tap on general
  • Tap on about

If available storage is less than 500mb, then you should consider deleting things you don’t need. Here’s how to get started with making more space available;

  • Open setting
  • Tap on general
  • Tap on iPhone storage
  • Swipe on music and apps you don’t need to delete and uninstall respectively
  • To delete photos, you’ll have to use the photo app


2. Update App

An app update will come with bug fixes, better features and everything comes back to normal. To update an app follow the below instructions;


  • Open app store
  • Tap on your profile
  • Scroll to find the affected app and tap update just next to it


3. Reboot Your iPhone

If you want a fresh start on your iPhone, a reboot can do that just fine. Your storage and RAM will never be less grateful if you do that. To restart your iPhone, do the below;

  • Press and hold the side power button]
  • The slider will appears
  • Push the button to power off
  • When the screen goes black, press and hold again the power button to bring it back to life again.

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4. Connect To A Better Internet

You can switch to using cellular internet connection if WIFI’s offering a lower MB/s. A faster internet will help the app connect to the host server and stop the endless loading.


How Do I Speed Up Open Apps On iPhone?

If an already open app will not respond to taps and gestures quickly, the solution you need is to close other apps that you may be multitasking with. Depending on the app and your available RAM size, it may be that it needs more RAM space and the competition with other apps may not allow it perform faster. To close other apps suspended on your iPhone, do the below;

  • From the bottom of your phone screen, swipe up till about the center on your home screen
  • If you have a home button, double click on it
  • The list of apps you’re multitasking with will appear on a window
  • Swipe the apps away one after another until they’re gone.

Note that doing this does not uninstall the app, but closes the app, however bear in mind that you may loose your recent activity in the app.

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If you can’t stand the frustration of apps that load slowly, I think we share that in common, they’re super annoying. But now you know just what to do when theirs a repeat, that makes it a lot easier. Share with your friends the tips too.


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