How To Make Notifications Louder On iPhone

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The music volume button at the side of your iPhone controls almost all the sounds in your phone and depending on your phone settings, you can use it to switch videos. 

In this article, we would talk deeply about how to make notifications louder on your iPhone, how to increase notification sound on your iPhone etc. 

How To Make Notifications Louder On iPhone


Below is the step-to-step guide on how you can make notifications sound louder on your iPhone

  • From your phone home, click on the setting tab
  • Scroll down and click on Notifications
  • You will be presented with a lot of menus on how to solve notification issues
  • Click on the type of setting you to want that sound
  • The notification volume button setting is under sound and hepatic
  • When done, you can close the setting.

This is just the very first way you can fix the issue of louder notifications.

You can also do this by just increasing the volume of your phone, if you’re playing music with your phone it will be hard to do.

To do this, you have to turn off your music first, that’s if you’re playing any song, then press the volume key, it will increase the notification volume of your phone.

Thirdly, you can also make your notification volume by going to the settings of your phone and clicking on the Ringer and Alert sections.

In this place you can adjust the ringer and the text alert, to increase or decrease and it is done.

Can I make Notification Louder on iPhone?

Yes, it is very much possible to make notifications louder on your iPhone because it will help you stay alert so you won’t miss any deal.


How Do I Adjust Media Volume On iPhone?

Your sounds are not playing well? If your having this issue, here is what you will do

All you need to do is to press the volume button to increase it to the level you want or you can go to the control panel to reduce or increase the volume of your media.

The media sound helps you when it comes to sound hearing (music). While the notification bell is associated with a ringer or alert.

How Do I Make Airpod Notification Louder In iPhone

iPhone users have some benefits that android users don’t and that is Siri. Siri is an inbuilt guide meant to help you get to any side of your phone that you don’t know.

Airpod is a wireless headset for iPhone and can still be used by other gadgets like an android. If you have never used the airpod before, you won’t know how it works, like how to reduce the volume if it’s too loud. 

There are several ways to perform these actions and that’s what I’m going to make clear to you here. 

The very first step to doing this is to use Siri. When activated on your phone, all you need to do is to call it and tell her what you want and you will be done. 

If you tell Siri to reduce the volume of your airport, it will automatically reduce it or take you to where you can do it yourself. 

If your AirPods is not connected to your phone, no action will be performed because it is assumed to be off. 

The second way of doing this is to open your phone, go to your settings then click on sound and hepatic, in there you can adjust the sound. 

The third and easiest way is to use the volume button on the side of your phone and it will be reduced. 

How Do I Stop My Notifications From Lowering The Volume Of My iPhone?

There is a feature in every phone called Don’t Disturb, this feature is to help you turn off every notification tune on your phone which means you won’t know when someone calls or sends you a message. 

This feature doesn’t have music or media volume, it is only connected to device sound. If you want to stop your notification from lowering, then you need to enable do not disturb, this feature will automatically restore all the sound default settings.

So maybe you were at a party and you didn’t want to be disturbed, all you need to do is just to turn on Don’t disturb, when you’re done, you can turn it off and all sound will return to how it was. 

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How Do I Make Notification Not To Interrupt Music 

Is it possible to reduce the volume of your system sound so that your music will not be interrupted Yes it is possible, all you need to do is go to your setting, scroll down to the sound and hepatic and reduce the system sound, not the media sound. 

Aside from this, you can just swipe up and set your iPhone to vibration or silence since the tab for media (music) and system sound is not the same. 

It is sometimes not fun when you’re playing your favorite song and notification sounds keep Interrupting, just turn it off and everything will be okay. 

How Do I Separate Ringer Alert Volume in iPhone 

To make this possible you will still go to the Your setting, then click on sound and hepatic,  under it you will see toggle off “change with the bottom” when this has been turned off, you can successfully increase or reduce the volume of your music or even movie and any other thing you are doing without any disturbances from notification sounds 

If you do not want to totally turn off the sound, you can also put it on vibration, this way even if you don’t want to be disturbed if you are at an event, you can get a notification and your phone will only vibrate. 


The main reason for this article in the first place is to show you clearly how to play around with the notification bell of your iPhone

We have been able to explain to you how you can perform so many actions including not allowing your notification to disturb your music or movie streaming. 

We also showed you how you can reduce the notification sound and how to also increase it. 

The iPhone sometimes can be tricky and difficult to use because it is not like android which can easily be understood. 

With what you have learnt here, you will have no reason not to share it with your friends to learn too. 


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