How To Make Waze Default On Iphone?

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Google aside from being called the best search engine in the world today has also been busy creating other things like building a mobile phone and now they have Waza.

Waza is an ad-supported free Navigation app built by Google to help you gather information about your location.

In this article, we would be taking you on a journey on how you can make Waze the default navigation app on your iphone.

How To Make Waze Default On Iphone?

Based on records, Waze is the best navigation app you can get out there and the good part of it is that it is compatible with both iphone and Android.

This app helps you get real-time traffic, road conditions and speed. It equally works with some music streaming platforms like Deezer.

The real question now is, how to make Waze default on iPhone knowing that it also has a similar function to Google Maps and Apple Maps.

As an iphone user, Apple has already set their map to be the default app instead of apple map or Google map.

Well, we should also know that Apple doesn’t make it easy to reset your default app just like android, that is why this guide has been made to help you.

Follow the steps I have provided below to get it done as quickly as possible.

  • Open the Google Waze App
  • Click on the three-dot by the edge of the app to see more menu
  • Click on setting
  • Select General
  • On the list given, select a Default app
  • You will be given give three apps which are Google map, apple map and Waze
  • Select Waza
  • If you want to select between the available apps every time you need navigation, toggle on the “Ask me which app to use every time.”

When all this has been set, then you’re ready to go but before the app becomes effective, you would need to switch off your phone and on it again.

Note: Waza acts as the road eyes for drivers because it helps them calculate the road condition, speed, and construction and even tells them if something is happening nearby.

People daily are switching to waza because they prefer it to either the Google app or apple map.

The more contributions to the app, that’s how more accurate it gets on event updates.

For so many reasons this app has proven to be the best of them all.

Can You Use Waze With Siri?

Siri as we know it is an apple assistant that helps you get what you want within the phone without stress.

At the time this post is made, if you ask to see to show you direction, It will use an apple map to direct you.

It is up to you to tell Siri what you want and it will do it.

To use Siri together with waza, simply give Siri a command like “Hey Siri, show me direction with Waza”

This way Siri will open a Waze app for you to use and it will be activated automatically.

Can I Change The Default Navigation App On My iPhone

If you want to change the default Navigation app on your phone, you can’t really do it by going to your iPhone setting.

The app is not as easy as android, so the only thing you can do is to change it from the navigation app you want to make default.

For instance, if you want to make waze your default Navigation app, you can do it. it is with the waze app and not on the apple setting because it won’t be easy.

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Why Can’t I Change Default Navigation App On My iPhone

If you are unable to change the default Navigation app on your iPhone, just know you didn’t do it right.

Apple didn’t give anybody the provision to make changes to the navigation app which simply means, even if you have other navigation apps. Appl will use the one they built to direct you especially when you’re using Siri.

Well in as much as this is not possible with your iPhone, you can just download the navigation app and then use it to set the default.

Then when trying to command Siri, you have to make it understand the app you want it to use for your direction, if not it will use Apple Maps as its default Navigation app.

Where Is The Default Map App on iPhone?

Unfortunately, out of all the settings that appear integrated into their phones, the setting to change your navigation setting is not included.

This is because Apple doesn’t even want you to change it, they want you to use their default Navigation app which is the apple map.

So you basically can’t find any Navigation settings. If you want to change your Navigation app, then you should go to the apple store and download waza.

When you open the app, go to the settings and change the default from apple Maps to Waze or you can change it to Google Maps if you prefer Google Maps.

Just like I have been saying, be careful while giving Siri Command if you want to use the Waza app as your default Navigation. If you tell Siri to give you directions, it will use an apple map because that is how it was programmed.


Waza app is a free app and has no in-app purchase, with all you have read, there will be no more questions about How To Make Waze Default On Iphone.

Since you can’t use your Apple phone to perform this, you can just waze the app and use the settings of the app to set it to default.

Waza is mostly useful to drivers because it will help them with road analysis like the road conditions, is there construction, how to even control your speed and so much more.

Don’t forget to always tell Siri to give you direction with the Waza app and not how it was set to be.


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